Playing With Fire

With all the excitement of the hatching and the first days of the new weyrlings it would be easy to forget that so recently there had been a spate of fires. After all with such a happy occasion why would people's minds drift back to such things. It seems some people had not forgotten, however.

On the night of the hatching there was a minor scuffle in the bowl that most put down to someone having had too much to drink at the celebrations. What eventually came to be known was that someone had finally been identified as the person behind the stable fire, and involved in several others, and that scuffle was them being taken into custody.

It seems a group of children had been bored and decided to liven things up, though after things got out of control in the barracks three of the group vowed that they would have no more to do with it. The fourth had other ideas.

What will happen to the little firebugs is unknown, though in light of the results of the stable fire one of them will most likely be facing a Harper court. But at least the weyr is safe from not-so-random fires.

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