News From OUT There

While the weather around Monaco Bay has been calm and 'normal' points just out of the region have dealt with some awful storms. Waves crashing nto small islands, outposts nearly getting washed away, and ships narly taken under. The reason many of this is under the radar of most people is it deals in the waters often sen to have pirates, or other people of unsavior sort of nature.

Some reports are out saying more pirate ships have been spotted at the very edge of Monaco Bay region. though they are keeping there and no straying into Weyr controled waters. At least that is what people have been saying, rumors can bring up different more coloful stories though.

Weyrleader T'revs has been keeping a close eye on these rumors, often checking things out to make sure they are just that, rumors. Though the Deluge wing along with the others are keeping a weathered eye on the herizon to make sure trouble stays far away.

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