Wing Help: Deluge Wing


When Deluge is large enough, it is split into two distinct subwings. The first for sea-based rescue and the second for monitoring the satellites. In recent turns, however, it has not managed to maintain such prodigious numbers. All members of Deluge wing, but especially the wingleader and wingseconds, are expected to have training in search and rescue techniques and basic healing as well as the technological skills they're known for. Though they are not expected to be knotted in any particular craft, just like Flame Wing, their newest members must spend a sevenday in study before joining the wing in extensive duties and must show aptitude with one of the halves of the wing's duties and a passing capability with the other.

Training Cycles

Deluge Wing splits its days (and sometimes its Wing) between ocean sweeps, weather satellite monitoring, and wing drills. Riders who have been with the Wing less than a turn are never allowed to skip drills unless there's an emergency, but they are often assigned to other duties based on either their craft training or the skills in which they show a particular aptitude.


Deluge uniforms are a deep blue almost on par with the blue of Eastern's crest. It is not entirely water proof, but it makes a solid effort and is based on AIVAS' files on Terran wetsuits so it is good at keeping heat in and wet out. Black piping adorns the seems, furthering the wet or space-suit impression of the uniforms. For formal occasions, tight pants of the same material and shade are worn with a silver or white shirt or tunic and a black sash.


Though many people believe that membership in this wing is limited to Tech, Computer, and Plastic crafters, this is far from true. All wingriders are expected to become familiar with those portions of those crafts necessary to perform basic duties and those trained in such crafts are certainly welcome, but the only limitation is that a Deluge rider must put forth the effort to become sufficiently apt for basic maintenance, monitoring, and rescue.


Although the Deluge wing consists not only of technology but also sea rescue, it is the technology aspect that most people tend to focus on. The techies are viewed as somewhat reclusive and odd, yet extremely talented at their new duties. And like all Search and Rescue wings, there comes the respect for putting their lives on the line in emergencies.

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