When Leadership Changes

Fi and Tzavayth's Weyr

Fi's Weyr is… a bit chaotic, really. Electronics are strewn everywhere. That one computer in the corner probably actually works and the floor is at least passable, but this is Fi's sanctum, where she goes to be with what she loves: technology. Of course, right now there's clothing strewn about and the blankets have been kicked off the bed to the floor. Her mouth hangs slightly slack, a little drop of drool pooling where the corner of her mouth rests against the sheet, but at least she's not snoring?

T'revs is still asleep, settled there upon the bed with a arm curled under his head while he still dreams, good happy dreams, innocent little things you know. It hasn't even dawned on his mind what all has happened as a certain Bronze dragon is content to just keep close to a certain Gold at the moment. While Fi doesn't snore, the angle he has a the moment he is indeed snoring away.

Tzavayth isn't normally much of a cuddler, but right after a flight she's willing to stoop to that level, one pale wing draped loosely over Draukaith's as she snoozes contentedly. Fi snkkks in a breath, turning in her sleep until her arm slaps against T'revs, mumbling quietly in her sleep, "'Mmmf, Rok. Didn' think youzzzzzzzz."

T'revs grunts a touch at that slap and there is a bit of movement on his part while he shifts to press closer to Fi, his arm moving to settle around her a moment even. It takes him a few moments before the name that was said is caught and rolled over in his brian he hums softly. "Rok what..?" Is questioned while hie eyes half open to peek out, something seems… strange.. Draukaith will stay put nice and close to Tzavayth, soft croons and little warbles escaping him at times, someone is happy it seems.

Fi's reaction is automatic, still lost in sleep, leaning up to kiss the unfamiliar mouth. That's when she wakes up, shoving hard at the poor bronzerider's chest, "What in the name of scorched shells are you doing here?" RAWR. "Where's S'rok?"

T'revs has no problem leaning back into the kiss, well hey kiss.. he won't stop it.. Though then there is a shove and he hears more of that voice and he is getting rather pale. "Weyrwoman..?" Is questioned while hs scrambles backwards a bit, there is a moment as he is 'escaping' that he finds the edge of that bed and is falling out of it with a half sound of surprize escaping him in the process.

Fi mirrors T'rev's ending up off the other side of the bed and peering over it at him, "No… nononononononononono…" She sucks in a quick breath, looking around. This must be another of S'rok's tricks, right? But Tza's mind touches hers and she frowns, stating flatly, "You're not S'rok."

T'revs just peeks back up at Fi, he is in a rather interesting position here and is grabbing for a pillow to cover his.. bits.. "I'm sorry..?" This sent back to her and he looks a bit sheepishly at the moment. He swallows a bit. "I.. Well… I wasn't planning on this either.. Weyrwoman…" Stammerstammer..

Fi just stays behind the bed, safe in her modesty. For now. "It's not your fault he wasn't here." Fume. "I suppose that makes you the Weyrleader now, then…" She clears her throat, "Ah… Trev, right?" Way to go, Weyrwoman. Way to go.

T'revs just blinks, an then again while he is peering at her upon that bed, pillow keeping him modest still at least. "What…?" Is soon questioned, he looks a bit pale even at the thought and his heart is thumping in his chest to the point that even Fi might be able to hear it. "T'revs…" Though it is said in a bit of a whisper as he is feeling a bit lightheaded at the moment.

"Right. T'revs. Draukaith is… a finely grown beast. I…" Fi gestures around her humble abode, "I'm the senior weyrwoman, remember? Draukaith caught Tzavayth, that makes you the Weyrleader now."

T'revs is quiet, all so quiet at the momet honestly. He is slowly but surly sitting up and turns to press his shoulders upon the bed. He does hear her, a hand moving to rub at his eyes a few times. "Yeah.." Is offered softly at the thought and his arms soon rest upon his knees. "I remember now." His not to sure about this, how is he going to do it? He just was made Wingleader and now..this?

Fi reaches… reaches… snags a shirt and tugs it on, "You know it's not optional, right?" She sucks in a breath and lets it out again, "But I'm sure S'rok will still be willing to help. And you can appoint a Weyrsecond…"

T'revs peeks up slightly at that and a faint breath is heard. "Yes I know it is not optional." This said while he shakes his head and peeks around for this clothing happens to be. His pants and the like found and he is pulling them on and thus missing the pillow covering as he stands up, brushing his pants off a bit. "I just didn't think I would be on this end of things.."

"No one ever does." Fi finds a pair of boxers and tugs them on before moving over to her computer and turning it on with a few quick taps of the keys, "We'll need to go over the wing allotments. Weyrleader is responsible for the disposition of the wings and their leadership, appointment of the weyrsecond and weyrlingmasters, and since I'm so good with people, S'rok's handled much of the PR in the last few turns."

T'revs is quietly cussing Draukaith out, and the bronze is only amused thinking, no knowing this will be good for the once techie to deal with. "PR..?" Is questioned while he looks over, well there is a computer involved so it can't be all that bad right? He slowly moves on over to peer at the computer in question, arms folding in front of him and he is still shirtless.

"Put a shirt on, please?" Fi taps a few more keys and the printer starts spooling out paper, "Relations with the other Weyrs and the Holds and Crafts. That's why he was so often away. I expect you'll be eager to continue helping out at Half Moon Bay?" She turns in her chair to look up at him, "I handle most of the requisitions and trade."

T'revs pauses at the shirt bit and glances to himself before looking for his shirt, which is found and pulled on, along with the rest of his clothing found. "I would like too.. If possible seeing how I've done a good amount of work helping them since everything happened." Though now things have changed and he glances towards her. "Though I suppose the next Wingleader could take that on if needs be seeing how there are things here I need to also brush up and deal with now."

"It's important that we continue that assistance effort. Whether you do so as Weyrleader or wingleader is irrelevant." Fi turns to the printer, carefully stacking the sheets together, "Also, Fort has been liberating some of the sands near Paradise River Hold to help with their… hatching grounds issue." She turns and hands him the papers in three stacks, intoning with each, "Current Wing dispositions. Transfer requests. And. Craft appointments."

T'revs nods at that, seeing the importance of it even though his slightly dazed look that is still lingering. "I heard about the fire.. I hope everything goes alright with them. Do they need help with the sand? I imagen they have plenty of riders coming to help with such things." His gaze lingers on those stacks of papers and is taking hold of them. "Some light reading.."

"They haven't asked for any, but them might. I'm sure Zephyr can help if they do." Fi's gaze flicks to the papers and she smirks, "They're not as bad as they seem, but you should go over especially the wing rosters. We have some gaps to fill."

T'revs nods to the talk of Fort and the possible help they could need with the sand. "I'll.. Send them word to see if they wish for aid on it and get some from the Zephyr wing to lend a hand." A glance is sent back to her. "I'm not to worried on the reading of it bit. I will make sure to look over the positions that we are missing and search for one to fill it."

Fi looks over the lad, her face creasing into a slight frown, "And consider a weyrsecond. It's a lot of work, even S'rok had an assistant. If not him, I might recommend S'u, Aliona's Weyrmate. Impressed at Ista, fine rider."

T'revs isn't above asking for help, and the thought of someone else to off aid is ok with him at the moment. "S'u?" This is questioned a moment before he nods. "I'll speak to both of them." He doesn't know either of them well at all, but that will need to change now. No more keeping to himself and dealing with wing related work.

"And you might as well prepare now." Fi glances him over, "The sands are hot and Tzavayth tends to brood."

T'revs glances over himself and then glances back to her. "I suppose I should get going then.. Bunch of things to get caught up on and ones to speak with." There is a slight nod seen before he is turning to go, making sure he doesn't leave anything in his wake. "Have a good day.. Weyrwoman."

Fi inclines a nod, tapping a few more keys on the keyboard, "You as well, and…" She finally properly looks at him, "I'm sorry, but don't be afraid of me."

T'revs pauses as he hears that and glances back to her a moment. "I'm not afraid of you.. More worried on failing at this point in time in all honesty." No he is not afraid nor scared of Fi, just the weight of the Weyr it feels like has been set upon his shoulders, everyone is going to be watching and he has to figure out a way to not like them all down, and not go crazy at the same time.

"Don't be." There's a moment where Fi actually looks sympathetic to his fate, "You'll be fine and you're not alone."

T'revs takes in a soft breath and nods, a faint smile seen. "True.. Which I am very thankful for ma'am." He offers with a polite tone before he is moving off, papers in hand, clothing too and his mind is ever wandering over everything that has happened in a rather short period of time.

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