Phantasm is the with for those who wish to continue as unimpeded as possible in the pursuit of their crafts. As such, their duties are many and varied. They are expected to continue work and study in their craft(s) and complete commissions and work for riders and Weyr to a quota depending on their rank and craft. Additionally, they are expected to be able to step in as a wing in an emergency to provide rescue and necessary services for those in need.

Training Cycles

Phantasm Wing has two distinct parts, craftriders and crafters. Eastern takes a unique approach to their crafter wing, allowing both crafters with and without dragons to wear the uniform and knot of the wing. As such, training is understandably different for these two parts, and wherhandlers are separate, but inter-related as well. Once in a sevenday, the wing meets to drill in standard formations. Every other such drill is accompanied by dragons practicing supporting non-riders through suspension to allow them to work in odd or awkward places.


The duty uniform is utilitarian a pale, mosslike green jumpsuit made to be both insulating and breathable with gray piping and the appropriate rank cord on one shoulder. Outside of wingleader and wingsecond, the appropriate rank cord is the wing-member's crafter cord with a strand for dragon color as appropriate.

The formal uniform is black trous or skirt, a tunic of the same green as the jumpsuit and a gray, brown, or black jacket with the wingpatch and the wing-member's name embroidered into it.


The only requirement for membership in Phantasm is to be a recognized member of a craft. Members can be expelled from the wing if they are not maintaining their quotas or the duties they are expected to perform. For riders, this means that they must find membership in another wing, for non-riders this often requires consultation with the crafter's Hall and eventually re-posting.

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