Candie Mischief

It was late at night, just a few days past, a little while before curfew. Several white-knots gathered for a bit of mischief at S'dan's hut, among them Kayla (who, true to her usual form, was the instigator), Mihoyan, Fiona, Mahlia, and for a little while, Jannen. Before the night was through, S'dan's hut was painted in a wild array of colors, with fluorescent pink-and-green "Candie-striping" around the windows and doors, with purple and orange concentric rings all over the rest, and a wild array of artistic splatters, brush-strokes, and other marks on the doors. Due to some flizzen mischief, there's also a healthy amount of purple paint on the ground immediately surrounding the hut, and well, it seems Kojakuth wanted a bribe to keep from calling her rider—she wanted to be painted pink and purple! A great deal of fun was had by all!

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