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Title OOC Date Cast
2017-01-05: Fuerioth's Flight! 05 January 2017 D'nyl, Eltarin, J'en, Q'll, Quinn R'en, Reya, S'dny, S'ic, S'u, T'revs, Wh'ton
Pause in Duty 07 January 2017 Doktah, Kellanar, Quinn
Meeting the Survivor 14 January 2017 Quinn, Teneya
Well, That Happened 15 January, 2017 Quinn, Tarquin
Eyes and Ears 23 January 2017 Aliona, Quinn
Karmella Searched 23 January 2017 S'dny, Karmella, Marzoth
Dashiel, Splashed! (and Searched) 25 January, 2017 Teneya, Dashiel, R'en, Sindrieth
Introductions! 26 January 2017 Dashiel, Quinn
Go Fly A Kite (Kellanar Searched) 26 January, 2017 Dashiel, Kellanar, Miyan, Quinn, Rhieyeth
Beach Talk 29 January 2017 Dashiel, Doktah, Quinn, R'en, Tarquin
Saying Hi To An Egg 31 January 2017 Aliona, Kellanar, Quinn
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