Disturbance in the Galleries

Only a few hours after a faintly glowing Arolaeth caused quite a bit of consternation with her antics in the feeding grounds while the Gather and celebration were going on only a few lengths away, a ruckus of another sort rocked the Weyr. In the early evening, Azura and Syra finally came to loggerheads in the echoing confines of the hatching cavern galleries. Their discussion quickly became heated, with the normally even-tempered Syra screaming about 'that simpering little dolt', only to be met with meek Azura's retort about a 'meddlesome old hag'.

It was only when the queens began to get involved that they came to their senses, and Azura reluctantly fled the Weyr to make way for Arolaeth's presumedly imminent rising. Which… never came. By the next morning, when Azura and Svetlanath returned, Arolaeth was as cool and calm as ever. But both weyrwomen are now carefully avoiding all sight and mention of each other, and the tension between Arolaeth and her great-granddaughter is palpable.

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