Bronzerider M'ta
Sex Male
Dragon Rielth
Craft Jack of All Trades
Rank Jack, duh.
Age 31
Birthplace Telgar Hold
Significant Other(s) Anique? Maybe? It's complicated.


M'ta's narrow frame hides the strength of turns of hard work. Cascades of red, orange, and auburn curls frame a round, almost effeminate face set with kind emerald eyes. Lines of strain pull at the corners of his eyes and mouth along with a trio of pale, crescent-like scars under his left eye. His chest and arms are peppered with healed scars from crossbow bolts, knives, and swords and his left shin shows heavy scarring from what appears to be a feline attack that left the surface a mass of scar tissue.

He favors loose, breathable clothing in Autumnal tones. Outside of intense heat, he wears long wherhide leathers dyed black and patterned over with orange herdbeast hide swirls. His wrists are habitually, almost constantly covered with cuffs of red and black leather.


Martax was born in a small farmcot near Telgar Hold. His mother died in childbirth, leaving him to the mercies of the small hold. He was fostered at birth, though the family that took him in made certain to leave a little of his mother's name in his. He was raised in the fields, but he always found he preferred runners to farming when he could manage it. He forewent actually joining a craft in favor of continuing to work the struggling farmcot. At eighteen, though, he set out on his own when his family decided to move to a nearby farm and combine resources with the family there in conjunction with his older brother's betrothal.

He lived happily holdless for a couple of turns before he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Witnessing what appeared to be a kidnapping, he chose to interfere and ended up a prisoner alongside the victim he was trying to help. Though they both he and the original target, a holder's son named Erlandon, survived the ordeal, neither was particularly forthcoming with the details of the encounter. When Telgar Weyr searched a few months later, both were asked to stand. Even the social joviality of candidacy didn't seem to much lighten Martax' spirits. He just stuck close to Erlandon, enough so that many presumed they were a couple, though Erlandon was much more social, combating the dark cloud of their experience with people while Martax tried to keep distance from it and everyone else.

When the day came, and the eggs shook themselves to pieces and dumped those mewling dragonets onto Telgar's sands, Erlandon, who became E'don, was chosen by a dark-toned green named Mandanth while Martax, who became M'ta, was chosen by the vibrantly colorful bronze Rielth. They worked together as a team riding Search and Rescue for many more Turns, a life that left its marks on his flesh, but gave him purpose until a recent injury to Rielth's wing forced a convalescent period at Ierne's dragonhealing facilities for just the bronzeriding member of the pair.


Name Relation Position Location Age
E'don Like a Brother Rider to Green Mandanth Eastern Weyr -2



You'll Never Want Another Bronze Rielth

Subtle tones of rust and copper flow over this fine gentleman's hide, creating a base like molten metal over the smooth, clean lines of his form. Fine, gracile features typify his form from a smooth, rounded snout that sweeps up to shallow eye ridges and out through smooth headknobs. Swaths of pure red, orange, and yellow are patterned irregularly around his headknobs and down his neck. The smooth arcs of pure bronze are his neckridges, cutting the shape of half-leaves from between his headknobs down to the fork of his strong, mobile tail. The form of a tall oak tree is seemingly painted across his chest, broad, swirling branches wrapping around his forelimbs and out over his shoulders, nearly reaching his wingjoints and all of it painted with brilliant autumn leaves. His broad wingsails are also patterned with leaves, starting with the rich, verdant greens of summer along the leading edge fading naturally to bright reds, oranges, and yellows, then to the dead browns of late autumn to a thin line of natural, woody tone along the trailing edge.

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