Another Case of the Infirmary Blues

Tis true, after a slightly grueling day of training with one of the most experienced hunters in all of Pern, Quorel (NPC) was tough enough on Mahlia during their platform jungle course, that she ended up in the Infirmary. Nonchalant as she was about the scrapes and bruises across limbs and face, as well as the crimson tinged gash on her knee, the healers were quick to swoop her up for some disinfecting, wound dressing and a few stitches. Much to S'dan's dismay, he found the tattered and bruised Mahlia there just as the healers were finishing up and releasing her. No big deal, a little Fellis, numbweed and herbal salves and she was sent on her way, immediately taking to bathing of one large brown dragon with the help of Morez. The day's excitement was followed up with a day of bedrest.. that is, until a flurry of dragonhealers summoned her on their way to the sands. Cue Aro's magnificent clutch.. all cuts and scrapes aside, there's no time for injuries before Mahlia and Tequoia head to Xanadu Genetic's lab for a multi-day dragonhealing intensive. Most of the scratches should disappear by the time they make it there, so no eyebrows of question will be raised regarding the state of things at Eastern Weyr.. she really was training hard in her tree to tree acrobatic skills, no EAW abuse stories.. promise!

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