The Good Ol' Rumor Mill

Late one evening, Mahlia was called from the Candidate Caverns quietly by Syra, and led away to a private discussion. Since the topic had been brought up in the /girls only/ class a few days back, and one dear Candidate helped to divulge some tidbits about Mahl's umm.. sexual prowess, the Weyrwoman and S'dan figured that the gossip fluttering about would be better addressed in private, where they could talk more openly. It was brought to Mahlia's attention, that some -OK many- of the Weyrfolk have noticed that she has quite a gregarious personality. Explained very professionally by the riders, there is such a thing as being /too nice/ and although it is certain that Mahl's intentions are good, her comfortably friendly savior faire could easily be perceived as flirty. This could, in turn, potentially upset someone who may have a budding interest for another, and if over-explored, could lead to that yucky baby-thing, which would bring her Candidacy to a screeching halt. There were two particular bronzens in question, maybe a local chef and fellow Candidates even. As each rumor was discussed, it was nearly comical to dispel the myths and see just how far people's power of imagination had taken them. A few of the 'suitors' were spoken to as well, stories becoming truth and matching up seamlessly. Ultimately, Mahl's name was cleared of the funny (and some almost unspeakable) acts that had been circulating around her name. Maybe she's got an evil twin, or maybe perceptions got mussed up somewhere along the way? But, what can be said, is the Candidate is focused on Candidacy, no time for distraction, head and heart on the Sands!

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