A State of Dissatisfaction

Eastern Weyr - Candidate/Weyrling Cavern
Huge in comparison to the other major caverns in the weyr proper, this series of interlinked caverns is the weyrling complex. Fashioned out of a multitude of hollows, it serves as a central gathering area as well as classroom. A number of deep pockets have been laborously smoothed to provide comfortable dwellings for the young dragons and their riders away from the weather of the central area, and affording them some privacy but not much. Above the cavern opens to the sky, holding out the worst of the island's weather but allowing an exit to the sky above and providing natural lighting to the area. Branching off from this cavern is an opening that leads to the exercise yard.

It's not quite for dinner, but too late for chores (not that Jerushai has been very industrious about those in the first place). This time is devoted to sitting, waiting, all cleaned up for the evening in something better than work clothes (not that Jerushai really has any of those, either). The lazy candidate in question is currently seated on his cot, writing on a letter in uninspired fashion.

Kharzan has come back from wherever he's been for the day. He looks thoughtful and is a little quiet. Chewy comes chittering at him, since the brown as well as the blue had been forced to stay back, but after a few caresses the brown goes back to the egg he's curled around and chirrups at it while rubbing is head along side it.

Kharzan's entrance, though quiet, earns a glance from Jerushai when the other boy passes by him. Folding up his half-finished letter after making sure the ink is all dry, Jerushai tucks it into his bag and then sits up again, brushing his hands off. "Hi," he tells Kharzan then.

Zorya makes her way back into the barracks. Long blonde locks damp as she fusses with her skirt trying to get it to hang right. She offers up a soft smile to a few of those in the room as she passes on the way to her own cot.

Kharzan gives a smile in return to Zorya "Good day?" he asks as he settles on his bunk and pokes playfully at the brown who looks quite affronted. "My day umm wasn't bad, different, but uh not bad." he stretches and then falls back onto his cot with a sigh.

"They're all bad," says Jerushai with a sigh, nudging a boot against the leg of his cot. "Why, what was… different about it?" His brows furrow up as he shoots a look at Kharzan, skeptical. The girl he speaks to, Zorya, also is looked at for a moment.

Zorya shrugs lightly in reply as she settles onto the foot of her cot. "Not any better or worse than most." she replies to the question at hand. "Different?" her own question echoes the other boy's.

Kharzan hmms a little and then nods "Umm different, I mean there's so much I never well umm realized that went with riding." he notes carefully. "It just isn't well, it just isn't about having an umm dragon." A glance at Jerushai "How come umm, you see them all as well umm bad?"

A snort answers Kharzan's words, Jerushai giving him a faintly pitying look for his lack of understanding. "You just answered it yourself," the younger boy points out, shaking his head. "All that work they make us do? Following them around like puppy dogs?" Although Jerushai acts as eager as anyone else when it's actually time to go meet the rider to shadow, apparently he sees fit to complain after the fact.

Eager? Eager would hardly be the word for Zorya's interest, or lack there of, in shadowing. Especially since a certain day that Kharzan would know rather well. "Its not all that bad…"

Kharzan sits up and looks over at Jerushai "Then umm, why are you well here?" he asks curiously "I mean, it's umm the same kinda things really that we'd uh be doing as a umm rider. I mean you don't umm have to stay." he states as he looks down at the egg, remembering the incident that landed those objects here.

"Well." Faced with that alternative, Jerushai is quick to back down, scowling at Kharzan and glancing down with a shrug of his shoulders. "I don't have to like this part of it," he tries to defend himself, flushing as he glowers at the floor. "I'm just waiting on the eggs. And anyway its—it's none of your business." Because that always wins!

Zorya blinks. "But isn't what we're doing now supposed to help prepare us for what we'll… might be doing if we do happen to impress?" she wonders in reply. "If ya don't like it now then what makes ya think you'll like it later?"

Kharzan blinks at Jerushai and then doesn't press the point, he really isn't all that big on confrontation and all. He turns instead to check the egg out, making sure it's still warm. He does glance over at Zorya as she addresses one of his thoughts. There's a look back at Jerushai, but not a direct one.

Jerushai's arms fold over his chest. "Um. Well. There'll be… a dragon. Whatever," he says, floundering more when he tries to explain that. "And new candidates to make do stuff instead. And—um. Well. I am going to dinner now," decides the boy when he realizes discretion really is the better part of valor. Standing up primly, he tries to saunter very nonchalantly toward the door.

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