Clutching Logs
Title OOC Date Cast
2016-03-05: Isanath x Marzoth Clutching 05 March 2016 Aliona, Isanath, Marzoth, Tevla
2012-01-15: Arolaeth x Fenrith - PC Clutch 15 January 2012 Fiona, Mahlia, Mihoyan, Morez, S'dan, Syra, Suselit, Tarrin
2008-09-13: Talisyth's Last Clutching 13 Septeber 2008 A'ven, Delynni, Dryssa, Es'nak, Jerushai, Jheina, Kelen, S'dan, Y'sar
2005-11-06: Talisyth's Maiden Clutch 6 November 2005 Jheina, L'ae, Lyle, T'eo, S'rus
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