Autumn Storms

Autumn in the Monaco Bay region started off fairly normal weather wise. Fairly typical for the season the storms that did come across didn't dump too much rain. The uncles and aunties of the holds across the area though warn that the lack of storms meant something worse was coming though they were dismissed by the majority of folks for how could such beautiful weather precede horrible weather. No, no, says the bulk of the people across the holds all the way to the weyr; this autumn will be quite tame.

Meanwhile though as the season progresses reports to the Weyrleaders from Deluge include increased flooding throughout some places such as Cove Hold, Landing, and Monaco Bay Hold. They say that rainfall is increasing in ferocity as well as amount of rain falling. Coastal areas are at the greater threat for now but Deluge riders predict that the flooding will get worse before better. Those who completely disagree with the older people's predictions simply say that the reports are exaggerated greatly. However rumor does spread quickly and already the word being passed around the weyr is that a larger storm is brewing. Which side is right? Are larger storms heading our way or will this autumn continue to be fairly mild? Only time will tell!

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