Wing Help: Zephyr Wing


Zephyr Wing transports goods and people to and from Eastern Weyr and its beholden areas for a set price. Zephyr's wingleader and wingseconds manage incoming requests for transit or delivery to or from the Eastern Weyr area and assign them to the wingriders. Primarily their duties involve either delivery from an Eastern Weyr area or between two of them.

Zephyr wing is the primary transport wing for Eastern Weyr. Members of Zephyr wing are responsible for the bulk of the passengers and material travelling in and out of the Weyr and surrounding area. Individual rider pairs work a four hour shift each day, in rotation. The wing itself never stops working, providing a constant flow of people and supplies every hour of every day. The shifts are short to minimize the stress of many jumps between but the work is intense, demanding, and requires meticulous record keeping and precise scheduling.

Additionally, Zephyr Wing represents Eastern Weyr abroad. With so many daily deliveries to other areas, Zephyr riders come in contact with just about everyone. Members are expected to conduct themselves well at all times and be immaculately dressed (see uniforms).

Training Cycles

Training for Zephyr is different than most Wings. Since their duties involve primarily solo flights, they only drill as a wing for sweeps once a sevenday. However, any day that they are not assigned any deliveries or have a short shift, they are expected to drill recognition points and at least once in two sevendays, a day is set aside to drill them as a wing. During short months, it is not uncommon for riders in Zephyr to drill recognition points with other wings, especially Chaos Wing, as they are the experts on points all over Pern.


All members of Zephyer have a dress uniform of pure white with gold trim and buttons. Those members who have not been in the wing for at least two turns are not allowed to wear these uniforms on flight duties. Instead, they wear uniforms of a deep navy with silver trim and buttons. Once a rider has served for at least two turns, they may choose which uniform to wear when on duty, but any sign of dirtying the dress uniform without good excuse will result in discipline by the WingLeader including, but not limited to being required to wear their junior uniform for a time of the WingLeader's choosing. The dress uniforms are worn by all members of the wing to formal occasions unless they are being punished for failure to keep their dress uniform clean. Wearing a junior's uniform to a formal occasion is considered a sign of great misdeed on the part of the rider. In addition to the clothing-uniforms, a sabre is worn at all times by members while on duty or display.


Membership in Zephyr wing is not limited in any way by skill, training, or ambition. Only insubordination or repeated disobeyance of Zephyr's very few rules will get a rider expelled fromt his wing.


The members of Zephyr wing tend to be those that have a sense of daring and flair. It is expected for Zephyr to represent the weyr abroad and thus dress well when on duty. The dragon members have a great love for acrobatics and exciting airborne maneuvers. Due to the immaculate appearance while on duty, and the attitude of several more vocal members, the general reputation is one of arrogance and daredevilry.

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