Rise of the Old Guard

When Senior Weyrwoman Azura stepped down from leadership at Eastern Weyr following a series of disasterous financial decisions, she took the traditional step of handing off the day-to-day work to the retired Weyrwoman Syra while holding the knot itself for whichever queen next took to the skies. Nobody expected that queen to be Arolaeth herself, great-granddam of Azura's Svetlanath - least of all her rider. And /certainly/ not within a sevenday of Azura's retirement.

Amidst trade negotiations with Ista, Arolaeth decided it was a perfect time to re-assert her dominance over Eastern Weyr - and she chose her long-time mate Fenrith to accompany her. Now the bemused elder riders find themselves Weyrleaders once more, and once they've recovered sufficiently from post-flight stress to leave the infirmary, they'll go about trying to put to rights what many turns of mismanagement has wrought.

So be kind to poor Syra and J'em: they're old and sore and not in the /least/ bit prepared for all of this chaos to be dumped on their heads. So much for the peaceful life of retirement!

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