Sleep, Generators, and Uniforms

The storm has had plenty of back-lash, not the least of which is two days of rolling brown-outs as the generators are painstakingly brought back up to full functionality. The cavern that houses them was damaged in the storm and, the generators being far too large to be moved, work crews are working around the clock to seal the hairline cracks before another storm puts the generators out of work for good.

The Weyr Council has also made a large executive decision about the purple cloth. Chaos wing's color is changing officially from black to purple with black piping. Oh, yes, candidates, look upon these royal purple uniforms and weep.

Most of the Weyr was exhausted the next day, but that didn't prevent the interesting tableau in the commons that resulted in K'nan spouting very not child safe opinions on the nature of bronzeriders, Flame's wingleader half-sleeping on a table, and Phantasm's bodily carrying his snoozing wingsecond to her weyr. Is this a Weyr, or a soap opera? Only you can decide.

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