Hatching Records

The following is a listing of Monaco Bay Weyr's PC (Player-character) clutches dating back to the Weyr's foundation in 1996. Unfortunately, in that time many logs and records about NPC clutches were lost at that time, meaning that these records are as complete as we can make them. To see the Hatching log, or whatever other records are available attached to that specific clutch, click the clutch name.

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PC Clutches

Thirty-Fourth Clutch: Gold Szetamirath by Bronze Daejienth: May 15, 2022

Offering to the Darkness Brown Luxeoth impressed to Lula (Lullalla)
The Whole World in His Coils Brown Varoith impressed to Dur'wyn (Dyrnwyn)

Thirty-Third Clutch: Gold Fuerioth by Bronze Yevith: May 23, 2021

Carry On My Wayward Bronze Carath impressed to S'ry (Graysen)
Protector of the Shadows Brown Rashtivoth impressed to K'nar (Kelenaro)
Seeker of Freedom Blue Tatakaeth impressed to F're (Nefarin)
At War With Herself Green Kioyeth impressed to La'on (Logain)

Thirty-Second Clutch: Gold Kiyaszaeth by Bronze Elsvruth: August 23, 2020

Master of His Destiny Bronze Szikrath impressed to T'kel (Tykel)
Through the Ages Bronze Izelyth impressed to V'en (Viren)
Son of Valhalla Blue Askaveth impressed to Sonya
Dangerously Dapper Blue Yaszaelgith impressed to Lily (Lilyera)
Kaleidoscope Dragonfly Green Korith impressed to Ze'n (Zelien)
Rivers of the Rainforest Green Sareth impressed to B'ay (Bellamy)

Thirty-First Clutch: Gold Szetamirath by Bronze Aeldhiyth: August 17, 2019

Legends of the Lost Gold Kiyaszaeth impressed to Wendyn
Acquainted With The Devil Bronze Elsvruth impressed to I'aija (Isaija)
Dawn of Immeasurable Light Bronze Yevith impressed to Br'aby (Barnaby)
A Hero (Trainee!) To Save Us Blue Seksicanth to B'an (Brohdan)
Incandescent Radioactive Green Astartith to Ysabella
I'm a Dragon, Not a Green Khaatxhath to Tyr'ie (Ityrziel)

Thirtieth Clutch: Gold Fuerioth by Bronze Elenth: September 30, 2018

Shield of Steel and Fury Bronze Aeldhiyth impressed to Xh'vyr (Xhaevyr)
Explore the Enchanted Forest Brown Moreth to R'and (Roriander)
Climbing the Skies Green Ysleth to Cinni (Cinnitha)

Twenty-Ninth Clutch: Gold Isanath by Bronze Marzoth: December 10, 2017

Star of the Stage Gold Szetamirath impressed to Jazhira
Hearts Filled With Fire Blue Hauruth to Vyvienne
Life's Too Short Green Ryneveth to Jiasle

Twenty-Eighth Clutch: Gold Fuerioth by Bronze Sindrieth: February 18, 2017

Beyond the Shadowed Veil Bronze Garouth to D'lei (Dashiel)
The Lady's Guardian Brown Obarath to Ailoura
Land Under Wave Blue Nyath to Doktah
Night's Ethereal Princess Green Kith to Quinn
Just Blendin' In Green Zeleth to K'lar (Kellanar)

Twenty-Seventh Clutch: Gold Isanath by Bronze Marzoth: April 01, 2016

Overdrive Brown Firith Impressed to E'vyl (Trayvel)
Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly Blue Box Tuulikkith Impressed to Sh'y (Shay)
Roses in Ebony and Green Adrith Impressed to M'kai (Makail)
Child of Light, Ruler of the Deep Green Haeyaneth Impressed to Krysa (Krysalia)
Searching out the Truth Green Verenath Impressed to Tevla

Twenty-Sixth Clutch: Gold Tzavayth by Bronze Draukaith: May 24, 2015

This Dragon Will Swallow you Whole Bronze Lamnixzth Impressed to M'rus (Merius)
Pure Imagination Bronze Sebraith Impressed to M'aj (Mackaje)
Surviving the Apocalypse Brown Bhaltairth Impressed to S'yu (Siyu)
Second Star to the Right Blue Verlanth Impressed to Wilough
Wilderness Explorer Green Eileth Impressed to Aisa (Aanisah)
Yeah I can fly Green Zhimbarceth Impressed to Red (Rheidte)

Twenty-Fifth Clutch: Gold Ceresth by Bronze Sindrieth: August 3, 2014

Through the Fire and Flames Gold Fuerioth impressed to Reya (Feyran)
Siege of Darkness Bronze Marzoth impressed to S'dny (Sydney)
Stellar Beginnings Blue Zalnitakyth impressed to L'ei (Zahleizjah)

Twenty-Fourth Clutch: Gold Pyrith by Brown Tebinth: August 3, 2014

No Need to Harper About Brown Obrinth impressed to S'el (Sigel)
Lady of the Weyr Green Kelmaimenth impressed to T'ayne (Vantayne)

Twenty-Third Clutch: Gold Tzavayth by Bronze Vrath: September 22, 2013

Treasure of the Harvest Gold Ceresth impressed to Vanessa
His Wrath Undoes the Wicked Bronze Draukaith impressed to T'revs (Trevares)
Sultan of Flame-Kissed Sands Bronze Sindrieth impressed to R'en (Airen)
Outlaw of Many Words Brown Ansonth impressed to Chi (Chisri)

Twenty-Second Clutch: Gold Tzavayth by Bronze Tzettenvonth: November 18, 2012

Empress of the Seas Gold Tzenxineth impressed to Etzlix
It's Probably a Squirrel Having a Really Bad Hairday Bronze Xtzaltuth impressed to S'ic (Seryic)
Lost in Time and Lost in Space Brown Tzalerajanath impressed to J'son (Judson)
Cowardly Curageous Hunter of Most of the Darkness Brown Tzehrenvictoth impressed to J'me (Jaireme)
Say Hello To My Little Blue Atzricath impressed to K'saw (Kershaw)
This is the Part Where You Run Green Tzombeth impressed to R'sian (Charsian)

Twenty-First Clutch: Gold Arolaeth by Bronze Fenrith:February 11, 2012

Antique Seductress Gold Tzavayth Impressed to Fi (Fiona)
Unexpectedly Complex Bronze Straketh Impressed to He'ro (Theron)
Swagger in Style Bronze Varugoth Impressed to T'us (Tadarius)
Opal-Eyed Pale Green Rhieyeth Impressed to Miyan (Mihoyan)
Emerald in the Darkness Green Seracenath Impressed to Mahlia
Fog-Kissed Forest Night Green Ylvath Impressed to Tequoia

Twentieth Clutch: Gold Elisith by Bronze Redwalth: October 12, 2008

Elusive Wild Gold Theiath Impressed to Amarante
Bronze Maciulloth Impressed to J'red (Jeread)
Rusty Mottled Brown Quamirth Impressed to Kh'zan (Kharzan)
Curious and Clever Moody Blue Ryukith Impressed to Delynni

Nineteenth Clutch: Gold Pagnisath by Bronze Osraebukath: February 08, 2008

Little Ragdoll Gold Keonath Impressed to Jaziera
Whisker-Twitching Bronze Isseith Impressed to Marcus
Beyond Infinity Blue Etoth Impressed to Ch'y (Cherin)
Light By Moonlight Midnight Blue Tekheleth Impressed to J'chi (Jochi)
Winds of Change Blue Xaventh Impressed to A'deo (Amadeo)

Eighteenth Clutch: Gold Avarinth by Bronze Treasath: May 20, 2007

Nonsensical Battle Cry Gold Xhekuith Impressed to Ica
Bronze Bixseth Impressed to K'ten (Katen)
Marching Triumphantly Towards Victory Bronze Glyith Impressed to A'ven (Alvaren)
Cold and Unforgiving Oil Rubbed Bronze Troyseth Impressed to G'rism (Garirsam)
Double Dollar Bounty Blue Nivaath Impressed to O'ren (Lorien)
Bouncing Baby Green Mhaemoth Impressed to L'ya (Yana)
Green Rhownwenth Impressed to Feylin

Seventeenth Clutch: Gold Pagnisath by Bronze Osraebukath: September 09, 2006

Soft as a Star Honey Gold Svetlanath Impressed to Azura (NPC)
Mighty and Resolute Toasted Bronze Treasath Impressed to B'rm (Brom)
Inspiration Through the Darkness Blue Kostayath Impressed to Vr'nt (Veranit)
Bumbling Fool of a Blue Rashneth Impressed to Maelliss

Sixteenth Clutch: Gold Talisyth by Bronze Zsuzsath: December 11, 2005

Cherry Wood Brown Kersenth Impressed to Y'sar (Lyle)
Brown Seronth Impressed to Ai'le (Aileam)
Blue Gizokuth Impressed to R'ai (Ridai)
Green Zeyth Impressed to Sri (Aesri)

Fifteenth Clutch: Gold Pagnisath by Bronze Aevisaanth: May 28, 2005

Arrogant Autumn Leaf Gold Talisyth Impressed to Jheina
Unlikely Adventurer Brown Brown Perrinth Impressed to R'nel (Rianel)
Blue Ghedith Impressed to S'oe (Soetteal)

Fourteenth Clutch: Gold Fenillanth by Bronze Xiaoth: September 12, 2004

Power of light and Energy Gold Rakastath Impressed to Tabi (Tabri)
Master of the Grounds Bronze Selvath Impressed to F'ley (Finley)
Tones of Leather Brown Hanzyth Impressed to A'ir (Ashir)
Hawaiian Warrior Brown Makoath Impressed to R'jin (Rijin)
Green Sidonieth Impressed to X'nder (Xander)

Thirteenth Clutch: Gold Pagnisath by Bronze Larzith: February 28, 2004

Bronze Aevisaanth Impressed to Es'nak (Espenak)
Mottled Khaki Brown Parith Impressed to M'kus (Markus)
Muddy Splotch Brown Vodaith Impressed to Aolani

Twelveth Clutch: Gold Fenillanth by Bronze Xiaoth: June 07, 2003

Enlightened Child of the Shadows Gold Pagnisath Impressed to Mianyi (Rumianyi)
Nimir Raj Bronze Nebryth Impressed to To'by (Toburk)
Strike Out Brown Jouenth Impressed to C'rys (Cerys)
Midnight Silken Sheets Blue Bnith Impressed to Di-Az (Dia-Arrizabalaga)
Green Agskath Impressed to Madlyn (Mandalyn)
Green Azreath Impressed to Vona (Sharvona)

Eleventh Clutch: Gold Fenillanth by Bronze Zavadoth: December 01, 2002

Blue Bynkhameth Impressed to Kali (Kalikxyl)
Blue Pheyth Impressed to K'han (Evezkhan)
Midnight Storm Green Talsohlerrosath Impressed to Mysia (Hiamysia)

Tenth Clutch: Gold Kazarenth by Bronze Angelesth: June 26, 2002

Mellifluous Monarch Gold Fenillanth Impressed to Natane
Truely Enlightened Saffron Bronze Seiryuth Impressed to C'andi
Roguish Rebel Without A Cause Brown Ceannath Impressed to P'rlan
Unlikely Hero Brown Erixelth Impressed to B'sil
'X' Marks the Spot Blue Loraenth Impressed to L'ae
Shadowed Willow Green Iraslenth Impressed to Kohana

Ninth Clutch: Gold Isisth by Bronze Kalerriarth: August 17, 2001

Grizzled Ursine Brown Donaraynith Impressed to Zaria
Wooden Gavel Brown Maemith Impressed to Gwen
Train train TRAIN TRAIN Brown Saeborheith Impressed to Loren
Ragged Brown Clothed Brown Takarath Impressed to R'sli (Breslin)
Lord of the Wasteland Brown Telaroth Impressed to Jika (Jesika)
Adventurous Effervescent Blue Azioneth Impressed to Sydni
Salutary Iridescence of Lapis-Lazuli Blue Nyseth Impressed to Zuliara
Dawn of the Desert Green Qpendrekiinath Impressed to Fia (Fontiua)
Cloaked Trickster Green Torikath Impressed to Susia
Prowler of the Jungle Green Ziatath Impressed to Raeyne

Eighth Clutch: Gold Miyareith by Bronze Willowith: February 18, 2001

Winged Goddess Gold Isisth Impressed to Lonriya
Antique Nobility Bronze Gradith Impressed to X'eo (Xeotraesta)
Brown Grummith Impressed to Naiya
Blue Angaroth Impressed to K'lon (Kaylon)
Blue Quinzelth Impressed to Danae
Gentle Ocean Waves Blue Rasiloth Impressed to T'vor (Tavor)
Hues of Spring Green Teerith Impressed to Nelali

Seventh Clutch: Gold Arolaeth by Bronze Zaristh: February 17, 2001

Angst-Ridden Solitary Lioness Gold Kazarenth Impressed to Espera
Dark and Broody Bronze Angelesth Impressed to Yu'i (Ryu)
Lord of the Woodlands Bronze Concolth Impressed to T'lar (Taylar)
Brown Chunth Impressed to K'lon (Kaylon)
Tall, Dark, and Lordly Brown Cyrilth Impressed to S'dan (Stildan)
Shimmering Glitter-Filled Crystal Green Amaitakawaraith Impressed to :Koshini
Inferno's Incandescence Devours Green Tezzath Impressed to Xe'n (Xeamon)

Sixth Clutch: Gold Arolaeth by Bronze Zaristh: July 15, 2000

Ethereal Fragile Ray of Sun Gold Miyareith Impressed to Nimway
Shimmering Desert Sunset Bronze Xiaoth Impressed to D'ce (Dace)
Spirit of the Night Brown Vilhelmeth Impressed to W'lhelm (Wilhelm)
Agile Amalgamated Blue Taigeth Impressed to Sh'ai (Shaiona)
Celtic Glade Green Jusryth Impressed to Arista
Moonlit River Green Aslith Impressed to Ayla
Goddess of the Hunt Green Artemisth Impressed to Katlyn
Shimmering Silver Sylph Green Tinkith Impressed to N'andi (Nolandi)

Fifth Clutch: Gold Samanth by Bronze Zaristh: January 21, 2000

Gaunt Onyx Gold Arolaeth Impressed to Syra (Sylara)
Misty Midnight Bronze Fenrith Impressed to j-em (Jeremy)
Dark-Tendriled Snobby Green Zillahth Impressed to Enriah

Fourth Clutch: Gold Shaylith by Bronze Cheyoth: October 18, 1998

Blue Ymreth Impressed to L'cean

Third Clutch: Gold Tempeth by Bronze Corinth: April 1998

Delightful Gold Samanth Impressed to Larissa
Serious Bronze Anguth Impressed to J'on
Brown Cheyoth Impressed to Toblin
Protective Blue Kayloth Impressed to Ariana
Feisty Sky Blue Rath Impressed to Alecki
Green Kayshoth Impressed to Tyne
Pewter Green Padrith Impressed to Etheria

Second Clutch: Gold Tempeth by Bronze Wieyrnath: June 04, 1997

Gold Shaylith Impressed to Ariah
Bronze Zonoreth Impressed to Moritz
Brown Tashmeth Impressed to Domuta
Blue Fyhareth Impressed to Chrissa
Blue Makioth Impressed to S'var
Green Syhareth Impressed to Arden
Green Zyhaneth Impressed to Matt

First Clutch: Gold Rammeseth by Bronze Nireth: October 01, 1996

Bronze Tazorth Impressed to R'lo
Bronze Zibranth Impressed to J'vin
Blue Phaedranth Impressed to Blaze
Green Hollanth Impressed to Leah
Green Kiylinth Impressed to Keefa

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