Bronzerider F'ndo


F'ndo stands tall and proud. In many ways too much so. His black hair is always neatly styled and cropped just so out of his sea-green eyes. Despite Eastern's heat, he rarely eschews his riding leathers, though the front often hangs open when he's off-duty, working far too well to expose his chest for all to see.


F'ndo was born the oldest son of a pair of computercrafter journeymen. He was offered search at the young age of 13 during a rare stay for the family at Landing and was taken to Eastern Weyr with his family's blessing where he surpassed all expectations by impressing bronze Trellith.

It was then that things turned more troublesome. His parents had always expected their children to follow proper holder values and within three turns of his impression, just after his youngest sister, Kayla, was born, he proved that once one becoems a rider, that's nearly impossible by bringing home the first grandchild, Ziroda, and declaring, when pressed, that he had no intention of marrying the greenrider mother who was completely disinterested in any sort of long-term relationship with F'ndo.

Though normal for riders, this caused a large schizm between the oldest and the rest of the family when his parents declared no more of their children would ever be allowed to be searched and worked even harder to instill 'proper' values in the rest of their children.

For F'ndo, though, things only got better. He found himself growing increasingly accomplished with attracting attention outside of flights and sired three more children over the turns, though he never managed to secure a promotion.


Name Relation Position Location Age
Oberon Father Computer Crafter Journeyman Igen Hold +22
Kristeen Mother Computer Crafter Senior Journeyman Igen Hold +20
Diedre Sister Junior Lecturer at the University Landing -5
Julian Brother Journeyman Smithcrafter Ista Hold -7
Fi Sister Journeyman Technician Eastern Weyr -11
Kayla Sister Troublemaker on the Run Eastern Weyr -15.5.19
Ziroda Daughter (Zira) Weyrbrat Eastern Weyr -15
Fixan Son (Brixi) Weyrbrat Eastern Weyr -21
Eobella Daughter (Emily) Weyrbrat Eastern Weyr -22
Findieu Son (Griea) Weyrbrat Eastern Weyr -27



Bronze Trelith

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