Monaco Bay Weyr - South Clearing

The southern clearing of Monaco Bay Weyr is nearly comparable in size to the main clearing, though it contains a distinctly different landscape. Opening into the feeding grounds and the infirmary it serves as a major area for wing drills and relaxation in the evenings during the cooler seasons. Dirt pathways meander from structure to structure, linking the areas of the weyr well, though sparse grass lines the trails and provides space for entertainment and relaxation. Tall trees to all sides of the clearing offer shade and serve to delineate the boundaries of the weyr from the wilderness. To the opposite side from the infirmary, huts and weyrs have been set up in island fashion. A paved path rings around the back of the bulky hatching cavern that looms overhead, leading towards the crafter clearing and its constant, noisy industry.

It's been a busy week to say the least. Between the preparation for the next groups of candidates, the problems over in half moon, and unfortunately enough 2 separate gold flights that Marzoth insisted on participating in. Last but not least, the breakdown that the dragon experienced after both of them. Thankfully the bronze is at least willing to come out of his weyr, though at present he isn't with Syd. Syd is just out for a walk, not really heading anywhere in particular just walking.

Fi is having one of her moments. Her little techological hide away is in the southern bowl and while Tzavayth is asleep, basking in the warm sun, Fi is seated in a chair near the door to her hut, carefully rubbing oil into the delicate golden hide of one of her firelizards, the others arrayed along the roof as if just waiting their turn. This is one of those moments where she's not Fi, Senior Weyrwoman, or Fi, Journeyman Technician, she's simply Fi. And that's enough.

S'dny spots Fi sitting outside of her door and offers the weyrwoman a salute. He doens't know her well enough to just walk up and start a conversation so he'll start there. He has been meaning to check in with her anyway, so this will be a good test to see if she's in a chatty mood, or just wants to be left alone. If the events of the week had been reversed he'd want to be by himself.

Fi looks up at the unexpected motion, then blinks, "Assistant Weyrlingmaster S'dny." One thing Fi is generally good with is the names of her riders… probably from spending so much of her life with her nose in the rosters dealing with supplies, "Don't worry, she's not quite ready to lay yet." Though the gold is notably larger about the belly than she was on the day of the flight, "You've got a few more sevendays reprieve before we start assigning you to watch the candidates." She lifts her hand, sending the little gold up to join the gathering overhead and her one-eyed bronze settles down in the gold's place with an imperious chirrup. HIS TURN!

S'dny just stands there for a moment as he's addressed. All of his interactions with this woman have been under somewhat unusual circumstances. As such he is going to be reluctant to go too far too fast. After all it could just be that is now she is all the time. Though he somehow doubts it, "I'm not worried Ma'am. We'll be ready when the time comes. I'm sure that Marzoth will enjoy the task of herding them around. He doesn't do well with not having anything concrete to do." Syd on the other hand relishes it, "Quite a few little flits there." he motions to the firelizards.

Fi glances up at the rooftop, then shrugs slightly, "One of each. I'm a perfectionist that way." She starts up the actions of smoothing the oil into the little bronze' hide as well, "As busy as I am, it's nice to have some help. Especially when we're sands-bound. I'm sure he'll take to herding candidates and weyrlings all too well.. How are you adjusting to your new position? Are you pleased with the decision?"

"Never really had much time for them myself. Now I doubt I'd bother. Marzoth takes up too much of my attention." Syd replies with a smile, not to mention that Marzoth would probably eat them as snacks if he got too angry with them, "Being sands bound is difficult. I am sorry you have to go through that." Sorry that the weyrwoman have to go through so much, "Yeah.." he says after a moment or two of reflection, "It's better than the law anyway. When there aren't werylings I'll get to travel and so it is a good choice for me at present. Not to mention someone has to teach them something. Can't have a bunch of half trained riders swarming the place." After all 'someone has to do it' is a valid reason for almost anything.

"Well, all of them but Belie," Fi nods towards the gold, "I acquired before I impressed Tza. I was head Technician here then, lots of stuff to track and messages to send. Though Loki," she nods towards the fiery brown, "He's unusually well-behaved right now." She eyes the brown. Waiting. Just waiting. But he messes with her by not messing with her and after a moment she gives her head a shake, "Now, in that we agree. Part of why I didn't contest your appointment despite Marzoth's… temperament."

"I always figured that with my old job it was easier to be harder to find. If I had a firelizard they'd probably expect messages letting them know. Though there are always flits around willing to send messages if you know where to look." Syd says with a slight chuckle, though that soon ends as she mentions Marzoth's general way of relating to others, "I don't think he'd actually hurt anyone. He isn't above using his size to scare, but he'd only hurt someone if he had no other choice. I think his main weapon of choice would be public humilation…" And with that lovely thought, "I'm sure that if he was here he'd want me to apologize to you on his behalf for his behavior during the flight. He was deeply ashamed." Not to mention and emotional wreck, "There is alot of good in him buried underneath all that bravado. He just doesn't know it yet." And there are days where Syd wonders himself.

Fi snorts softly, casting a glance towards Tzavayth's sleeping form, "They do grow up some as they age. He'll mellow." Probably. "But no, not a single truly awful dragon has come from Tzavayth's line yet. You just have to give him time."

"I imagine it isn't too much different than people…" Syd ponders, "After all we all change. Every one of us. I think he'll be much better off when he finds something that he actually enjoys doing. He's just a very large, bored, young adult. The young dragons will give him something to believe in. I hope anyway." For his sake, their sake, and the sake of the weyr at large, "Otherwise it will be a fun weyrlinghood for all for all of them." And probably amusing for the weyr at large, "He's been keen on the idea at least. Though the last young dragon he saw he called a firelizard and asked if he could speak properly. Maybe they will grow to like him…in time. I just hope they behave themselves." Having a weyrling class full of pranksters would test Marzoth's patience to the limit.

Fi snorts softly, giving her head a shake, "It's part of your job to teach them to. I'm sure you'll manage." She gives the bronze one last rub around the headknobs, then sends him aloft, Loki settling in his place almost before ol' one-eye is gone, "And he'll get more used to them, too. And you'll have G'tor to help keep things going if there's any trouble. You two have more in common than you realize."

"I can't say my relationship with G'tor is warm and fuzzy, but he's an alright guy. I'm sure that we'll manage. I've worked with worse, much much worse. He's positively personable in comparison to some old law harpers." Syd is sure of that much in regards to the werylingmaster, "The next class will be a good test run and tweak as we go. Heard there is another new AWLM too, so I'll have to get to know her too." So much to get used too. He does keep his eye on the weyrwoman, continuing to analyze her. At least her interaction style this evening is substantially different than before, "How about you this evening? Are you doing well?"

"He is an old law harper." Fi smirks, ignoring Loki's demanding croon for her to increase the speed of her ministrations, "Now that he's got no weyrlings to manage, you may even get to hear him sing." She inclines a nod, rubbing the little brown's head until his eyes lid in pleasure, "Anique from Fort Weyr. We're glad to have her, really. It's good to mix in some new teaching styles." She goes quiet a few moments, then glances up with a surprise, "Hrmm? Me? Well as ever. Trying to get prepared for the inevitable incarceration on the sands while that one broods. You?"

"Will wonders never cease." Syd replies, a surprised look crossing his face, "I'd not have guessed if you hadn't mentioned it." Nope. Never would have guessed it at all, "I'm sure we'll all get along swimingly. If not we'll just have to manage for the sake of the students. I can work with almost anyone. Don't have alot of demands. Just want to make sure they are taking things seriously and doing the best they can. Beyond that don't care…" He nods slowly, "Yeah. Innes hated the sands too. Wish there was more I could do for her, but…" he was stuck here. Might as well be a bit bold, "I'm not sure if this is "protocol".." he says giving the word the finger quotes, "If it's none of my business just tell me to shut up and I'll shut up. But I wanted you to know that I'm sorry I wasn't able to do more for you during the flight. I know everyone says its stupid to apologize for something that you can't control…but honestly I think thats just stupid. I apologize for all sorts of things I didn't have control over.
It's just the right thing to do. I saw that you were scared and I didn't much like it. If I could have done more I would have, and I've been meaning to make sure you were ok."

Fi opens her mouth, then closes it again, giving Loki a little flick towards the roof so that the blue can flutter down, "I'm… not quite sure what you think you could have done for me. I've been through several and it was your first. I'm just glad you didn't lose it and run screaming into the night. That happens sometimes, you know."

"Probably nothing." Syd admits. After he looked for loopholes in all the manuals and didn't really find them, "But not being able to do anything has never really stopped me from wanting to try." Even if some sitautions are just impossible, "There was no running screaming. I was very happy. Didn't want to win. Just feels wrong to me. I went to the tavern, got pleasantly sloshed and went home. But you are ok?" he asks, really wanting to make sure.

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