To Do List
PernWorld To-Do
Update +help files
get players to wiki
NPC clutch(es)
Get the first TP(s) rolling
Get 10 active players (long term)
Get clutches, maybe (longer term)
List of Rooms needed
Descs for Rooms
Storm TP
PernWorld To-Dos
Here is a place for your title Click me to edit ! false
Wiki To-Do
Update old pages to new organizational system
Finish Wing Pages
Get up concise code snippets for page sprucing
Add more custom images
Streamline +help navigation
format and upload lineage charts
Crosslink charts to clutch records
Update and fill out beholden areas pages
Wiki To-Dos
Rooms Needed
Sea off beach
Dragon Infirmary
Exit between Beach and Weyrling Beach
Exit from WC to HC-ent
Hatching Cavern Entrance Hall
HC-ent to HC-Galeries
HC-ent to HC
Weyrling Sea
Needed Rooms
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