How Temporary is Temporary?

Overheard in the living caverns:
Resi 1: Well they /say/ it's temporary but really?
Rider: Doubt it.
Resi 2: But why would they say it then?
Resi 1: Well it's not like she's not been doing it already.
Resi 2: Everyone thought it'd happen ages ago.
Rider: But it didn't. I'm leaving if it's permanent. Sure she's had a few clutches but she's not one of us. Trader stock. You know what that means.
Resi 1/2: Um….

With Vanessa's increasing absences and suspected burnout it was perhaps inevitable that the big knot would have to move on. The lucky recipient - Aliona, though she swears it's Only Temporary. Quite what happened in the meeting between the two goldriders is unknown but Ali seemed less than pleased when she emerged, perhaps she was as upset by the outcome as the naysayers that have started coming out of the woodwork. What happens from here is a matter for speculation. Will anyone follow through on their threats?

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