Hope You Like Purple...

… because as anybody who's been down to stores recently will have noticed, Eastern Weyr appears to have cornered the market on a moderately expensive purple cloth. The caverns are literally overflowing with hundreds of bolts of the stuff. Where can it all have come from? What in the world are we to do with it? How did it all get /paid/ for? Who in their right mind ordered it?

While weyrfolk are scratching their heads over most of those questions, some have overheard Senior Weyrwoman Azura and Retired Weyrwoman Syra go at it /again/ over the very same topic. Apparently Azura thought it was a good idea to acquire the cloth, though she's close-mouthed on the hows and the whys. Though she managed to duck away without answering any questions once, chances are Azura won't be able to avoid an increasingly concerned set of Wingleaders and retired Weyrleaders for long.

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