Chaos Wing


Chaos wingmembers have the two single most important duties in any Weyr. Teaching and learning.

The Weyrlingmaster and his or her staff of assistants is essential to training each new dragonpair up properly in the ways of dragonfolk.

On the flipside, it is the sovereign duty of each weyrling to learn these duties and learn and grow with their bond each step of the way. As weyrlingpairs grow, they will take on other duties around the Weyr, including elevator duty once they're flying and making small deliveries once they can go /between/ as an effort to build and drill basic procedure.

Training Cycles

Whenever a queen rises to mate, she lays a clutch of eggs on Eastern's artificial sands and when those eggs hatch, the new pairs move into Chaos Wing. Unlike other wings, where training happens on regular cycles, Chaos' young pairs start at the basics and work their way to more advanced work over a turn and a half or more.


The uniform of this wing is simple but vibrant purple (formerlypale blue grey) with the only patch evident being that of the weyr. All weyrlings are required to wear this uniform as well as the a weyrling's knot wrapped with a thread of their dragon's color. A nametag is also required for the first couple of months ICly, so that the weyr can get used to putting a name with a face for each new weyrling.

Shortly before graduation the weyrlings will be able to pick which wing they want to go into. Upon graduation they will be given the uniform of that wing and become a full wingrider.



Rider Dragon Position Notes
I'dia Blue Sitarath NPC Weyrlingmaster
P'tine Blue Alpath NPC Asst WLM

Information on I'dia and Blue Sitarath:
I’dia is a woman of middle years, young enough to still have youth in her, but old enough to have some sense and caution in the appropriate areas. Around 35 years of age. I’dia is a little bit of an oddity, with her bright river-blue eyes, and sandy blonde-brown silky hair, which she keeps grown long, brushing the top of her hips. Her skin is of a medium tanned hue, which speaks for much time in the sun, and her build is just average.
Sitarath is just as average looking as his rider, besides for the fact it looks like he is a picture of shimmering star, luminescent blues and whites shimmering across his hide, making him look thinner and more fragile than he really is. Even his talons –which on other dragons are usually dark – are an opalescent blue. His build is just as average as his rider’s medium in size, medium in build.

I’dia and Sitarath are Weyrlingmasters year round. Sitarath enjoys searching out candidates for the Weyr, and usually has a decent sense about telling which ones will do well. His temperament is a bit more on the serious side, though he will enjoy his fun as well, though by far both he and his rider are an easy going pair. I’dia is much of a compliment to Sitarath, though her personality is a little more fun first, with a heavy tinge of seriousness. She’ll take a drink or two, but stop when she’s feeling buzzed, and she’ll enjoy herself at a party, but not let herself get carried away and forget about her duties. Between the two, they are devoted to life and work, and thus, do not let themselves get emotionally attached to another, keeping all of their relationships at Friend status.

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