Tall and broad shoulder, he has a look of having been carved from granite for there doesn't seem to be any softness to his features. His skin is dark and well-weathered, giving him the look of tough leather. His hands are just as rough, the knuckles thick and gnarled, with heavy calluses. His eyes are a bit of a contrast, though set deep into his face, they are a brilliant blue and seem almost dreamy in comparison to the rest of him.

In general he tends to wear wherhide pants and dark shirts as well as boots. He was born in the summer of 2642.


H'tor was originally born Hatori in a small holding out on the edges of Keroon Hold. He was the middle child of a fairly large family. Sheer luck had him at Keroon hold with his father, delivering their tithe to the main hold when a search rider was visiting. Wisked off to to Fort on the very day of the hatching, he found himself partnered to Brown Nevarith who wanted to know why he waited so long to get there.

After the graduated from weyrlinghoood, he was tapped into a search and rescue wing and shortly afterward it was found that the two had a knack for dragonhealing and so he began to spend time with the other weyr healers. An accident grounded him and Nevarith for nearly a full turn, and soon after the brown regained flight, the pair transferred to Ierne to further recuperate and to further their learning on dragonhealing.

Many turns later the pair transferred once more, this time to Eastern Weyr where they joined Flame Wing.


Name Relation Position Age



Brown Nevarith

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