Weyrling Graduation

Monaco Bay Weyr - Cove Beach

The darkling black of the sand merges with the crystal blue of the water, creating a brilliant and playful blend of color that fluctuates by sunlight and moonlight. The cove spreads from the mouth of the river towards the ocean, mixing saltwater with fresh for an invigorating rush that is teeming with life.

Monaco's beach is decked out in Black, blue, and silver streamers, alcohol (be good, S'dny!), food, and klah set out for guests. A makeshift stage has been erected, by which we mean that some wood planks have been laid out on the sands and a small table placed atop them. Tzavayth's pale form is curled indulgently in the warmth of Rukbat's rays, watching the procedings with one mostly-lidded eye while Fi does what Fi hates most: mingles. She's sipping a flute of redfruit juice, making smalltalk with one of the visitors from Telgar. Which is… not her strong suit at all.

Moncerath is one of the arriving dragons bringing visitors. The green appearing over Monaco and announcing herself to the watch dragon. After veering off and landing, Kera jumps down and loosens her dragonmate's straps. That done, she shrugs out of her flight gear and stashes it away. Looking around at the festive decorations, she takes a moment to rub Moncerath's eye ridges while observing the beach. Offering a cheery smile and wave to those she spots, her attention for the moment seems to be on scanning the skies. Several more Xanadu dragons arrive to join the in the festive gathering and Moncerath rises from her crouch and warbles her own greeting to the gathered dragons.

A blue dragon emerges from between shortly after the green, following quickly after her. He too bugles a greeting and in short order makes his way to the ground. Once safely landed C'rus hops off his lifemates neck, and loosens his straps and puts his flight jacket, gloves and other needed things in one of the pouches and offers him a smile, "Thanks Jai. I hope you have fun tonight and make friends." That done he moves off toward Kera, "It looks like they have outdone themselves here."

Tzavayth croons a lilting greeting to the blue that might almost be considered flirtatious, but golds don't flirt with blues… right? Fi raises her glass to the new arrivals, taking any excuse to slip away from the Telgar wingleader who's been a bit too zealous in chatting her up. Instead, she ends up by S'dny, nodding lightly to the bronzerider, "Nervous yet?"

S'dny first offers a salute to the Weyrwoman and then shakes his head, "No Ma'am. This is the easy part. The hard part is everything that came before, and everything that will come after. I have always enjoyed a good party." The bronzer then waves to T'revs upon seeing him wandering in and offers him a salute as well, "Hello wingleader." He had heard about the man's promotion. Then the beach begins to fill with more and more dragons of all colors. Seeing Kera and C'rus arrive he offers them a quick wave as well, "Welcome. Please join us." he calls to them. Marzoth just sits stock still staring at everyone. The new arrivals are taken into consideration and then dismissed. They are blue and green. Inconsequential. Tonight is his night to shine. He just stands as regally as he can manage.

Ceresth lands further down the beach and the pair of her and Vanessa stroll on up closer to the gathering. Quietly she offers her greetings and Vanessa mingles with some.

T'revs catches the voice from S'dny before seeing that wave, a smile and nod is soon seen. "Weyrwoman.. S'dny." This said with a friendly tone. His gaze goes back to the area while lifting her head slightly as she takes in everything. "It looks good out here.. Great job with everything."

Kera gives her dragonmate an affectionate smack on the shoulder before stepping away and leaving the green to lounge with new and familar dragons. Smiling when she spots C'rus approaching and giving an agreeable nod as she scans about the festive banners and stage. "And looks like they're well prepared for the party afterwards." A quick gestures towards the drinks, and the lined up little barrels and cask at the ready nearby. Catching S'dny's wave, she points him out and starts that way "G'afternoon, weyrling S'dny." Winking good naturedly to her friend. "Had to get that in one last time." Looking to Fi she offers a polite dip of her head and cheery smile "Afternoon Weyrwoman, Xanadu's duties to Monaco."

Jaicoureth accepts the greeting good naturedly and calls back in a friendly manner. The poor blue wouldn't know flirting if it bit him. He wanders over to greet Moncerath first with a gentle dip of his head and a loving nudge to her shoulder if she'll allow it, before he too moves off to mingle and meet new friends. C'rus follows after Kera as she journey's towards S'dny and the gathering crowd, "And Fort's duties as well." he adds to the weyrwoman, "Lovely day for a graduation." the staff here have certainly created a wonderful environment for a graduation and party, "You must be very proud S'dny."

Zalnitakyth and L'ei are better late than never when it comes to their entrance, getting caught up with extra duties, the pair complete a hurried descent on to the beach from a good distance above. No floating lazy circles, just straight to the ground they go- landing softly still a good distance away from the group so as to not stir up any sandstorm. The still little, even in his grown size, blue bugles, his rider unstrapping and sliding off slyly with a gentle thud on the shore. Riding leathers are quick to find a place in a knapsack, leaving L'ei in a lacy royal blue tank top with thick straps and a well fitted black pencil skirt. Boots are traded for a strappy pair of flat sandals and the pair head for the group with a smile. She scans the masses gathered for the celebration, looking for familiar faces, heading towards where T'revs, S'dny, Fi and a couple others are. "Top of the evening to you all!" is said with a beaming smile as she sidles up next to her Weyrmate

Fi nods easily to S'dny and the approaching T'revs while Tzavayth croons to Ceresth. She nods to C'rus and Kera as they draw near, "And Monaco's to Fort and Xanadu." She smiles pleasantly enough, but it's obviously not a default expression for her, "It's a pleasure to have you here." She glances over as L'ei arrives and, as if it were planned, that's just when the wizend form of weyrlingmaster G'tor strides across he 'stage', his boots clicking loudly against the wood, tacitly demanding attention.

Marzoth's head is turned toward Ceresth when she arrives. The dark forest of his mind reaches out to her, «Mother.» he says simply before he goes back to standing as tall as he possibly can. He loves attention, especially attention that involves any achievement on his part. His siblings arrival gets the most scant nod that he can manage, but he says nothing to Zal. Syd smiles easily enough, "I'm pleased that you could be here." he says to both Kera and C'rus. Then there is L'ei, "You made it." he says quietly. Though he doesn't have much time to converse as G'tor takes the stage. He and the bronze turn their attention in the direction of the weyrlingmaster.

T'revs lets hier arms fold losely behind him while he listens to the conversation at hand. HIs gaze drifting over the riders from other Weyrs and the dragons that are filtering in for the evening. His gaze urns to L'ei and his hand stretches to take hod of hers and give it s squeeze. "L'ei, you look lovely." Well of course he would say that. Though the clicking of those boots have indeed caught his attention and his gaze turns towards the stage.

L'ei bows her head and upper body to the group, Zalnitakyth doing a similar gesture with a head lowering of his own, a special crooned greeting to Tzavayath before he works on socializing with his clutch sibs. The focus and near conversation striking is promptly put on hold the G'tor is soon to call all attentions. Zal noses towards Marzoth gently and L'ei softly responds with a quip to S'dny "Don't sound too excited." A playful shows she's just joking as she squeezes T'revs back and then focuses on the Weyrlingmaster "Thanks hun." She says to T'revs.

Kera nods the Weyrwoman and smiles back to S'dny, sidestepping to make room for others that come to greet the Monacons. Grinning to the bronzer "There are others around from Xanadu too." Meaning maybe a certain fresh from the sands goldrider may be lurking about. As attention is called from the stage area, Kera moves to get a good view with C'rus.

C'rus was there for the hatching, it seems only appropriate that he'd be there for the graduation. There is a certain symmetry to the whole thing that is appealing. Besides it's only proper that he support Kera's friends when they have big life moments, and graduation certainly is one of those. Smiles are sent all around as he reaches out for Kera's hand, "This should be good." he whispers too her, but focuses his attention on the stage.

Fi glances sidelong at S'dny, one brow arching, "Already hunting outweyr for companionship, are we?" She says no more, though, just as stilled by the Weyrlingmaster's presence.

G'tor, for his own part, just glares out over the crowd, his voice somehow both aged and smooth, "We are come together today to celebrate the completion of studies of our most recent double-batch of Weyrlings." Does he give Ceresth a slight dirty look? Yes, yes he does. "And while some have been more trouble than others," cue a glare at S'dny, "All have successfully completed their training. Weyrlings, step forward now to receive your knots and wing assignments."

"She's just a friend." Syd says quietly in response to the weyrwoman, though he certainly turns his head this way and that way looking to see if he can spot those elusive locks of red that make his heat jump in his chest. Though his searching for a certain goldrider is cut short by the message from the stage. He stands there looking like the perfect angel as if to say 'Me?' but no words escape his lips. Marzoth keeps a keen eye on his rider and mentally nudges him toward the stage. This is his moment too. The dark tree's blow gently as he speaks up « I have achieved the first of my great achievements. » he annouces to the other dragons present. Syd leaves the group and makes his way toward the stage, taking long slow strides. In a few moments he's standing on stage next to the weyrlingmaster.

T'revs sends a curious look over to Fi and then one back to Syd, a brow lifting andshe smirks a touch but that is all. Nope no comments from him. He is soon smiling at the talk goes on.. Oh there is always /one/ troublemaker in the group, right? With L'ei's hand still within his, he gives it a squeeze knowing her turn won't be that far along now.

Kera nods to C'rus and gives his hand a squeeze, murmuring low to the bluerider "Yea, they all have worked very hard." A little smirk and she adds "Bet more than a couple will wake up with hangovers tomorrow." Looking towards the weyrlings when they gather before being called up, she sends a thumbs up their way before focusing on the speaker. He calls up S'dny and a moment later, her gaze drifts curiously towards her own dragonmate then chuckles, peering back to the little stage.

C'rus smiles at Kera's comment, "It wouldn't surprise me in the least. Hopefully they manage to not drink themselves into the infirmary. I wouldn't envy the healing staff if that were the case." Jaicoureth too is attentive to what is going on the the stage. It's interesting and it holds his attention completely, even if he does wobble from side to side with energy and anticipation.

G'tor levels a gaze on S'dny as the bronzerider approaches the stage, "When S'dny first entered my tutelage, I thought him beyond discipline and instruction." He pauses for effect, then adds, "I'm not entirely sure I was wrong. However! With his interests, training, and progress, he will be joining me in Chaos Wing in a more permanent capacity." He grabs a bundled knot and a carefully folded and wrapped wing-uniform, the official kind with his name sewn into it and everything, "Welcome to your full rank, Assistant Weyrlingmaster S'dny!"

May Faranth help both Pern, and most especially the next batch of weyrlings that will be subjected to S'dny and unfortunately for them Marzoth. Syd takes both the knot and the wing uniform with a wide smile. He salutes his new boss, "Thank you sir." he replies with ease, "We are going to have so much fun together." he says a bit more on the quiet side so that hopefully just G'tor can catch it. That part of the ceremony completed he makes his way off the stage to make room for the other weyrlings who will be getting their assignments and knots. Once he has cleared the stage he walks over to Marzoth to show him the knot and the uniform, "We are really in it now." he says to his lifemate. Marzoth lowers his head to take a closer look. Clearly a certain excitment is present in the bronze even if he is doing his best not to show it. « I do not need outward designations for others to know my greatness. » He then pulls his head back up to stand tall once more, « The young ones will be trained well. » The trees sway more quickly now in the dark breeze. He has a purpose! He shoots his head toward the senior gold, « You should rise tomorrow so there can be eggs. » Apparently Marzoth is eager to begin his new line of work. S'dny can only move quickly away from his lifemate back toward the grouping of people. Nope. He is not going to deal with that. He'll let his lifemates head shrink back to normal size before he intervenes.

T'revs looks amused, unsure, in awe all at the same time. Is that possible? Seems it is and the look he has right now /is/ that. He never picked S'dny for that position.. Though perhaps it is fitting seeing how he was once a harper? Trevs goes about clapping once S'dny takes the knot and is moving off the stage. "Good job S'dny." This said with a nod and smile seen.

Kera watches her harper friend on stage, pondering the numerous changes he's gone through over the turns and blinks, looking quickly casting her weyrmate a surprised look. "Did he say Assistant Weyrlingmaster S'dny." Waiting briefly for C'rus to confirm, her attention goes right back to the stage and she claps enthusiastically for her friend. "I would have pegged him for craftwing, but.. wow." She wraps up with a cheery grin. "Guess no one can hold one or two drinks against him this evening." The greeny falls silent again and as the next weyrling is called up to be tapped.

C'rus doesn't know S'dny well at all. This being only the second time that he has met him in person, but he has heard things from his weyrmate. A look of surprise crosses his own face when the annoucment is made. Kera's reaction really says it all, "Yeah. He did." he confirms for Kera, "It certainly is a surprise. He's going to be a very busy man." He doesn't comment the drinking, he's pretty sure given what he's heard that the man will be having more than two.

G'tor nods to S'dny, then motions him off the stage, "Our Weyrwoman may be displeased by our next promotion, but Reya is poised to join her in Terra Wing!" Again, knot and uniform are turned over. This is me buying time for L'ei.

In all fairness to the doubters Syd himself would probably never have picked himself for the job, that being a given of sorts its still better than going back to being a harper. The fact that the hall will probably be more than a little angry is a thought that just warms his heart all the more. Today is a very good day. After lodging himself back in the group of Fi, T'revs, Kera and C'rus he watches Reya get tapped into Terra, that was a given, "I suppose we'll all be saluting her now."

T'revs smirks as he hears S'dny. "Well.. That is the idea." A darn good idea really seeing who it is after all. Though he can't help it and is peeking over to Fi to see how she might react to call of that name. Though soon he is looking back to the stage as others names will most certainy called.

Kera nods agreeable with C'rus "That does tend to happen when you get tapped in. He's certainly gonna have his hands more than full though. Marzoth and weyrlings both, oh my." A grin is flashed around, chuckling when her gaze passes across S'dny. When more of the weyrlings is called up and tapped, she claps quickly for each. Head cants to the comments about saluting and the greeny shrugs good naturedly "At least you're still used to saluting everyone already." Then she goes quiet again as another name is called up.

C'rus also joins the crowd in clapping for each of the weyrlings as they are called to the stage and given their new knots and uniforms, "Yes." he says softly to Kera. He can't imagine what that job would be like. He'll stick to healing. Kera's comment about saluting earns a smile, "You do get used to it." he says reassuringly, though he can't say he's gotten used to it himself.

"And next, comes one of the finer ladies to make it through my tutelage, a lady of perseverance as well as cunning. L'ei will be joining Deluge Wing!" G'tor again hands over teh knot and uniform. Yay!

S'dny watches L'ei come and go across the stage. He claps for his clutchmate and shoots a look in the direction of T'revs. Won't that be sweet? Weyrmates in the same wing and one of them the wingleader! T'revs will get to spend more time with her and make up for all time that was lost during weyrlinghood. The harper nods to both Kera and C'rus, "I will find a way to power through I'm sure. I always manage." Though it might take one or two drinks tonight to work up the ability to salute Reya. He can only shrug to the weyrwoman, "Good luck."

T'revs blinks and just peers at the stage for a few long moments.. He didn't think she would go for that for one reason or another. Not that he is going to complain mind you but this is a mixture of thoughts right now. Still he claps, a warm smile sent to L'ei once she is up on stage. That look from S'dny is caught and he grins a bit before shrugging a moment. All good with him!

Kera smiles as the next name is called and she watches the weyrling step up and accept her new knot. Not knowing all of them, she simply calls out "Congratulations!" to the newly knotted.

G'tor goes through the rest of the names quick, sending T'ayne to wingsecond in Flame and S'el to fly in it. That done, the Weyrlingmaster turns and strides off the stage, leaving poor Fi to step up again, "Thank you to all of our guests and a hearty welcome to our newest riders, may they prosper here in Monaco. We welcome you to continue to partake of our hospitality and enjoy our beaches.

C'rus continues to clap for each of the weyrlings as they come and go and become full fledged riders in whatever wing they happen to be assigned too. After the weyrwoman speaks and the main part of the ceremony is concluded he turns to Kera and and smiles, "That was a lovely ceremony that they had. Our weyrling class just hit the tavern to celebrate." He is then free to speak up a little bit not having to fear disturbing the flow of the ceremony, "Well S'dny I'm sure that you are going to have lots to do in the future. It should be quite the adventure." The talk of refreshments does catch his attention though, "Can I get you anything?" he asks his weyrmate.

And now it seems the afterparty may begin. Syd finds a spot to safely set his new uniform down and puts on his new knot for the first time. It's going to take some getting used too for sure, but times change and so must he, "Time for drinks. Can I get any of you anything?" he asks politely, he himself is going to partake of several drinks if he can manage it. That is the reason you have two hands. For as much as things change some things will always remain the same. Marzoth looks as pleased as punch, in a Marzoth sort of way as he gets up from his spot on the beach and moves off toward the gold.

Kera lets out a cheer when the last new rider is announced and the signal for the party to begin is given. Sending out another congratulations all around, Kera smiles back to C'rus. "Something to drink will be fine." She'll attack the food later. A moment later, S'dny gets a head shake at his offer, since her weyrmate is already on the job. "Thanks, but he's already gettin it." A quick thumb towards C'rus before she takes a couple of steps towards T'revs. "Congrats… T'revs is it? I'm Kera. From Xanadu."

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