Hatching Results

They came, they saw… well not really but the were definitely there when… they Impressed. Monaco's latest clutch of eight hatched and spending their first night in the barracks were two browns, three blues, and three greens.

Notable in amongst the group are:
Overdrive Brown Firith who Impressed to E'vyl (Trayvel)
Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly Blue Box Tuulikkith who Impressed to Sh'y (Shay)
Roses in Ebony and Green Adrith who Impressed to M'kai (Makail)
Child of Light, Ruler of the Deep Green Haeyaneth who Impressed to Krysa (Krysalia)
and Searching out the Truth Green Verenath who Impressed to Tevla

Congratulations to all or new Weyrlings. Welcome to Monaco.

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