Wing Help: Terra Wing


Terra Wing handles diplomacy both foriegn and domestic. Members of this wing will often find themselves negotiating trade agreements, counting inventory in stores, or filing transfer paperwork. In emergencies, while they are not on the front lines, they are doing all of the arranging behind the scenes, sending flights where they're needed, and organizing crews to maximum effect. All major decisions about Eastern's running, including the posting of new crafters to the area and arranging transfers between Eastern and other Weyrs along with disciplining those who are, for some reason, in need of it.

Training Cycle(s)

Terra does the least physical training, but even they are expected to stay in good shape and train every morning and evening like most riders. Being a predominantly beaurocratic wing, they do wing drills only once in a sevenday. Each member has a desk in the Weyr Offices, but the Senior WeyrWoman and WeyrLeader share another office off of the main one for private meetings.


Like all wings, riders are expected to wear their rank knot pinned to either their shirt or their flight jacket. When on duty in the field, Terra riders are expected to always wear their wing jacket showing their name and their wing badge.


Though it is traditional for goldriders to serve in Terra Wing, it is not required except in the case of the Weyr's Senior WeyrWoman. Juniors may choose to seve in other wings, but are expected to spend one day in seven in the junior's office catching up on policy change and serving in a beaurocratic capacity. Other Wingleaders are required to understand and give this day without qualm as a recognized necessary preparation should they been suddenly called upon to lead the Weyr.

The WeyrLeader and WeyrSecond always serve in this wing, however, it is open to membership to any Weyr member who feels they may best serve the Weyr politically. Though there are no concrete requirements, the WeyrWoman and WeyrLeader can and will ask a rider to pick another wing should they feel that rider is not performing their duties as necessary. Terra is for administration, organization, and planning, not lazy riders.


Terra Wing members are known for being professional and available. Those who prove a repeated inability to be the first are most often asked to change wings.

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