Clutch Descriptions and Touch Messages
Clutch Hatch Date Theme Sire Dam
Spring '23 Clutch February 2023 Terrible Jobs/Office Personalities Bronze Qhatiratrixth Gold Seyunestudath
Spring '22 Clutch May 2022 Kidlet Art and Art Styles Bronze Daejienth Gold Szetamirath
Spring '21 Clutch May 2021 Power Stones and Mystic Tomes Bronze Yevith Gold Fuerioth
Summer '20 Clutch August 2020 '80s Cartoons Bronze Elsvruth Gold Kiyaszaeth
Summer '19 Clutch August 2019 Tech Company Websites Bronze Aeldhiyth Gold Szetamirath
Fall '18 Clutch October 2018 Fantasy Places Bronze Elenth Gold Fuerioth
Fall '17 Clutch November 2017 Spam Email/Myers-Briggs Personalities Bronze Marzoth Gold Isanath
Winter '17 Clutch February 2017 Bedtime Stories Bronze Sindrieth Gold Fuerioth
Spring '16 Clutch April 2016 Four Seasons Bronze Marzoth Gold Isanath
Spring '15 Clutch May 2015 Food in Entertainment Bronze Draukaith Gold Tzavayth
Summer '14 Clutch August 2014 White/people of pern Brown Tebinth & Bronze Sindrieth Gold Pyrith & Gold Ceresth
Fall '13 Clutch September 2013 Pernese Careers Bronze Vrath Gold Tzavayth
Fall '12 Clutch November 2012 Remade Movies Bronze Tzettenvonth Gold Tzavayth
Winter '12 Clutch February 2012 Adversity Bronze Fenrith Gold Arolaeth
Summer '11 NPC Clutch July 2011 Black Bronze Fenrith Gold Arolaeth
Fall '08 Clutch October 2008 Flora Bronze Redwalth Gold Elisith
Summer '02 Clutch June 2002 Music Bronze Angelsth Gold Kazarenth
Summer '01 Clutch August 2001 Archaeology/Egypt Bronze Kalerriarth Gold Isisth
Winter '01 Double Clutch February 2001 Darkness Bronze Zaristh Gold Arolaeth
Winter '01 Double Clutch February 2001 Light Bronze Willowith Gold Miyareith
Summer '00 Clutch July 2000 Night Bronze Zaristh Gold Arolaeth
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