Rising Far Away

Posted by Soriana from Xanadu

Luraoth blooded well before she took to the skies for her first flight since her return to Xanadu. Her rising glow at last confirmed Soriana as properly Senior Weyrwoman instead of just acting like one, and her pursuers vied not just for a place with the golden dragon but one for their riders in governing the Weyr.

The golden queen took her time to survey her domain; Xanadu, stretched out beneath her. Behind her trailed that retinue of suitors - or perhaps a tour group, guided by the nimble gold as she slipped out of their grip to show them the fields and forests, lakes and mountains of her home.

She soared far along the thermals, tumbling between them to evade eager bronzes and browns who tried to end the tour too early for her liking. The dragons were nearly out of sight of the Weyr when she finally made her choice from among those few who'd lasted long enough to have a chance.

Golden limbs found bronze, and Luraoth twined herself with Draukaith to - wait, WHAT? Surely that's not right.

But, after the fog of gold-flight cleared and people had their senses again, that seeming impossibility was confirmed. Draukaith caught Luraoth, making T'revs… uh… Weyrleader? Except, he's already a Weyrleader, over at Monaco Bay. What happens now? And… what was he even doing at Xanadu in the first place?

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