Proddy Beaches

Monaco Bay Weyr - Cove Beach

The darkling black of the sand merges with the crystal blue of the water, creating a brilliant and playful blend of color that fluctuates by sunlight and moonlight. The cove spreads from the mouth of the river towards the ocean, mixing saltwater with fresh for an invigorating rush that is teeming with life.

The cooler air of night has settled over Monaco Bay Weyr, broken by a large pool of light from a bonfire on the beach. A few kegs of spirits are set out and a full herdbeast is roasting over the fire and filling the the air with the temptation of tasty food to come. At the edge of the firelight, there's the glowy glint off Tzavayth's pale hide, the darker form of Fi leaning against, simply watching the crowds for now.

Graduation down, one more celebration to go! T'ayne is findable where the food and drink are, the newly-minted greenrider quietly chattering with a few of his former weyrling/clutchmates and the occasional person from various Wings as they size him up, and the hunter them. As her lifemate eats, drinks, and is generally merry, Kelmaimenth remains in the background with the other dragons, the mostly-full grown green sharing this time companionably with them…even Marzoth.

S'dny would not miss food or a party, life should be one long party! There is simply a shameful amount of hours devoted to partying in comparison to the amount of hours spent working. The new AWLM and his lifemate make their way down the path toward the beach. Both pause for a moment to take in the bonfire. From their their attention diverges onto two separate things. Syd's attention shifts toward those kegs of spirits and Marzoth's attention shifts toward Tzavayth. He generally stares but there is something different in the way he stares this time, "Hey T'ayne. We finally did it. We are free…"

T'revs has spent most of the past hours doing all he can to get supplies to Half Moon, along with helping keep the wing moving. Such a time to be a Wingleader. He made it a point that everyone in his wing would have time off to keep any accident to a bare minimum, and right now he is getting a few hours of rest in before he has to head back over with more supplies. He is moving along with just a simple shirt and cutoff shorts on; well his riding gear is covered in soot so he needed a change. Darukaith is making his way out of the waves themselves, the large bronze pausing in his spot of the shallow and gives a great shake which sends water flying in all manner of ways. With that done he is off heading towards where the rest of the dragons are, and pointedly towards Tazvayth. Once at a close and respectable distance to her he offers a bow of his head and is taking over a spot at a distance and a soft rumble escapes him.

Briari heads down to the sands with a bright, and joyous smile on her face as she lifts a hand up to wave towards the newly graduated. She is wearing a playful blue sarong about her hips and a matching bikini top to enjoy the beach. Her sandals work through the dark sands of the beach beneath her, creating small scuffing rivets. "Hey boys." She drawls out to S'dny and T'ayne, giving them each a big grin before she gives a nod of her head to T'revs. "I hear we're about to have a pretty cool party. Benden wine?" She asks, holding up a bottle in her hand as she gives it a wiggle side to side.

Each of the male dragons that arrives gets a coquettish croon from Tzavayth. The Weyrbred are likely aware that she's getting close to rising. Of course, she flirts with everything all the time, so maybe not.

T'ayne is rather jovial, the former-weyrling grinning at Syd, clanking his mug to the new AWLM's and toasting him a light baritone, "Here's to a whole new life…and to working our asses off, soon enough." Hazel eyes move from S'dny to T'revs for a moment, then over to Tazvayth and Fi before returning to more present company. Quietly to the new weyrlingmaster, "How's Marzoth handling it?" A proddy gold. With Briari's greeting comes a lift of his free hand to the Harper, and a quick blurt of, "Shells, yes!" He may not be a connoisseur, but the greenrider can certainly appreciate a fine Benden vintage. Meanwhile, Kelmaimenth shifts her concentration to the senior queen, her crytal-clear, cold lake waters rather forwardly - if mellowly - inquiring of Tzavayth, « What does is feel like? » To be proddy.

Marzoth might have had the lecture but intellectual knowledge is one thing and practical experience is something entirely different. He hadn't put two and two together until precisely that moment. He creeps silently toward the gold not taking his eyes off of her. At her croon he grimaces as if he is actively trying to surpress all emotion. Emotion is bad, and yet he can't turn away. The trees of his dark forest are blowing in gale force winds that threaten to rip the trees out of the ground, «*!#@» is the very cool and suave response he makes. Syd is still blissfully unaware of what is going one, "Yes…loads and loads of work." he grins widely to his fellow weyrling, "Hey Briari and T'revs." he greets. Though when T'ayne adds his second question the smile fades from his face and the harper is rendered speechless, "Uhhhhh…" is all he manages to put together. He grabs a drink quickly and begins to chug it as fast as he can.

Draukaith is content to stay where he is and watch the dear gold from his spot. Oh yes he has picked up on the color of Tazvayth's hide, what dragon wouldn't? His attention is sent towards the other dragons, will there be conversation between them as well now? T'revs leaves his dragon alone, letting him relax as his deserved he as well. "Evening Weyrwoman." This is sent to Fi though once he passes her, right now he wants at least one drink thank you! A smile is sent to the others and he nods to them. "T'ayne, S'dny, Briari." There is pause at the comment in wine which he is really considering for a moment. Who /wouldn't/ like Benden wine? That is the real question now.

Giving T'ayne a boisterous grin, Briari slides her finger along the top of the cork and pops it free. Once she reaches him, she gives him a wink and holds the bottle out for him. "I also think you owe me a dance, mister. Seeing how you're in better spirits today. I know you got some moves in your hips." She seems electric tonight, full of happy energy. "How are you guys doing?" She calls over to the other two male riders. She notices the shimmering hide of the Queen as well, but, lucky her, she has nothing to worry about.

Tzavayth flicks her slim tail at Marzoth, echoing the croon, then moves to the other side of the fire at a slow slink. Her mind reaches out to Kelmaimenth, all smooth silks « You'll know when the time comes, young one. »

Along the pathway towards the beach S'ic walks slowly along with the huge from of Xtzaltuth lumbering along next to him. The large bronze warbles softly to his rider as the pair approaches the beach. As the bronze spots Tzavayth he warbles pleasently to her. S'ic for his part just chuckles and continues on his path towards those on the beach, his instrument case slung over his shoulder.

"I'll take that as a not-so-good…" T'ayne murmurs quietly to Syd's 'answer,' the hunter flicking his gaze over to where Marzoth prowls about, his eyes then darting to Tzavayth, again to his own Kelmaimenth as the silvery green quirk her head at her bronze brother's outburst. With T'revs' greeting comes an almost-salute, the response built into the former-weyrling…but -this- time, T'ayne halts his twitching hand from completing the motion, instead noting to the other bronzer, "G'devening, T'revs. And congratulations." Smile. Briari's response earns her a faint coloring of cheeks, but T'ayne is still holding out his quickly-drained mug to her for some of the Benden vintage. "A dance it is, a little later…" the young man agrees, his eyes then cast to the arriving S'ic and Xtzaltuth, who get an amicable wave. As for Kelmaimenth, well, the green has to content herself with the gold's indirect answer, her predator's gaze moving amongst the male dragons gathered to check their various responses to the senior queen.

If there is such as thing as the opposite of smooth Marzoth would certainly be its poster child. He creeps after the gold completely enthralled and almost hating himself for it, but he can't hold back the tide anymore than a dragon could stop the tide in the sea at a whim. He the waves of darkness flow off of him in an ever increasing speed, « I will catch you. I will catch you. » Yes. Mr. Suave has arrived at the party. S'dny just stares slackjawed at his dragon before he raises a palm to his face and runs it from his forhead all the way down to his mouth before letting it drop to his side once more, "It looks like I get to be doomed before you T'ayne. Yay." he says with zero enthusiasm. He waves to S'ic as he arrives and looks back to T'revs, Briari and T'ayne with a shrug, "So…fun evening?"

"I don't know, S'dny. He just promised me a dance. He may be very doomed." Briari says with a grin as she loops one arm around T'ayne's neck, while her other hand pours the wine into his mug. She leans in, giving him a kiss to the cheek. Mwah! "Get a few cups in you, and we'll get the music going." She says before she is off prancing to S'dny through the sand, holding the bottle out to him. "Congrats! I'm pretty excited for you guys." Humming in her throat, she pours him a mug as well, giggling. "Drink up! You too, T'revs." Bottle ahoy!

Draukaith tilts his head a curious look is sent towards the others in the area, and mostly a pointed look is sent to Marzoth. « Relax.. » Is all that is sent with a deep rumble escaping the older bronze. He will keep the others in line if needs be mind you, just watch him! T'revs smiles to the congrads from T'ayne and nods to him. "To you as well, big step ups for all of us really huh?" He looks over to Briari and nods to her at the talk of the wine. "No worries there." Wine is good after all. "Well the idea is for everyone to relax a little before heading back out to offer more aid. No good for anyone if we can't help them from being worn out." Speaking of which a yawn escapes him.

Tzavayth snorts at Marzoth and deliberately moves over to Xtzaltuth and rubs herself up against him with a smooth, soft croon. Hey, big boy.

S'ic smiles and says softly, "Hey there all… Quiet the party you all have going on here." he grins and nods to each. As Tzavayth moves up to him Xtzaltuth he croons softly respectfully, «Hello there.» Dipping his head to her lightly.

Damn it! Syd brought up that near-taboo subject to T'ayne, and now the greenrider is quickly turning his attention away from all this too-intense subject of proddy dragons…and finding himself quite suddenly smooched on the cheek by Briari. Instantly, a deep flush turns lightly-tanned, fair skin into red skin, the man unable to respond in any fashion except taking a deep, sustaning draught of his Benden wine. Oh thank -Faranth- for that wine, right now! And then he's getting his own congratulations from T'revs, the younger man's chin ducking a little, though he does manage a weak smile to the bronzerider. "Thanks. We didn't… -I- didn't see it coming." Sip. Briari is given a quick snug back around her waist before the greenrider can't help but oggle Tzavayth's continued flirtations with Xtzaltuth. No-no… don't look at -that-! Trying to extract his mind from that unpleasant mire of 'dragon sex,' T'ayne mutters to nobody in particular, "Hope Fort's clutches are gonna' be okay." Kelmaimenth remains partially aloof from all the activity of her fellows, the green nestled down into a sandy wallow, her blue eyes whirling moderately as she silently observes all the boys.

Syd would normally be very sympathetic to T'ayne's worries and concerns. He even shares some of them, but right now the gun is pointed right at his head and he can't just not comment on it. Marzoth being Marzoth could care less who the female flirts with, « Flirt all you want. It is I who will catch you when you rise. » the bronze finds himself saying. Drau's comment about relaxing goes completely ignored. The dark dragno shifts his body weight from side to side just gawking at the gold like a lion would watch its prey. Syd just takes a deep breath and refills his glass, so good that the kegs are here. It's gonna be a very long night. He can't even bring himself to smile as Briari and T'ayne embrace. He just drinks.

Tzavayth rubs her head against Xtzaltuth with another soft croon, lashing her tail against his side as she moves away, sliking towards Draukith instead.

As T'ayne snags her about the waist, Briari can't help but croon herself as she leans backwards against him, enjoying the attention as she raises the bottle up to take a sip, then refills his mug. Resting her head back against his shoulder, she sways side to side slowly as she continues to hum a playful Harper's tune backwards to him. Shifting her blue eyes up at him, she gives him an assuring smile. "My brother sent me word last night that the Galleries are absolutely destroyed and that the eggs are in the infirmary right now, so far, so good. Everyone is pretty nervous though as it seems it was foul play."

L'ei is fashionably late as usual, but this time with a better excuse than merely being stuck with weyrling or wing duties (because she totally doesn't stay until every last bit of work is done *sarcasm*)- Zalnitakyth needed a 'him day' and that is exactly what he got. Looking particularly sparkly, the blue has been scrubbed down, oiled up, well fed and on a long flight to his favorite destinations leaving him feeling pretty satisfied with his dragon spa day. L'ei has cleaned up pretty nice herself, wearing a white dress with dark purple and green floral like designs on it. Spaghetti straps and fitted top lead to empire waist and A-line skirt with a purple ribbon hemmed around the lower seam- sandals were removed the moment they reached the sand and the two saunter towards the group side by side having heard a little R & R beach party time is going on. Looks like some interesting interactions are unfolding and she's definitely a few mugs behind so a large glass of Benden is poured at the drink table before heading for the group "Hi guys!" says L'ei with a smile, Zal trumpeting to his clutch sibs, the elders and especially the ladies upon his arrival.

Draukaith has no problem when it comes to having fun, nor flirting if he gets his chance, what he doesn't like is how Marzoth is starting at the gold. A deeper rumble escapes him, his tail lashing slowly and his wings unfurl slightly for a few moments. His gaze turns to Tazvayth as she is moving towards him and his head lowers offering a deep croon. If she should get close enough he will even attempt to gives her a nuzzling under her neck. His stormy sea is there, the waves rolling with lighting flashing in the distance of his mind. « Why hello beautiful.. » T'revs sends a look towards Drau and he is just eyeing the bronze, great.. He sees how this night is going to go now. Though hearing Briari he glances over with a slight shake of his head seen. "That's too bad, I hope everything turns out alright for them all." L'ei's voice gets his attention and he glances towards her, a warm smile seen. "Hello L'ei." He even offers her a hand once she is close enough.

S'ic shakes hsi head and moves to take a seat near to the other, his instrument slipsed from his back and the case slwoly beging to pop open. As L'ei arrives he gives her a slight wave before returning ot his work. Xtzaltuth humms contently as he curls into the sand even with the gold steping away to pay attention to another, «It is not for you to choose Marzoth, but her. If she decided on you you will catch, if not….»

Yes, yes! Talk of Fort's woes is so much more 'relaxing' than thinking of rising dragons! T'ayne takes another sip of wine - though not as deeply as S'dny does - and replies to Briari, "Well, that's good to hear… and bad." His brow furrows slightly, presaging a thoughtful, "Who'd want to harm dragons…especially eggs?" His musings are interrupted by L'ei and Zal's arrival, his clutchmate glanced up at, then given a warm little smile and a pleased "L'ei!" while the lounging Kelmaimenth warbles a low greeting to her blue brother-in-blood. How interesting are these males, who look to the glowy glod in their midst, eh?

« The strongest and best will catch me. » There's an almost Coquettish giggle in Tzavayth's mindvoice as she looks between Draukaith and Marzoth. Fight fight fight? Oh, wait, she's supposed to be a good influence.

Marzoth could't care less what the other males have to say, or even what they think of him. He is the picture of confidence in his own ability. His normally smooth an calm voice is sliding into something more akin to a raspy bark, « Those who are uncertain of their abilities say such things to comfort themselves when they lose. » he barks at Xtzaltuth. His attention though never wavers from staring at the gold. Yes. Let her have her moment. Let her raise the hopes of these others. Victory will be all the sweeter for it. He pointedly ignores Drau's existance. S'dny can only continue drinking and only half listens as Bri and T'ayne talk about the woes of Fort, "Crazy people…there are always crazy people willing to do things to get attention." As L'ei arrives he snaps out of his reverie long enough to offer her a greeting and a waves, "Hello L'ei." he says but then goes right back to his glass.

"They have had a few run ins with Renegades over the last couple of weeks, setting fires here and there. They supposedly took out quite a few of them, but I guess one or two snuck by and is looking to tick everyone off, and they seem to be quite successful." Briari says as she leans her head against T'ayne's shoulder. She refills his mug again as he empties it, humming to herself as she curls her other arm about him. "Mm, I love this stuff." She drawls out as she takes another quick sip of the Benden. "Nothing beats a bon fire on the beaches of Monaco."

L'ei will not hesitate for even a moment at the offered hand from the bronzer- let's just say she's probably making up for all the fortnights of no contact during Weyrlinghood (a worthy sacrifice when Zalnitakyth is considered). "Hi love!" the bluerider says with a smile, pulling in close and planting a smooch on his cheek. "How's your day?" A sagenod and wave is sent S'ic's way with a smile, and while she was about to head his direction to say hello, she decides he looks a little busy and decides to save hellos for after his set. "T'ayne!" attention is grabbed by the nearby greenrider "T'ayne! You two are looking strapping and lovely as ever- Zal definitely agreeing that Kel is particularly smashing these days." He forced her to say that! The pint size blue also has no apprehensions it seems, and has quickly begun blossoming in to the Casanova he's destined to become, tail swinging with a wing flutter and head held high for a small guy-no words needed. Who wantsta play? Eenie-meanie-miny-Kel! *CROONWARBLESWOON* Ok so yeah- he knows Tza is around and quite magnetic, but ya can't blame a blue for hedging side bets can ya? "S'dny, top of the eve to ya!" She raises her glass to the gent with a smile

Zi'on has heard about fire 'n' stuff down at Monaco Bay's beach! So down there he goes. He could use a bit of a break, since he's been assisting Half Moon with clean up on top of is usual weyrleadery duties at Ista. Suldith backwings down into a clear spot, and Zi'on is let down. The small bronze then pads over to see what's going on with the dragons, while Zi'on heads over to check out who all is here and what sort of goodies are available.

Tzavayth croons one last croon at Draukaith, then sidles over to the new arrival. Hey, good lookin', you been in these part before? Suldith gets a croon as the pale gold runs against him.

« The strongest will prove his worth when you take to the skies. Not now with simple words that cannot hold water or worth. » Draukaith rumbles out with a slight edge to his tone as he sends a pointed look towards Marzoth. He doesn't seem to think to highly of that bronze at the moment. His attention turns back to Tzavayth and he croons out deeply to her while leaning that bit closer and bumps his shoulder to hers if she should still be near him. T'revs would really like some wine now thanks, seeing how his dragon is being all dragony like he should be of course. He pulls L'ei close and gives her a kiss back while smiling to her. "Been alright.. Busy with supply runs and the like." He offers with a slight shake of his head. "Going to need you and Zal to come out later on when I take more supplies over." Wingleader and all here! As for L'ei drink, he'll try to steal a sip.

S'ic leans back agaisnt a log and pulls his sax slowly out and says, "I think we need some music for this party don't you all?" his eyes sliping from person to person as he begins to play.

Though Kelmaimenth is clueless (yet) of the exact whys of this male posturing taking place around her, the green does understand the intensity of feelings Tza's proddiness evokes in the male dragons - especially her bronze brother - and Marzoth's loud statement meets with a deep rumble, a swift focus of her gaze. Beyond them, T'ayne spares a quietly understanding look for drink-guzzling Syd - a companionable hand settled upon the bronzerider-cum-Harper's near shoulder, if allowed - said shoulder then squeezed some. An ear listens for Briari's words, the greenrider fisnding himself saying to her, "One would think that even renegades would have to come around after a hundred Turns…" Fools. A small nod is offered to her words of the party, T'ayne settling an arm lightly over the Harper's shoulders, allowing her to take up his waist, in the meantime. L'ei's taking up with her weyrmate is reason for T'ayne to smile quietly, though Zal's greeting for Kel makes him wince a little. At this point, Kelmaimenth could care less about male posturings over hormones, but she can't help but rumble again at the blue, easy good humor in her wordless thoughts directed at him. Zi'on's arrival with his own bronze make the young man squirms just a little…and note softly to those nearby, "It's like they can smell Tzavayth across the ocean…" Flush!

Suldith is interested in this! He warbles at the pale gold and pads over toward her. He'll even give her a neck-rub, if she's so inclined. Zi'on blinks. "Oh no. No no no no nonono. I am -not- moving weyrs again. You leave her alone!" Not that Suldith is paying attention one bit. Zi'on just sighs, and finds himself a drink. Was there anything stronger than wine? If not he'll make do with that and find himself a seat by the fire. Zi'on laughs a bit at T'ayne's comment. "Suldith… might be able to…" Which is extremely frightening to Zi'on.

Oooh, look, a Zalnitakyth! Tzavath strokes her tail against Suldith, then starts for the blue. She is an equal-opportunity flirt. It's at this point though that Fi finally speaks from the darkness, "Oh, give it a rest, Tza. They came here to party, not be party to your antics. And T'ayne and S'dny, just get a room already." What happened to the harsh but prudish Weyrwoman?

As she curls herself into T'ayne, Briari looks positively delighted as she gives a gentle sway against him, looking to urge him to move along with her as the music is starting to play. The flirty dragons don't appear to bother her much, being that she is the only non-rider at the party. She continues to sip at the wine in the bottle, she gives her lips a slight lick, then places it down into the sand. Her other arm wraps about the green rider as she turns to face him, giving him a bemused grin. "Crazy people just can't be fixed." As she peeks past his shoulder to the dragons rubbing against each other and crooning to one another, she softly laughs. "If it gets too much, we can just take a walk along the beach."

L'ei chuckles as she catches bits and pieces of whatever Zalnitakyth picks up in conversation. He's not the biggest talker when it comes to others besides his lifemate, but he sure is a good listener. This is turning out to be quite the party, and it is in this moment that L'ei will be oh so reluctantly grateful that her gregarious blue won't let her just stand on the sidelines and slip away. Seem the pair are birds of feather- L'ei not having many words, but sharing a head shake and chuckle with T'ayne as she catches that wince and says to him "Boys will be boys eh? You and Kel gotten to do much traveling since graduation?" Enthralled by her rumble, he's totally oblivious to any humoring from the green eyes aswirl he chitters back in the biggest and most studly way possible while lowering his head and extending night capped snout her direction. While he's not one to doubt himself- and maybe he's just playing coy- it isn't until the gold sets her sights on him that he succumbs to her magnetic draw. « M'lady » It is simple enough and a cloak of starry night spirals through his mindvoice as it reaches out to Tzavayth with shooting star intentions. The bluerider sends a salute to Zi'on as he approaches.

S'dny offers L'ei a little salute at her greeting. The normally verbally effusive harper is not in the mood to say much this evening for reasons that are readily apparent to anyone with eyes in their head. He also salutes the weyrleader as he makes his apperance, been ages since he saw him. The support he is getting via the hand on his shoulder from T'ayne is appreciated and he offers him a slight smile, "Thanks…I appreciate it." It seems that T'ayne is returning the favor of the drinking binge that had been Syd's idea the other evening, "Let's hope that there is a big crowd…" he says to him quietly. The more dragons that show the less chance Marzoth will actually win. When the weyrwoman's voice rings out he just blinks. Oh yeah. That makes things better, "We're straight ma'am." the harper says bluntly. Marzoth finally takes his gaze from the gold and turns it to Drau, « Yes you are right. The strongest and smartest will win. Which means that it will be me. And you will lose. » A couple of trees in that dark forrest crack under the pressure of the breeze and the waves of darkness increase once more in frequency and intensity.

Zi'on doesn't know Monaco's riders very well. Or even who they are really. He does know Fi though. Well, in a relative sort of sense, so that's who he sits next to. "Yeah, T'ayne and S'dny, get a room!" He leans over toward the weyrwoman then and whispers. "Which ones are they? Those two?" He points at Briari and T'ayne. What? he doesn't know the difference. It was hard enough keeping track of Ista's riders, and now some of Half Moon's. He gives a smile and a nod to L'ei. Then he looks confused as the actual S'dny is telling Fi that he's straight. Suldith, for his part, is just lounging and looking cute.

"Dragon flies, the rider complies, remember?" Fi takes another sip of whatever she's drinking, still sitting in the shadows. Maybe she's worried about her own upcoming activities. Tzavayth drapes a wing over Zalnitakyth and croons again. Pretty blue.

« We shall see hatching. » Draukaith said with a thin rumble of a tone, his storms have picked up in his mind, lighting flashes and waves crash upon one another as he is basically staring Marzoth down now. Trevs is caught in midsip and is left coughing, choking? Possible at the actions from his bronze. "Shards and shells.. I'm going to need more wine before this night is over if this keeps up." He grumbles a bit to himself. There is alks of people getting rooms? Which has him peering at T'ayne and S'dny and an amused look is all that is seen. There is a new bronze here, and thus a new riders which as T'revs looking to Zi'on, a nod soon seen. "Greetings, welcome to Monaco Bay." Hey his polite and all.

With Briari's tucking into him -plus- Fi's sudden and unexpected words, poor T'ayne's blushing scarlet by this time, the usually easy-going man trying to curl into himself in some fashion to disguise his embarrassment - especially at being overheard by Zi'on - while he wonders at how to respond to Briari's tacit offer of potential companionship. Ahem. L'ei gets a quick bob of head to both her inquiries, the slightly uncertain greenie finally venturing, "Some. She wants more, always, though." Sip. Another small squeeze of his off hand at Syd's shoulder silently answers the bronzer's thanks, T'ayne's mitt then falling away to his side again, taking up the mug that was once in the hand across Briari's shoulders. Zi'on's well-meant blurt makes the hunter scowl darkly at him, but he holds his piece…for now, offering his mug to the woman under his arm for more Benden wine. Yes; they're both straight, damnit! Meanwhile, Kelmaimenth is huffing softest laughter - good natured, certainly - at Zal's puffing up for the unconcerned green…until he gains the glowy gold's full attention. When the blue is drawn under Tzavayth's wing, his silent sister offers a deep, darkly humored siiigh that puffs up sand grains all about her face. To Marzoth, however, her chill mindvoice insinuates something private.

S'ic smirks as he watches everyone and plays his sax in a slow soulfull tune. The bronze riding harper doesn't seem concerned overly about all this bickering, on the outside at least. His bronze on the otherhand watches the beauty near by closely, though he gives her, her space

"Well, that is definitely good to know." Briari quips as she picks up the bottle of wine again, refilling T'ayne's mug to the brim before she takes another long pull off the neck, swallowing twice. "Mm, I could swim in this, it's so delicious, and I don't even like to drink all that much." She peeks up at him again for a moment, tracing a finger along his chest as she gives a warm smile. "Don't let the teasing get to you. It's just silly banter. I think they know that you're straight. If not, convince them."

Fi snorts darkly and throws back more drink, "That's what they all say, but I've never seen a totally straight male impress a green." Now she's just being cruel, really. "Have you taken any of my advice, yet?"

Zalnitakyth takes quite well to the wing enveloping by Tzavayth- and being that he's no oafish bronze he fits quite well in that nook. As if attempting to show that his size is no indicator of his prowess and abilities a deep rumble bellows out as warning to the others who attempt to approach with their argues over the gold's attention. Neck extends for some nuzzling- pretty blue, extra tiny, makes up for it with a lot to offer. Now what's he gotta do to coax Kel over here too? Greens and golds can cuddle, right? L'ei feels weird and tingly inside-attempting to drown the sensation with a big glug of wine. Must drink more wine. Chuckles resound as Zi'on calls out to her clutchbro's commenting quietly "I don't think they swing that way." A cough and she's addressing T'ayne with "Zal found an amazing spot on the Emerald Isles. Maybe we can show it to you guys some day. You guys should come." The invite is extended to just about anyone who's listening and at song break she will clap loudly for S'ic and comment his direction "Absolutely beautiful." A smile is sent towards Briari too-half hoping her glass is next to be refilled.

Zi'on still looks confused! More and more confused! Though clearing Fi wasn't talking about Briari and T'ayne. There were a lot of bronzes here, but with a glowy sort of gold, that wasn't a surprise. Though Zi'on… would have trouble believing that any greenrider was -totally- straight. Zi'on nods to Fi. "I have to agree with you there." There's a nod to T'revs from the Istan Weyrleader. "Hello. Ista's duties." Zi'on grins to L'ei. "The Emerald Isles are nice. There's a resort out there that's nice to visit."

Marzoth hears his sister's voice in the back of his mind and it is such good advice. He would follow it if he were in complete control of his actions but he is not. Far from it in fact. As he glares as Drau there is something primal in the way he moves, looks and speaks. He takes a couple of slow paces toward him and begins to laugh. Which is translated into something of a rapsy croon. It does not sound pretty at all. « Hatchling? Yes. I'm younger, stronger, faster, and smarter than you. Look around you and what do you see? You see the darkness. The night belongs to me. I am the night. Challenge me now at your peril. I see better now than you see in your precious sunlight. Let's decide right now who is strongest…» All light in the forest is extiguished, the rush of wind may be heard, but there is only blackness and the bronzes eyes glow a blood red. S'dny quickly moves away from the gathered group of people, the present frustration with Fi ignored, "Marzoth! Look at me!" he commands as strongly as he can.The dark bronze snaps his head toward his rider as if to say 'What!' "Settle it at the flight. Please." The bronze responds by fluttering his wings and lashing his tail in irritation, « Fine. » he rasps out and takes a step or two away from Drau, « I will show you what I am capable of. »

Holy crap… there's so many hormones flying about with Tzavayth's proddiness, as well as the liquor and general party atmosphere, that T'ayne's rather overwhelmed. His slightly haunted, dilated hazel eyes gaze all about, leaping from person to person - dragon to dragon - with the air of the damned…the damned who might just be falling into the pit and starting to like it. And rather suddenly, Kelmaimenth gets to her feet, and rumbles loudly - almost commandingly - directly at her ilin, T'ayne's gaze snapping to her, the two locking eyes while everything else occurs. There's a faint duck of chin from the young man, then a firm nod - T'ayne's first motion to remove the hand from his chest with a firm, not-painful grasp of capable hand. Something's murmured to Briari, the greenrider then bowing a little to her before he purposely sets down his mug upon the beach, and deliberatedly approaches Fi. Yes, he heard… or more properly, Kelmaimenth heard. Showing more balls than he necessarily feels, the young man addresses both his Weyrwoman and Zi'on in respectful, yet firm tones that brook no resistance. "You're both entitled to your opinions… as wrong as they are. In the future, I hope you'll show me and Kel the same respect that I'm offering now, instead of…" A quick little bark from his green terminates what might've come out of the man's mouth - his anger apparent in his eyes - the once-weyrling instead offering the gold and bronzerider both a chill hint of a bow, then stalking off towards his lifemate, his face hard and unemotive. Poor L'ei…he doesn't yet have it in him to answer her very kind offer.

As she listens to him, Briari's lips tighten back for a moment before she gives a nod of her head. Plucking up the bottle, she turns to fill L'ei's mug up, then offers her a smile. "Drink away! It's from my mother's darkest pantry so it's pretty old. I'm sure there's a date somewhere on the label. "Syd, you want to finish this off?" She asks as she holds it up to him, giving it a wiggle. "I think I've had enough for one night."

Fi snorts again, her icy-cool expression meeting T'ayne's, "It's your life. So long as you keep her happy and don't make trouble in my Weyr, I don't much care one way or the other." She… does smell a bit of booze, which isn't usual for her. "So… Zi'on. What brings Ista's WeyrLeader to Monaco?"

Zi'on blinks at T'ayne and raises a brow. Clearly a sore subject for the greenrider. "It wasn't meant to be disrespectful. I was just pointing out my experience. But you'll have to get used to the fact that you'll be caught by male riders. Just like I had to get used to the fact that I catch male riders." He shrugs and looks to Fi. "One of the riders at Half Moon mentioned a party here. I would assume one of yours. I needed a break, so I figured I'd swing by. Do you normally throw proddy beach parties?" Bonfire. Party. Same thing, right?

T'revs is following the conversation around him and glances to L'ei. "I am so not getting in this conversation." This said before he is taking another deep sip of wine, oh wine how I love thee.. Let me count the ways! "Where about did you to guys head off to on the beach?" There is a pause, a bad pause and he is looking towards Drau and Marzoth. "Crap.." There is a reason why as Draukaith is up on his feet, a deep throaty growl escaping him while his eyes swirl with rage. « You have much to learn.. I have told you before! » If anyone is expecting this bronze to back down they have another thing coming as he is there head lifting high and wings unfurling. « Your darkness can not match the seas nor the storms. » If we want to get down to it Drau does sort of control them in his mind after all. There is lightning crashing, hitting the waves which crest and slam into unseen things, perhaps trees from a certain bronzes forest at this rate. « The time will come and you will be proved wrong. » There is one positive point here at the moment. T'revs knows his dragon well, he won't push this but he isn't going to back down and grovel either. "Stand your ground but no damn fighting." Is muttered out faintly while he is keeping his attention fully on his dragon.

Suddenly, Tzavayth is on her feet, a claxxon call echoing down the beach before she adds more calmly, « As much as I enjoy being fought over, this is upsetting our riders and our Weyr. Comport yourselves as gentlemen. » GLARE! Fi just shrugs, "Not much prone to parties at all, honestly. But Tza thought it would be a good idea. Of course, she'd be flirting like this even if she weren't close to going up. I just want her to get it over with."

L'ei says "Well aren't you just the sweetest!" to Briari as she fills her cup "Thank you for sharing such a refined vintage!" The 'altercation' between T'ayne, Fi and Zi'on has L'ei's face buried in her cup quicker than you can say Zalnitakyth. Zi has a point, but there's gotta be some distraction some where around here. Anyone? Thank the stars for T'revs- yet again she's reassured and relieved by his presence and words. "Me either" she mumbles under her breath, side stepping to be just a bit closer. "Uh oh…" is stated as things unfold between Drau and Marz. Thank goodness Zal is a lover and not a fighter she thinks to herself. The blue echos a rumble in support of the gold, with one eye on Kelmaimenth to make sure she's ok too."

S'ic lets his instrument come down as the gold suddenly stands and glances about and says, you be good Xtzaltuth." to his bronze as he leans back on the log and looks about at everyone here.

Suldith lifts his head and looks to the gold. Which causes Zi'on to do something similar. Whoo, things are scary down at Monaco! Zi'on chuckles and gets to his feet. "Ah, she's just friendly. That's good, right? Suldith like to chat with the dragons, too. Anywho… We should probably head back. Thanks for the drink. And good luck with the flight."

T'ayne's ears are too full of his own heartbeat, of the rushing of his blood through veins and arteries in his anger, to well-hear the comments of Fi and Zi'on, others about him, to see the small squabble between Marzoth and Draukaith. Kelmaimenth is taking care of her own, at this point, the green lowering her muzzle to her rider's chest, letting -him- be the utter center of her focus as they silently commune, though Tzavayth's call draws a rumble of assent that rolls warm breath against her lifemate's chest. Zalnitakayth's croon for her meets with a soft little huff, then a private message.

Marzoth was content to walk away and show the bronze up later, though he isn't one to walk away from a conflict either. He hisses in response « The time will come for you to bleed! » Thankfully its in this moment that the queen decides to intervene. Oh yeah /her/ he'd forgotten what the point of the argument was so muddle headed is he. He can't help but obey her order but he can protest, « I am not gentle, but I will do ask you ask. » He does send a red glare the way of the other bronze though. This is not over. Syd is apparently content that there will not be blood this evening and wanders back over to his glass and takes another big gulp. This sevenday is shaping up to being a living hell.

Draukaith is merely quiet while he watches Marzoth, no comment are given now for certain. Hearing Tzavayth there is a dip of his head to her. « Of course. » Is sent to her, his tone a soft rumble a slight flash of wind across open water. T'revs sighs a bit and glances to the ones left. "I'll see you all around later." He looks to L'ei and smiles to her. See you back home." He offers before is heading over to Draukaith and thus leading the bronze off so they can have a talk it seems. A deep rumble escapes Drau as he goes, the words from Marzoth will linger that is for certain.

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