Homesick Candidates

Kharzan can understand being homesick. He tilts his head a little "Been a long umm while since I've been on umm Ista, though I've uh never been to the Weyr and all. I mean I was just that the Farm Craft hall before coming here, so I never really saw much of anything else, what's it umm like at the Weyr there?"

Zorya nods. "Yah, Ah hadn't been there til just a few months ago either." she explains, and then he asks what its like. The girl takes a moment to ponder her answer before replying. "Its huge, well Ah suppose not so much for a weyr, but when Ah first saw it Ah thought so. Ain't nothin' like here though. Mostly rock and sand, black sand. Its pretty enough, just not the trees and plants in the bowl, ya know. Forest isn't too far away though."

Kharzan hmms a little "THat'd be umm different. I've gotten real used to all the trees near at hand and umm all." he notes quietly "Still, it's warm there and all. Least that's what I remember. Though it's umm warm here and all. Just so well rainy at times it seems.'

Zorya nods, "Yah, it's pretty warm there." she agrees, "Spent alot a time sitting on the beach with my cousin jus talking an such. Around chores an all ya know." Of course there were chores and things to do and the like. "That was 'fore Ah went ta harper though."

Kharzan grins "Harper was umm never a thing for me. I'm umm tone deaf and all." he shrugs a little "Not that well I'm complaining. I mean, I can just umm imagine having to umm put up with my brothers teasing on a constant basis and all." he shakes his head a little.

Zorya laughs just a bit at that remark, looking back to the papers beside her. "Same thing's not for ever'one. Ah'd be terrible with that tech stuff, an your great with it." Then looking up, "Your brothers are there?"

Kharzan chuckles "I dunno, you might pick up a thing or two, but yeah definitely not for umm everyone. But yeah, they're both Journeyman now." he notes with a touch of pride in his voice. They may be annoying brothers, but they are his.

"Ya really think?" Zorya asks, sounding rather skeptical that she's be able to. "Its all new ta me. We didn't have none a that stuff back at Shipton." Farmer hicks they tend be, not that many outside the relative area have heard much of it.

Kharzan grins brightly and nods "I mean, you're not dumb. Least, not what I've been able to tell and all. And much of it's just like anything else, studying and all." he shrugs a little "But it's not just umm knowing the stuff and all, you chould be happy with it and all. I mean I think it helps, though I suppose and all iffen you well didn't have a choice, you could get by just well knowing the material. Lot of it's just well safety things and all. LIke not standing in water while playin with a generator.

"Maybe…" Zorya starts, falling back on her words to send a glance back at the egg if only for distraction. "Maybe ya could teach meh some bout it, since we got time taday an all?" she wonders, looking back to the boy. "Ah mean iffen ya don't mind a course…"

Kharzan hmms thoughfully at that "Well, umm I suppose I could." he notes and looks thoughtful "I umm haven't actually tried teaching and all." he then grins "I could try though."

Zorya nods once, "Ya sure?" she inquires at his hesitation. "Ah'd hate ta be a bother. An Ah know ya got plenty ta work on without me bein' in the way."

Kharzan shakes his head "You wouldn't be in the way." he notes quietly "I mean, you're not like that one candidate, Ashada." he shudders a little as he remembers her screaming from the night before.

Zorya blinks, "Oh? What happened with her?" Certainly there must be a story behind that comment. "But if your sure ya wouldn't Ah'd appreciate it. .. Not sure what Ah could do for ya though."

Kharzan glances around a moment "Well, hers as well as some others eggs well the got eaten by one of the umm firelizards.' he murmurs and "And well, she wasn't too keen on hearing apologies and all and I thought for sure there was gonna be a fight and all, but she wasn't umm very nice." He's quiet a moment "It umm ended okay, but she's still pretty snippy about it." he murmurs and then shrugs a little "Well, I ain't looking for anything in return or anything."

Zorya ohs… How she hadn't heard about that yet? Who knows. Maybe she was at breakfast then? "Well you can't really blame her for being upset about it…" she sympathizes. "But Ah suppose she coulda been nicer." Blink. "Ya sure? Ah mean Ah could do something…"

Kharzan gives a nod "I could understand her umm being upset and all, but well, she shouldn't have umm said the things she did. I thought she was going to hit or something." he shakes his head a little "But it's umm okay now I think." he tilts his head a little "Well I dunno. I mean, I'm not sure you can teach me to actually umm know a good note from a bad. It's just all the same to me. My brothers say I'm hopeless." he notes with a grin "Maybe from too many explosions as a kid." he adds jokingly.

Joking or not the remark catches Zorya off guard. "Explosions?" she asks a bit concerned. "Ya said you were from Farmcraft…" He did, right? So explosions? She shakes her head lightly as she stands, crossing the room. "Never mind." she agrees to just be confused, settling to her knees on the floor on the opposite side of the cot from Kharzan so as not to invade too much of his space, but still be close enough to see.

Kharzan coughs a little and actually looks embarrassed "Yeah, umm I'd managed to uh figure out how start a generator. Was a small one. I'd snuck it off into one of the barns where they were aging some manure and all, and well it was umm pretty fresh, but I'd left it running in there when I umm had to go. I'd closed the windows earlier so umm no one would hear, and well I closed the door and there was I guess some sparks or something and well." he looks everywhere but at Zorya "Yeah, boom."

"No one was hurt, were they?" Zorya questions, blue eyes wide as Kharzan comes to the end of his story. "Ah can only imagine… Ah mean…" She has no idea. Really.

Kharzan absently rubs his backside "Not, but the umm explosion itself. Luckily." he grimaces a bit "Though, I don't think I could sit down for a week. I mean, father, he wasn't too happy. I mean, umm, not that I blame him or anything. Though well, it umm could have been worse, I mean, they were going to be tearing it down anyways. THey umm had use for the elsewhere. I just uh sorta hastened that umm process."

Zorya does manage to giggle a bit at the rest of the story. "Well then… Ah suppose it wasn't all bad in the end then…" In some fashion at least. "But no, Ah don't imagine that your father woulda been too happy with ya."

Kharzan quirks a little smile "Yeah, not all bad in the umm…end." just a little tender "Well, umm I need to go get some scrapes for Chewy and Byte, umm later wanna get together and I'll see about teaching you umm some things?"

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