House Decorating

Yep, I saw it! It was so funny to see my Dad so freaked out! He went outside to open the wide doors of our house to let out Cyrilth then came back in and screamed! Not like that high-pitched girly scream. He can't do that. Dad doesn't have the voice for it. But an all out shocked bellow, almost like he was in pain. You should have seen the look on his face! Then he goes back outside and is real quiet like. Now I had heard some sounds in the night but I figured it was Fuzzball, or the cat, or something small and wild from the jungle. I guess it was more like something wild from the Candidate Barracks when I went outside to see for myself. I must admit I was pretty surprised too! But there was Dad, standing there in a contemplative sort of stance, one hand over his mouth like he's really thinking. Then he smiles. Then he chuckles. I turned around and looked at the house. That's when I screamed. Remember that high-pitched girly shriek that Dad can't do? Well, I found out I can do it!

So here's our house all painted like a bunch of fancy avians flew into it and exploded! I don't know what Dad has planned to do about it but he hasn't asked me to clean it up. Maybe he likes it. Maybe he's got his ways of finding out just who did it and them make them clean it up later. He's pretty clever like that. Or maybe he already knows!

This is Kesti reporting…Over and out!

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