The Mystery Deepens

News is rarely this slow filtering through from the hold, so perhaps this specific piece was being kept under wraps. Indeed it took a few stiff drinks before any of it began to be revealed, and even then people were being sworn to secrecy - a secrecy they were quick to break. The bundle, dumped recently by sailors from the Leonidas, was recovered fairly quickly after it was reported, and confirmed to be a body, yet while the level of decomposition was as expected the level of predation was not. The corpses of several firelizards were found nearby and it appears they were the only ones that had tried to feast on this unexpected bounty. But what killed them all? Healers suspected some sort of toxicity, though narrowing it down has been quite the task.

Could it be a coincidence that the day this news broke in the weyr was also the day that the prisoner vanished? His guards were found unharmed but unconscious, and judging by the blood found in his room at least one person was injured that day.

What is going on in the waters around Monaco? Will someone step up to lead the search for this ship and find some real answers?

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