One Boom of a Storm

It seems that there was a bit of excitement at Eastern! Xanadu's hunting riders must have brought some of Xanadu's bad weather with them, as it was a nasty, rainy night that turned into an equally nasty morning that drug on towards noon. Deluge wing reported that there was a tropical storm far off, but it sent bands of rain and wind, and in the end, a huge lightning strike into the very heart of Eastern Weyr. One of the skybrooms, long standing sentry on the edge of the main clearing, lost its ancient life to the fire from the sky, and fell in a gigantic heap of kindling right into the center of the main clearing. While some nerves were rattled, in the end it was much ado about nothing. The doughty generators flickered, but held strong and Eastern's going to have enough firewood for months, or perhaps to sell for a tidy profit, and now there's a little bit more clearing than before.

What S'dan wants to know is did anybody toss in any bolts of purple fabric while the flames were getting high on that old skybroom tree?

"Poor tree!" (sniff!) "I liked that tree."

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