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Title OOC Date Cast
Why Can't We All Get Along? 2 January 2012 Fiona, J'em, Mahlia, Suselit, Tadarius, Tequioa
Can't We All Get Along Pt 2 2 January 2012 Fiona, Mahlia, Seeley, Sira, Tadarius, Tequioa
Where the River Flows 4 January 2012 Fiona, Tequoia
Dock of the Day 5 January 2012 Kershaw, Tarrin
The Dangers of Walking Around 6 January 2012 Elle, Kershaw
Bathing Dragons 6 January 2012 Hil, Mahlia, S'dan
Sands-Sweeping is Dangerous! 7 January 2012 Arolaeth (Syra), Mahlia, Tequoia, Tosni
Apprentices and Precious Metals 8 January 2012 Fiona, Jannen, Seeley, Tosni
Hotshot Pretty Boy 8 January 2012 Elle, J'yn
Food Fight 10 January 2012 Chisoo (NPC - Mihoyan), Jannen, Kayla, Kestilran, L'im, S'dan, Tarrin, Tequoia
Summertime Bonfire Antics 12 January 2012 Morez, Suselit, Tosni
Beware The Jeremy Personality 12 January 2012 J'em, Silion, Y'ki
Proof That Any Conversation Involving Teq and Fi Eventually Turns to Ur'con 12 January 2012 Fiona, J'em, Jannen, Tarrin, Tequoia
A Decrease in Cooking Quality 14 January 2012 Fiona, Kayla, Tarrin, Tequoia
A Blue, a Beach, and a Bikini 15 January 2012 Fiona, Kayla, Kimmila, Mihoyan
2012-01-15: Arolaeth x Fenrith - PC Clutch 15 January 2012 Fiona, Mahlia, Mihoyan, Morez, S'dan, Syra, Suselit, Tarrin
Terrace Interlude 16 January 2012 Kershaw, S'dan, Tadarius
Building Account-ability 16 January 2012 Fiona, Jannen, Mihoyan, Tequoia
Commons Cavern Medley 19 January 2012 Elle, Eobella, Jannen, Kayla, Kershaw, S'dan, Suselit, Tequoia
Beach Party Aftermath (Fi is searched... sort of) 18 January 2012 Fiona, J'yn, Jannen, Mihoyan, Syra, Ur'yu
Relationship Advice 18 January 2012 Fiona, Jannen, Kayla, Lacus, S'dan, Ur'yu
When the Moons are Full 19 January 2012 Etzlix, Ila'den, Kayla, Kestilran, Mahlia, Tequoia, Tya
Uncomfortable Visitation 19 January 2012 Fiona, J'yn, Mihoyan
"Shard Fardled, Scorch Brined, Razzum Frazzum" 20 January 2012 Fiona, Kayla, Mahlia
Bathing Suits and Curfew 20 January 2012 Fiona, Kayla, Mahlia, S'dan, Tequoia
Day of the Beach 21 January 2012 Elle, Janne, Kershaw, Tequoia
Where's Tadarius 21 January 2012 Mahlia, Syra
Watch Out For Eastern Beaches 21 January 2012 Ila'den, Kiltara (Ila'den), Mahlia
Search By Proxy 23 January 2012 J'em, Kershaw
Peek-A-Boo Candies 23 January 2012 Eobella, Jannen, Kershaw, Ur'yu
What if I Want to? 23 January 2012 Fiona, J'em, J'yn, Kayla, Kershaw, Tequoia, Ur'con
When a Darlth Likes a Tequoia 23 January 2012 Mahlia, Tarrin, Tequoia, Ur'con
I-I-I...I LIKE BEING FLAILY! 24 January 2012 Fiona, J'yn, Jannen, Mahlia
Nonsense and Jibberish, Tadarius Returns 24 January 2012 Mahlia, Tadarius
There Be Chickens Here, Kojakuth! 25 January 2012 Jannen, Kershaw, Mahlia, S'dan, Ur'yu
Maybe It Was Because She Mentioned the Plague 26 January 2012 Hil, J'yn, Mahlia, Theron
So, what do you think of purple? 29 January 2012 Fiona, Mihoyan, Theron, Ur'con
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