You're The What Now?

Monaco Bay Weyr - Terrace Garden
Neat, even planks form a boardwalk set approximately two feet above the ground. Unfolding to either side of the walk-way flourish the lush tropical gardens of Monaco, either brilliant colors and green well kept with Monaco's near eternal spring. Rare trees mingle amongst interestingly formed as well as common yet attractive trees dot the terraced landscape. Brightly blooming flowers are abundant, their colors ranging from lavender to blue to white and even startingly shades of pink. The large tropical flowers cast their sweet smell over the little alcoves scattered about the garden and heavenly cloying scents waft about. Towards the center of the gardens is a large terrace enclosed with lattice fences, over which blooming vines have been draped. A large dance square and a quiet bar, with a few high tables, have been set up in the gardens as an escape from the hectic rush of the main cavern.

With Tsovinar growing up, and moving from infant to toddler, in some ways things are a little easier.. Of course, in others they are the exact opposite. There are definitely more instances of diving for the sharp corners of tables, though generally nights are a little more peaceful. Which, of course, means that something has to change - it can never be too easy. Given the look on S'u's face as he wanders through the garden, that exact something has happened, fingers idly rubbing the loops of the knot on his shoulder as he meanders, lost in thought - and oblivious to his surroundings, person or otherwise, and the low conversations Tzet is having in the back of his mind.

Aliona's life remains as complicated as ever. A few visits 'home' brought arguments, though over the turn and a half since Tsovinar was born her father seems to have come around to the idea that the boy will not be going to live with the family. The child himself is not with his mother as she comes into the garden, passed off to one of the nannies for a few hours to give Aliona a much needed break - with Isanath proddy the goldrider's nerves have been rather frazzled the past day or so. When she finally spots S'u she calls his name, waiting until he notices before adding anything else or moving towards him.

Oblivious S'u continues his meandering, fingers still brushing over the knot, before he is pausing, a mental nudge from Tzett making him jump and swivel around to look here and there. After a moment, eyes rest on Aliona, and he is looking relieved, feet sounding heavy on the boardwalk as he moves to close the distance, holding his hands out to her with a frazzled smile. "Ali.." Deep breath.

"Hey." Aliona's hand reaches for his as she, likewise, moves towards. She doesn't give him time to speak though, instead blurting out quickly. "So… um… y'got any plans for the next couple days? 'cause I might need y'to collect Tsovinar from the nursery kinda sudden. Or drop him off. Shells this's got more complicated. Izzy ain't far off, that's sorta what I'm tryin' t'say."

The hand is given a gentle tug, attempting to pull her closer, before he freezes, blinking at her with a tilt of his head. "Like.. How much is 'ain't far?" And this new development is clearly adding its own weight to S'u's thoughts, as the bronze rider stands rather stiffly, blinking at her. "I mean.. If I'm dropping him off.. then.." And there is a wrinkle of his nose, before he is trying to hide his expression, less it do its own harm. "I mean, I.. don't see why not."

Aliona takes a deep breath, "The next day or two." She pauses a second to let that sink in and then adds, "I want you t'be there, but…." Her free hand flaps as she searches for the right thing to say that isn't going to sound completely dumb, "Y'know how it is. Don't want t'jus' leave him in the nursery til after, but I ain't gonna have him there when there s'much… tension."

"Is he there now?" S'u asks after a moment, as he digests her words, taking a moment to let them sink in. "I mean.. If she's that close.." He blushes a tad and then looks away, dropping her hand and taking half a step back. "I mean.. Nevermind. I don't blame you. I don't want him there either. Especially if.. When its someone else.. yeah." He shakes his head, trailing off and looking away - Oh, that large flower is quite interesting!

Aliona nods, agreeing with both the child's location and the sentiment. "Flights ain't for kids, specially not little little ones. Don't want him t'get hurt." As his attention drifts away she frowns, tugging gently on his hand. "Hey y'okay? I know Tzet ain't won her yet but there's always a chance. If… If y'don't want t'be there I understand."

"Ain't for any kids, really. I mean, I know some of them.." And he waves his hand, letting the thought trail off, before his hand his tugged and he's glancing back at her, giving her a hesitant smile. "Of course I'll be there, Ali. He definitely won't win, if I'm not. I mean.." He gently squeezes her fingers. "Can't win, if you don't play." A shake of his head and he takes a deep breath, grounding himself. "Its just been a day, ya know?"

Aliona nods, though she's quick to make sure he doesn't get his hopes up too high, "Least she's not still droolin' over Oszarioth. Wonder if he'll show up an' chase. She was askin' 'bout Tzimisceth yesterday." His comment about it being 'a day' has her nodding. "Yeah. Swap you? Whatever's got you looking constipated with Izzy wanting to play games?"

There is an unamused look that flashes over his face as various other bronzes are mentioned, and then her comment about how he looks has his snorting, a loud rush of air escaping him in a half-laugh. "Wow, thanks. At least I know how I look." He shakes his head, a soft chuckle as he does so, before he's glancing back at her. "Do you have any idea what the Weyrsecond is suppose to do?" And the question is asked without lead-in or explanation.

"Well you do." Aliona presses the point, though now it's with a laugh. "All bunged up emotionally." His question has her shrugging, though she doesn't think much of it. "Weyrsecond? Anythin' the Weyrleader doesn't want t'do I think. Kinda the male version'f us juniors, only the second don't actually need t'be male. Was Tyr back at Ista, remember? Here it's… um… T'us I think."

"That's about as much as I know. Seems like a rather crappy job, if'n you ask me. I mean. I guess this new Weyrleader may not be so bad, but." As she mentions T'us, S'u coughs a little, lifting her hand to the shoulder with his knot. "Well, uh, it may have been T'us but…" Eyes glance down to her hand and the knot beneath it. "Ain't no more, apparently."

Aliona shrugs, "He seems okay, I mean he ain't kicked us back t'Ista or anythin'." She continues oblivious as her hand is lifted, realisation dawning mid-sentence. "I guess we'll see once the clutch is off the sands an' the real work starts, coul dbe he'll fire every… one… an'…." Here she adds a sudden burst of swearing that Isanath most definitely would not approve of. "You… he…." Eloquence fails her. "For real?"

The string of swearing draws the first real laughter of the day from S'u, the bronze rider nodding with a little bit of a smile. "Honestly, I ain't got a clue what happened. One minute I was enjoying my breakfast, the next I was in the office with this on my shoulder. I. I don't even know." He shrugs a little, glancing down at the knot before back at her. "I guess I'll have plenty to do to keep me busy, now, though.. Doing whatever it is Weyrseconds do." Details.

"Why didn't you tell me!" Aliona aims a punch at his shoulder - hard enough to be reproachful, soft enough to not really hurt. "We should be celebratin', not wanderin' 'bout the garden lookin' miserable. Have you told your Da yet? Can't wait t'see his face when he finds out you're more important than he is."

"I was going to! But.. I.. You… Izzy.." He waves a hand shaking his head a little. "I mean, I was going to get to it!" He pouts as she hits his shoulder, attempting to look just pathetic enough, before making a face at Aliona. "I don't know if I am going to. I'm sure he'll be like 'Well, Weyrsecond is all well and good, but its not Weyrleader."

"Yeah well a Master aint a Craftmaster neither, so he can't say anythin'." Aliona seems to have forgotten everything else until the middle of her next thought, "We could go back t'Ista, show the others, an' then go see… balls. We can't, I can't leave. Shaffit! That's so unfair." She looks rather crestfallen for a moment, "Guess we'll need t'celebrate here."

"Well, ain't going to stop him from thinking he can." S'u counters just as back, and then as she starts to talk about going to Ista, he opens his mouth to protest, before snapping it shut as she realizes it on her own. "We can always go celebrate there later. I mean, eventually. Before Izzy gets all… fat." Ouch, what a word to describe a lady. "We can celebrate here, I mean, if you want."

Aliona pulls a face at the idea of S'u's father thinking anything at all, but then nods, "It'd need t'be sometime in the middle'f her pregnancy, don't want t'go between early in case it does stuff t'the eggs. Could always just go on Tzet, though I don't think she'd really fergive me for goin' without her." She pauses a second, then adds, "Guess it ain't such a bad thing Tsovinar getting used t'the nannies."

"Forgive you, she might. Forgive Tzett and I? Never." And S'u shakes his head, before snorting as the bronze pipes up in the back of his mind. "Tzett says there is no way in Faranth's name that he is going to Ista with both of us, if Izzy is stuck here. He says it simply isn't worth it." At the mention of Tsovinar and the nannies, S'u nods slowly. "I mean, eventually he'll have to get used to the Harpers, so its good practice."

Aliona laughs. "Guess we could always jus' send a message to Ista an' get them t'come here." The joys of instant transportation and distant friends. "Could make it a proper party. Tsov's goin' t'be two soon, we could combine it?" There's a pause that follows, an ominous one, "I ain't ready t'give him up yet. Not completely. We'll make it work though."

"You ain't gotta give him up completely, I didn't mean it like that. I mean.. He ain't even two, like you said. More than enough time.. turn or two, easy." He tries to soothe her as she talks, frowning a little bit. "Did someone say you have to give him up?" And there's a look on his face, a look of determination, as if daring anyone to suggest such a thing in front of him. "That could be fun, though. A big party.. Izzy should be off the Sands by then, too."

Aliona is quick to shake her head, "There jus' seems t'be some sort'f expectation that he'll end up in the nursery full time. Though I guess if they knew about you already then maybe they thought we couldn't work it between us if we both get busy. I dunno." She waves a hand, wafting the thought away, "Big party sounds fun. Could hire a boat."

"I don't know how they'd know, unless someone else told them. Or somehow I managed to miss all the gossip leading up to it." He shrugs a little, not apparently too concerned. "I mean, I guess if there was a second one, I could see him spending more time there, but.. not always." He reaches for her hand idly as she waves it, attempting to still her motion. "We'll do it. We have some time to figure it out. Maybe invite your family, even."

"Same way they always seem t'know things b'fore they happen - they jus' do." Aliona grins, letting her hand be caught, "You really want them there? I ain't too sure how they'd get on wi' the rider folks? An' they can get a bit loud sometimes."

"Enough to drink, and no one will notice if they are a bit loud.." He counters, with a shrug. "Its up to you, though. They're your family. Wasn't sure if at least some grandparents should be there." Since you know S'u won't be extending any invitations. "I wonder if I can pull some strings, now, for where to have it."

"Well, if I haven't seen how they party, maybe this is the perfect excuse. I mean.. at least Tso is little enough he won't remember, if it is too… scarring." A wink, and he nods. "I'm sure. Maybe we'll go catch a pig.. Make it a nice roast on the beach." Though maybe skip the grass skirts and hula dancers.

Aliona grins. "Just don't let Farida near the food. She has a habit of spicing things up. or the drinks come to think of it." She pauses and grins, "Maybe we jus' won't invite her."

"Might be entertaining, you know. Fire mouths. Riders can look like their dragons, for the evening." A gentle tug on her hand, and S'u is stepping backwards with a glance over his shoulder for the closest bench, to get out of the general flow of garden traffic. "It will be fun.. It'll give you something to do while you're stuck on the Sands, too." While he is doing.. weyrsecondy things. Like, important.. things.

Aliona sinks down onto the bench, snuggling in against S'u happily. Conversation moves on, as it naturally does, from party to flights to duties and on into the day until duty calls each of them back to reality.

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