Phaili's Baby Blue

There was much surprise when Deluge bluerider K'nan went up into her treetop weyr and found it occupied by a young infant girl in basket on her bed. Staring dunbly at the new addition for a minute as the baby lay there cooing. Then she yelled Phaili at the top of her lungs as the blue came bugling up to see what was going on which startled the baby into screaming as well. The blue said he didn't do it, but wanted to know if they could keep it. Since it was cute. Then, not waiting for an answer the blue bugled again and then broadcast to the weyr that he was a daddy again of a baby girl. K'nan can be seen wondering around in shock or demanding to know who would abandon a child in her weyr of all places. Don't they know she's unfit as a mother?

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