And So... They Hatch!

It was evening when the Monaco dragons signaled the impending arrival of new hatchlings. Though the galleries were lit, the sands themselves which initially left some mystery to the colors of the new dragonets. However, all was revealed in good time, and 8 new pairs walked off the sands!

Roses are Red Hatchling- Beyond the Shadowed Veil Bronze Garouth to D'lei
Violets are Blue Hatchling - Cold Granite Green Hatchling to L'an (NPC)
Sugar is Sweet Hatchling - Night's Ethereal Princess Green Hatchling to Quinn
And so are You Hatchling - This Dragon is Black and Blue Hatchling to Prin (NPC)
There's Nothing to Fear Hatchling- The Lady's Guardian Brown to Ailoura
Now that I'm Here Hatchling - I Speak for the Trees Brown to Once'ler (NPC)
This Promise of Bliss Hatchling - Land Under Waves Blue to Doktah
I Seal with a Kiss Hatchling - Just Blendin' In Green to K'lar

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