Wherry Egg Surprise

Eastern Weyr - Candidate/Weyrling Cavern
Huge in comparison to the other major caverns in the weyr proper, this series of interlinked caverns is the weyrling complex. Fashioned out of a multitude of hollows, it serves as a central gathering area as well as classroom. A number of deep pockets have been laborously smoothed to provide comfortable dwellings for the young dragons and their riders away from the weather of the central area, and affording them some privacy but not much. Above the cavern opens to the sky, holding out the worst of the island's weather but allowing an exit to the sky above and providing natural lighting to the area. Branching off from this cavern is an opening that leads to the exercise yard.

- -

Kynda comes into the room from her first day of shadowing a rider. Rotating her shoulders as if a little sore, she walks towards her bunk with purposeful steps. She had not seen her blue firelizard in half a day. "You better be on my pillow Alidar." She murmurs to herself as she goes. The closer she gets the faster her steps become. "No no no! You naughty Alidar. You weren't suppose to eat…them? Oh dear." A pile of wherry egg shards lies upon her cot along with egg goo and a very fat and sassy little firelizard. And yes, he /is/ on her pillow. Planting her feet beside her cot she places her fists on her hips and shakes her head with an angry frown. A soft, curious chirp from Alidar breaks her molded face into cracking a slight smile as she sees the humor in it. A yell behind her and another one across the room returns her disapproving look.

Kharzan has come back as well, after picking up his egg from the kitchens. It's been kept warm and safe in it's generator casing with a bedding of sand surrounded by down and then covered with a bit of fabric to keep the feathers in and a little blanket on top. He stands at the doorway from the caverns as he eyes the resulting chaos from Kynda's firelizard. "Eat them?" he asks as he holds his a little closer. If one looks closely there's a name painted on it. Grendal.

Barely able to rise because of the fullness of his belly, Alidar managed nonetheless to fly up out of harms way as The two… now victimized candidates come over to Kynda's cot. Two were mad as fire. The third held a smirk on his face. He obviously saw the humor of it all. Either that or he was thankful for the excuse not to raise the egg. Whatever the case might be, Kynda faced a small mob of onlookers as well as those that were angrily demanding that she go find them a new egg straight away. Kharzan's voice asking, "Eat them?" Was ignored as it was obvious by now what had happened. She shakes her head again and calmly but firmly replies. "I make no excuses for my firelizard. What he did was wrong. But the fault does not lie with him alone. Had you /and/ I placed our eggs in more of a protected area this would never have happened."

Kharzan shakes his head a little as he makes his way for his cot as he listens to some people not being too forgiving "Well yeah? Maybe if you'ld trained him better it wouldn't have happened." goes on female candidate, her eyes flashing. Kharzan himself isn't saying anything himself, just not being too pleased with all the fussing and then a thought "Shards, whats the junior going to say?"

Kynda cants her head and smiles dangerously at the female candidate that had dared to question her training meathods. "I think we should go to Jheina about this and tell her all. Tell her that I am such a lazy firelizard own I've only managed to get him to carry messages when he is barely old enough to carry them. Yes and horrible I am for teaching him how to help me smooth out my blanket each morning when I wake." She shakes her head, keeping that smile. "Yes and perhaps we should also tell her that firelizards should be programmed to /never/ make mistakes. Oh and how's this one?" Her sickeningly sweet calm voice continued. "We should tell her that /all/ of those involved were stupid enough to leave their eggs in a place for my /stupid/ /untrained/ firelizard could get to them. Yes…lets tell all. Shall we go now. I'm willing." And by her stance, it might have been clear that she really was.

The girl just sniffs and tosses her hair back "They should have been just fine. He shouldn't have been getting under my pillow." she states as she stares right back at Kynda "I've no problem telling her. He's trouble. Everyone knows that once an egg eater, always an egg eater. After all, he could even do it while we're sleeping in our bunks." Mrrow. Cat fight? Kharzan looks around to see if anyones going to actually step in and do anything. This isn't exactly his area of experiance "Umm…umm." help?

Kynda turns her gaze upwards towards Alidar. After a moment of silence concentration on her part the effects were loud and disturbing. An anguished kreel sounded from Alidar and he drifted down towards the cot. There he sat a bit hunched over the mess he had made on the cot. Picking up a shell fragment in his grasp he hopes forward and hands it out towards the girl with another, quieter but no less anguished kreel. Kynda looked a bit surprised but satisfied by Alidar's quick understanding that he had really messed things up good. Canting her head Kynda wondered what those who had been wronged would say about this new developement. "How can I make peace?" She echoed her firelizard's sentiments a moment later.

Kharzan can't help but wince at the sound of the creel. The girl, one Ashada by name just laughs "Nice trick. But you think a little creelings going to make peace?" she asks. Kharzan clears his throat a moment and gets rewarded by a glare from the pissy girl "Umm, uhh. Maybe, maybe it umm might be good to umm maybe, see if they could umm be replaced?" he doesn't know for sure but it's worth a try. Course the girl takes her own twist on it. "Good idea, you should have to go out and find eggs for us." she states as she points a finger at Kynda. Kharzan opens his eyes wide "That's umm, not what I up.." He winces a bit when she turns on him and snaps "Shut up techie and stay out of it." Gulp?

Kynda gaze turns quite dangerous. Some nearby step away. Others suddenly decide to look busy or distracted elsewhere. Instead of hitting this mouthy girl in the face like her expression shows that she wants to, she merely bends down and scoops up the heartbroken little blue and hold him in the crook of one arm. With the free hand she reaches down, scoops up egg shell and goop and hands it out to the girl. "Here. Take it or leave it." Not waiting for the girl to react she dumps the slop upon the ground at Ashada's feet. Turning, she scoops the gooped up blanket and with one quick, practiced jerk, strips it off the bed. "Now, if you'll excuse me /your/ egg has just made my cot a mess." In the crook of her arm the soft heartbroken creelings of Alidar could barely be heard as he hangs on and waits out the rage he feels around him. He is scared. Turning to the two forgiving ones, Kynda spoke more kindly. "I will collect replacement eggs for you tonight If I can. I will do my best." Ashada though does not get that same offer because of her cruelty. Turning again to her cot, she also begins to strip the sheets as well.

Ashada shrieks as she jumps back from the goop as it splashes her feet "Oh you stuck up, whiney little sorry excuse for a..' whatever she was about to say is muffled as one of the guys snags her and covers her mouth. He whispers in her ear and seems to be affectionate of her. Course she's not affectionate and stomps his foot and then stalks out. "I hate it here!" she exclaims and then leaves the barracks with the young man following after. Kharzan lets out a breath that he'd been holding and then looks back at Kynda. Setting his own egg down that he'd been holding. "Here umm. Let me help."

Kynda cools down rather quickly after Ashada storms out. Hearing and offer of help she looks up from her task and sees a candidate she can't recall the name of. She searches her memory for one but is not successful. "I appreciate your offer, but….What's your name?" She wonders. The last of her dangerous energy disapating into the air like vapor. The hint of a thankful smile plays upon her lips instead.

Kharzan just nods a little as he helps to pick up the fouled blankets "Kharzan." he says quietly "Sorry bout umm your egg and all." he adds and tilts his head "Is he umm, gonna be okay?" he asks as one of his own, Chewy, comes flying in, just a brown but one who's been interested in what Kharzan's been carrying around and now's his chance to check it out.

Kynda nods her head after a glance to the troubled Alidar. His fear is lessening quickly as she constantly showers him with soothing thoughts. His keening has slowed to near nothing by this point and fades away into nothing as his head lowers upon her arm and he blinks once, twice and then wonders of wonders. This little blue now sleeps. Looking up again to the candidate she says with a wider smile. "Kharzan. Yes. He'll be just fine now. He's learned quite the lesson today. No worries about my egg. We can't get kicked out for that. I hope I can talk someone into handing over two wherry eggs for the hatching. The two forgave while the…irritatingly rude girl only tried to make trouble. I won't take one for myself. Please don't tell Jheina that those others lost their eggs. I'm hoping to get replacement for them without her finding out. I would not have them get into trouble on account of my Alidar." Taking the last of the soiled things into her arms she wonders, "Others will probably tell though… and where do I take these?" She frowns troubled at the mess that was caused and then jiggles her load to indicate the laundry.

Kharzan hmms a little and then nods "Yeah, she's umm been trouble." he murmurs "She's sure she'll umm Impress gold as if it's umm her right." he then nods "I umm won't go out of my umm way and tell, but if umm asked, I can't lie." he murmurs quietly "And the wash room is just on the uh otherside of the caverns."

Kynda nods thanks for the directions. "I would not want you to lie. And if you even feel that this matter must be known to a higher authority, by all means, follow your conscience. I just don't like to be related to the cause of trouble for others. No worries Kharzan. I appreciate your help with the laundry. Would can place your pile onto mine. I'll manage." She lowers her load a bit so that Kharzan can distribute his portion on top of hers. "Just watch Alidar. I wouldn't want him smothered." She grins.

Kharzan gives a nod as he carefully places it on top, taking care of the blue. Chewy on the other hand has started crooning softly and rubbing his cheek against the surface of the egg. "Umms, I umm I dunno if it well umm needs to be mentioned. I'm uh not sure on that and I mean Jheina, she well left for anyone could umm ask anyways." A turns his head as he catches sound of the crooning and frowns at the brown.

Kynda takes the extra weight easily and then glances over to the crooning sound. Seeing a brown firelizard showing affection for the egg there, she smirks. "Looks like you've got your own problems anyway. Have fun and thanks again. I know for a fact that Alidar will never do something like this again so you can be rest assured your own egg is safe from the likes of him. See ya later then. I've got some laundry to do before I can sleep and a couple eggs to barter for too." Shrugging her shoulders as if it were not big thing, she calmly walks out of the cavern and heads toward the laundry. A low hummed tune flowing back from her as she goes.

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