More Fuel to the Fires?

Just when those in the weyr thought things couldn't get worse….They are about to! One older gold within the weyr isn't about to let those Sweet Young Things get away with repopulating Monaco all on their own and her rider….Wellllll there are harsh whispers going around about wild colors and drawn up sketches for new uniforms for both Candidates and Weyrlings?

Oh Yes! Watch out Monaco Pyrith is starting to get a little brighter, more cranky and yet she's trying to get cozy with several of the Weyrs browns and bronzes, as well as any other male of those colors that might pop in for a visit. Now Nadina is also beginning to reflect her lifemates temporary hormonal imbalance by having weavers draw up sketches for new uniforms that she will be handing over to Nessa along with swathes of fabric in a few combinations that are sure to make those who may have to wear them stand out. Yup, Leave it to Naddie to want Orange and Pink, or Yellow and Purple uniforms for the Candidates to be paired with Silver leathers trimmed in Blue, or Green trimmed in silver and Blue for the weyrlings.

Aunties and Uncles are in high hopes that the Junior comes to her senses and settles down because one thing is for sure she's sure to burn herself out long before her mate rises is she doesn't slow down.

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