Wing Help: Flame Wing


Flame Wing has two distinct areas of duty. The first is land-based Search and Rescue. In any emergency be it fog, flame, or quake, Flame Wing is out in force rescuing injured and stranded civilians and making sure they are in a safe place with necessary supplies. Flame also flies sweeps, searching for any sign of potential emergency be it forest fire or wagon wreck and renders assistence as needed. But their most important duty is the fighting of fires. Flame Wing's riders are specially trained to judge fire patterns and growth and to burn firebreaks with firestone or dump water as is befitting the fire at hand.

Training Cycles

When at its peak of size, Flame Wing operates as two smaller wings, one training in the morning while the other performs sweeps and checks, and then switching in the afternoon. When it is smaller, they sweep during most days and drill in the evenings assuming there aren't any emergencies. Flames newest members are always grounded from sweeps for their first sevenday in order to study the firefighting techniques that make the wing what it is. They still fly drills with their flight, however, and attend any functions they are expected to. But until they are passed by the wingleader or wingseconds to fight fires, they are considered a liability to the wing. Those who join the wing from Eastern's Weyrling classes are often passed sooner due to beginning their studies during Weyrlinghood.


The uniforms that are to be worn while on duty or at practice are utilitarian and plain. Dark brown leather pants, a sturdy jacket, and a shirt of either red or orange color are the required items, as is a sturdy sword. For special occasions, the members of Flame are expected to appear in well-tailored and quality uniforms of brown and orange. It is not uncommon for Flame Wingriders to sew stripes into their flight leathers, one for each fire fought and survived.


All of Flame Wing's members are expected to be in peak condition. This wing is a favorite of miners and woodcrafters who want to utilize their skills without continuing dedication to their crafts and only their crafts. Many of it's members are also those who purely wish to help (or enjoy the thrill) but don't feel comfortable in Deluge due to the specialized skills in astronomy and technology that that wing requires.

Current PC Members

.. Character Name … ……. Dragon/Color ……. …………… Position ……………
Slidra Green Iaserth Wingrider
Sonya Blue Askaveth Weyrling
Vyvienne Blue Hauruth Wingrider

Current NPC Members

…. Player Name …. ……. Dragon/Color ……. …………… Position ……………
H'tor Brown Nevarith Wingrider, Dragonhealer
Hirali Vile Betrayer Brown Geoffreth Wingrider
M'ta Bronze Rielth Wingrider
Talime Green Warith Wingrider


As a wing that spends much of its time in sweeps or practice, the members are known as athletes and tough individuals.

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