Sails of Blood and Sorrow

The Monaco led attack on the slaver vessel Leonidas happened in the dead of night, relying on the knowledge of the local fishermen and the skills of the Weyr's riders, but any hopes that things might go smoothly were soon dashed as the meticulously planned raid turned into something far more gruesome.

Before anyone managed to set foot on deck four dragons were injured by weapons thrown from the ship - one badly enough that they immediately betweened back to the weyr for urgent treatment, crashing into the bowl floor on arrival. The human raiders fared little better with several injured, mortally in some cases, before they were dropped onto the deck and the real fighting began.

The battle was neither pretty nor quick, the planking slick with blood before Monaco stood triumphant. But at what cost? The missing Hayfer was found, tortured and deceased. The hold was full of prisoners, the living still chained to the dead and dying in conditions that none seem willing to discuss. As for the captain, when the Weyrfolk finally broke down the door to his cabin they were assaulted by an odd smell that affected any that inhaled it. One healer recognised it as a strong narcotic often smoked by addicts but lethal in high concentrations, the group retreated leaving the presumed dead captain to his fate.

It was a solemn party that returned to the Weyr having scuttled the ship. The dead were given proper ceremony, the living given treatment as necessary, but the dark cloud hanging over the Weyr will last far longer.

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