Round 2: Fight!

In a confrontation that was long a-brewing, Syra finally managed to corner Azura in the Infirmary of all places. The accusations on both sides flew hot and heavy, but ultimately Azura did admit to placing the order for the cloth, though she was unable to provide an intelligable reason for the purchase through her myriad excuses. What's worse, she admitted to using up a sizable portion of the Weyr's free marks to do so — marks that were intended to pay the weyrfolk and riders and various other bills.

Ultimately, a teary Azura declared that if someone else thought they could do better, well, then they could just have her knot! Rather more officially, word later filtered down from the leadership that, yes, Azura would be stepping down for the next of the junior queens ro rise and would herself be taking a long-overdue vacation to recover from the stress of Weyrleadership. In the meantime, the Council has picked up the slack and Syra has stepped up to serve in an advisory role while the Weyr waits for one of its few juniors to rise.

In unrelated news, Arolaeth has been acting increasingly odd ever since the confrontation, and her dark hide has been notably brighter. But nobody is actually looking to her to rise— it has, after all, been more than fifteen turns since the queen actually flew and produced a clutch.

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