A New Addition

It was a calm autumn's afternoon when a cry came out from up in the trees. From Phaili's and K'nans place to be exact. It was an angry cry, for a little one was not happy to be vrought out into a cool and bright and noisy place. The newborn soon quieted though at the soft rumblings of a blue dragon who was quite happy to see the new lad now that his rider was no longer distressed. As for the father of the boy, it could be anyone's guess. Rumours suggest J'em, he did carry her home that one night. Others comment on the time spent with Tarrin. Still others chock it up to the blue having flown a few greens. Likely K'nan doesn't even know for sure and she is certainly not seeming to be worried about it. When asked, the attending healer said that boy was named Ziekieran, though if there's any clue in the name, he wasn't sure what it was.

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