A Little Hard Work...

…Never Hurt a Greenrider.

It was after the hubbub of the clutching and the worries of both weyrleader and his bronze over Arolaeth's troubles delivering the largest of her eggs, when everything sorta calmed down that had the Weyrleader himself heading to his son's hut on the beach. Just a regular visit of father to son, really, nothing strange about that. At least not until the pair emerged from the hut was something noted, was Ur'yu carrying himself a little straighter? And Kojakuth seemed just as proud of her boy as his father did. J'em offered Ur'yu a new knot, and by golly gee gawrsh he accepted it. And so poor little Ur'yu was suckered, er I mean, talked into becoming an Assistant Weyrlingmaster. We'll see if he's as proud and happy about it when the candidates start rolling in! Poor poor AWLM Ur'yu…or is that poor poor Candidates?

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