New Wingsecond

When bronze Shovth's rider P'ush informed his wingleader that he wanted to retire from the position of wingsecond so he could concentrate on his speciality of skin diseases in dragonkind, Ur'con found himself in the unenviable position of looking for a new wingsecond. Or in his case, two new wingseconds. One knot's already been bestowed in the stranges of places: Fiona, the senior journeywoman techcrafter. Ur'con's stated reason during the weekly wing training gather was a better integration of crafters and craftriders. Fiona is the de facto head of the non-riding crafters in the wing, and problems should go to her first. While P'ush's brownriding daughter P'ushme has stepped in as a temporary wingsecond, Ur'con's let it be known that should anyone else like to discuss the position with him, he'd be more than happy to do so. (PCs, this means if you want the spot, come talk to me about it! :D)

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