Touching of the Eggs

Eastern Weyr - Hatching Sands

The sand of the cavern stretches out to all sides, searing hot at all times of the day from the geothermal heat that this extinct vulcano provides. With only the very top of the cavern open to the elements, allowing vision of the sky and the occasional shower through, but little more. Thick with dark sand, imported and sifted for its extreme fineness and silken feel, this cavern is home to the Queens during their brooding and their multitude of eggs. Off to one side is a risen platform for the Queen's rider and her mate's rider, allowing them a rest from the heat their dragons endure.

Kharzan is one the sands. He eyes the eggs and just stares at them, kinda different seeming from this perspective. A glance towards the gold and then there's a nervous bow to Talisyth and he stays back a bit behind the other candidates. He's been told about these and to show respect but after that? Well, he's not sure whether or not to just go out and find an egg or what. Help?

Delynni slips into the hatching grounds, bowing to the dam. She takes a moment to eye the eggs as a group before moving to the 'Delicate Field of Pinks Egg' and pressing a tentative hand to the shell.

Jheina is actually leading a line of candidates in this evening, while Talisyth is curled into a lazy ball, seeming to be asleep if it wasn't for the fact her faceted eyes aren't lidded, and is looking rather intently at the people streaming in. "Remember to bow." The junior snaps as she takes her spot on the platform. "NO. I repeat, no! Roughhousing, or I'll see your backside tanned for a month, reguardless your age." There are worse threats, but apparently she's been dealing with her child.

Amarante hurries out to the sands when the request comes. Butterflies are in her stomach - she's done this before, and each time, there's that sense of wonder and trepidation as to what personalities she will discover hidden in the shells. Licking her lips, she bows to Talisyth before moving out cautiously upon Jheina allowing them to do so. She only pauses to get her bearings with the other Candies before off she goes, choosing the TIMELESS GUARDIAN egg to be her first touching.

Daring to rise above the very pinnacle of perfection, this shell is completely round and symmetrical in shape and form. Where the egg begins and ends is unknown, even the colors give no clue as the alternating shades of moss and olive green engulf this ovoid form. Mottling reminiscent to static; heavy textures blended with flat hues brings it's own form of life upon this egg as though the shell is in motion, moving with the breeze that touches upon it's surface.

Kharzan watches the others head off to find and egg and then he quietly follows after them. He skirts around the eggs for a moment before he settles on one, EVERGREEN AESTHETIC egg and carefully reaches out to touch it.

Delynni smiles faintly, glancing sidelong at Amarante. Then she closes her eyes and leans her head gently against the shells of the 'Delicate field of pinks egg' "Oh wonderful, its beautiful."

Amarante smiles a little hesitantly as her hand settles on the shell and the mind reaches out towards her. "Hullo there," she murmurs to it softly. There isn't much to the TIMELESS GUARDIAN egg just yet, but that only makes her just a little wary. Perhaps she'll be lucky and it'll remain pleasant?

Kharzan is startled, after all he never knew anything happened aside from well touching them and just well, he's not sure. Unlike the girls he's not talking. Course, he's not always one for talking to his own species, so why start now with an egg?

Amarante suddenly chuckles and shakes her head at whatever the TIMELESS GUARDIAN egg has done now. "Amarante is my name." The rest, she shows the burgeoning mind in pictures and feelings, letting it have the images of her and everything else that it wants an answer to. All it needs to do is ask.

Delynni breathes deeply and freezes, as if listening. "Go ahead, just be gentle. I get eggs tearing at my mind a lot. Been around the proverbial block eh? Am I interesting?" She asks the DELICATE FIELD OF PINKS EGG.

Kharzan gives his head several shakes and actually does speak up a moment "Enough!" he states quite loudly and then blushes a little at having spoken out like that. Obviously he didn't really notice the girls talking.

Amarante nods at the egg and sighs softly. "Well, at least you're not a painful one," she compliments the little growing thing within. She strokes the shell a last time before stepping away from it to let another Candidate have their turn, looking around at the other eggs.

Kharzan gives himself another shake as he steps away from the egg and is silent and thoughtful. Again he wonders around the eggs, not seeming to have a destination in mind until he stops at yet another and comes up to SACRED PURITY egg.

Amarante spots a strange looking one and moves towards it. Bending down to lean in closer, she sudden chuckles. "Oh, that poor little… bug thing," she replies, and then straightens to rest a hand on the shell of the OH SNAP! Egg. Might as well see what lies inside…

Delynni smiles. "Oh don't be shy. I'm right here. Oh beautiful! Bravo! Very good! I'm all dizzy!" Then she frowns. "Oh no, don't go." But its gone, and with a reluctant sigh she moves on to MYSTERIOUS VINES EGG, chewing on her lip.

Kharzan is silent and not jumping out of the seat of his pants with this one. Instead he seems to just lose himself into the sound of that beating heart, a timeless drum.

Kharzan tips his head thoughfully to one side and he gives a bit of a smile and nods his head some. He does seem to relax a little, not seeming to be so tense.

Jheina herself is sitting rather crankily upon the platform, keeping an eye on the candidates as they mill about placing hands on hardening shells, much as Talisyth is in her laying down position.

Delynni's free hand squeezes into a white knuckle grip. "uuph, uh oh oh…." She recoils, then freezes. She shakes her head back and forth against the Mysterious Vines Egg.

Amarante manages to let loose a squeak as the egg's personality floods her. She just stares wide-eyed for a moment before giving it anything it might be asking for. She pauses after a bit, as if waiting…. waiting…. barely daring to breathe, even. Then she sighs softly as it is, apparently, pleased. "Goodness," she whispers at the OH SNAP egg.

Amarante jerks her head back with a half-muffled sound. "Mmmf!" Her fingers tremble as if they're about to lift from the shell, but stoutly remain. After a few minutes of this, she sighs and frowns. Turning, she looks behind her, then faces the egg again. A few moments later, she repeats the gesture, this time for the opposite shoulder. "Shards," she mutters as she faces the OH SNAP egg again. "Is that you?"

Kharzan lets out a yelp and stumbles back away from the egg with a look of surprise on his face. His eyes are a little wide and then he gives himself a shake and takes in a breath. Letting it out quickly he hehs a little. "Well." with one last look at the egg he moves on to PARADISE IN AN EGG.

Dare seems a bit skittish around them eggs, the woman sort of seems to be following Delynni for some reason. Yet, she hasn't spoken a word. Then she musters up the courage and touches DELICATE FIELD OF PINK EGG.

Amarante squeaks again and actually flailing with her free hand a little as if she were trying to either fight off something or get her balance - the way she totters a bit, it could be either one. She winces and tries to gasp out, "Squishing… meeee…" A few moments later, the air leaves her in a rush, and is followed by a deep breath in, and she limply waves at the personality. "Yes. Yes. Good." Woo…. She pulls away and goes looking for another egg, choosing SACRED PURITY egg this time.

Delynni shivers, laying herself open to the egg, but she shivers as she presses her ear against the MYSTERIOUS VINES EGG, slowly sinking down into a sitting position facing the egg, stroking the shell and trembling.

Kharzan blinks, squints and then stares at the egg "What?" he shakes his head a little "Umm, uh, you supposed to do that?" he then frowns at himself. Speaking to an egg. Really. So of course he doesn't say out his name, though it's there in his head nonetheless.

Dare glances over to Delynni and watches her, her fingers remain on her current egg, so far. "Is that a nice egg Delynni?" She waits a moment, to see if the egg has something else to reveal to her.

Amarante sets her hand on the shell, and…. blinks. She waits. And waits. And waits some more. Finally, hesitantly, she offers a curious, "Hello?" to the SACRED PURITY Egg. It's verbal, no less. "Are you awake, dear?"

Delynni gasps, recoiling from the MYSTERIOUS VINES EGG, then she notices Dare. "Yeah, I like that one, it reminds me of a summer's night. You know, when the sky is full of stars and the water is so still its like a mirror?" She shakes her head, then moves on to the TIMELESS GUARDIAN EGG. "oh…." She closes her eyes, resting her forehead gently against the Timeless Guardian Egg. "Its okay. Its okay in there. I'm here, you can come in more."

When it seems that the egg Dare is touching is bordering on being invasive she snaps her mind shut then pulls her hand away, "Stay out of there," leaving the Field of Pink Egg to its own thoughts and not hers. She meanders over to Mysterous Vines Egg.

Kharzan hehs a little and shakes his head some in utter bemusement "Umm, sure?" he murmurs not really being sure what else to say to such a seemingly chatty egg (8)

Amarante feels relieved more and more, and smiles as well. "I hope so," she tells the egg softly. "I really do." It's looking for something that she can only hope that she has inside her. A nice egg. Pleasant. (9)

Dare smiles at Delynni, "Oh, " then when her next egg opens itself to her she pauses a moment. "Tread lightly, " comments Dare aloud, waiting to see what the egg does next. (2).

Kharzan pulls his hands back and then holds his head a little as he gives himself a bit of a shake "What a uh feeling." he murmurs and then eyes the egg and then shakes his head. "Wow" He steps away and then goes wandering again and finally settles on OF SNAP! EGG (7)

Delynni doesn't hear at first, reacting to the egg in front of her (3) "ow, oh wow, that was a wakeup call." She shakes her head. "Mischief….. that's what you are, mischief. Oh, but fun mischief." Then to Dare. "This one is simple…. it feels… calm." (3)

Dare quickly with draws her hand away from Mysterious Vines egg, and without a word walks away. Far away. "This one was bad." The woman finally manages as she hugs her arm to herself. She's stepped away from any of the eggs.

Amarante smiles as she removes her hand from the egg. She nods at it, murmuring, "Thank you." Rubbing the back of her neck, she makes off for the exit. Time to rest a little. Three eggs to ruminate over, and still more to touch. She wants to have a bit of time to think properly.

Delynni takes a deep breath, letting go of the Timeless Guardian egg. "I liked this one Dare." She closes her eyes, and presses a hand to the Delicate first sprig of sping egg and breathes deeply. "Hello in there…." She greets. (4)

Kharzan acks a little "Would you quit that!" he says with a start. Yup, we was sorta takin' by surprise with that one and then he shakes his head a little and frowns as if not quite expecting what came next. (7)

Well it seems that Dare isn't up for touching any more eggs so she'll just be content with watching the others, making note of what eggs to maybe commune with should the chance come again. "Not touchin' no more." She gasps, looking at Kharzan and his choice of eggs to be touching.

Kharzan tilts his head almost into his shoulder and then gives a shudder as if breaking out in goosebumps. He does reach up with one hand and scratch a the back of his head, right along the nape of his neck "Would you umm not?" (7)

Kharzan lets out a sudden yelp and he's looking behind him and then he's stumbling back and staring at the egg. He's breathing's just a little quick and then he runs a hand through his now damp hair. He licks his lips, which are dry and then takes in a shuddering breath and lets it out in a rush. Soon he's getting his feet moving under him and his heading for PRIMITIVE JUNGLE EGG (6)

Delynni blinks in surprise, then her face spreads in a toothy grin. "oh sweet, oh wild! Oh oh oh! Like a flatline sprint across the track at high noon. The wind in your face, the sun on your shoulders. Color and sound and chaos and order. Oooooh, I like you egg." She frowns at Dare. "Oh come on, I liked that one, and I definately like this one. At least try that one." She points to the egg she's just left. "Its nice and calm, doesn't hurt a bit." She says encouragingly. "They can be brutal but they can be fun too. Just breathe deep, close your eyes, and mentally hang on for the ride." (4)

Delynni cackles and her grin widens in response to the mind that's racing through hers. "Yes, I'll show you everything, yes yes, come fly with me." She says, and her eyes open for a moment, glistening. "You are a very very reckless, headless, careless, fearless egg. And I like you." She croons.

Kharzan wrinkles his nose, almost as if it's itching or there's an urge to sneeze. LEast he's not yelping and all though. (6)

Dare shrugs, sort of standing there and beginning to melt from the heat, "I don't like no bad eggs." And with that she pays her courtesies to what dragons are on the sands with them and quietly departs to more peaceful grounds.

Kharzan gives another little shake of his head and wrinkles his nose again, and he rubs at his head lightly, completely oblivious to other things going on around him (6)

Delynni sighs in disappointment, both at Dare's leaving her, and the eggmind's departure. "Ah well…. have fun." She shakes her head at the egg. "I'll race with you, ride on the wind when you come to the world." She whispers before pulling away. Her hand goes to the CREEPING DANGER EGG.

Kharzan hehs a little as he regards the egg somewhat, he tilts his head as if listening to something and then purses his lips a little before moving back. He shakes his head slightly and frowns a little and then moves onto the next egg, DELICATE FIRST SPRIG OF SPRING (4)

Delynni breathes deeply, a grin still crossing her face. "Ocean… cool…." She mutters quietly, still panting a little from the previous egg. "Still….." She replies.

Kharzan is lost in a miasma of things and he's shaking his head as if trying to settle things a bit "Slow, umm down." he murmurs under his breath (4)

Delynni is slowly cooling down, breathing gentle and almost in a trance as she listens to the egg, then she begins to shudder. "oh, I need air…. back off. please…." She says quietly. "Oh please…." Her head jerks suddenly. "Please, please….. I can't keep up. What are you about?"

Kharzan gets dizzy from the barrage of things and leans a little into the egg. He shakes his head a little "Can't." he murmurs "Uh uh, gotta wait." Funny how he's saying that when he's been tired of hearing it himself (4)

Kharzan just blinks a little "Well." he murmurs to himself as he steps back from the egg. Again a hand his run through his hair and then he's making his way over to TIMELESS GUARDIAN EGG (3)

Delynni jerks away from the CREEPING DANGER EGG, like a child waking up from a nightmare. She moves on quickly to PRIMATIVE JUNGLE EGG. She takes a deep breath. "Okay cutie, what's in there? Speak to me."

Kharzan tilts his head thoughtfully, standing quietly for this egg, just letting it move through his head. Then after a moment he's hmm a little and scratching at his head (3)

Delynni sighs, listening to the PRIMATIVE JUNGLE EGG. "Oh beautiful, can you share some softness with me?" She asks hopefully. "It feels like a bunch of pillows." She gets this happy grin on her face. "Like a giant pink and blue pillowfight."

Kharzan is startled. Course he's easily startled and a "Woah!" is certainly startled out of him. Here? Why is he here? Course, he's still figuring out that one a bit himself (3)

Delynni sways gently, humming a slow, sad tune. Something best sung to the beat of drums and the sound of flutes. She lightly drums her fingers against the egg (6) humming away.

Kharzan steps back from the eggs and hmms thoughtfully for a moment as he moves around them, looking to see what he might have missed. There's no real rhyme to his wonderings but soon he settles on CREEPING DANGER EGG (5)

Delynni removes herself reluctantly from the PRIMATIVE JUNGLE EGG, then moves on to the OH SNAP! EGG. Determinedly making her way from one end of the clutch to the other.

Delynni gasps, jerking against the OH SNAP! egg's shell. She takes in a deep lungful of air, as if she were about to dive deep into the cove. "Oh faranth…. oh oh oh…." She mutters quietly. "oh please…." She begs, trembling.

Kharzan is paying close attention it seems to this on. Course maybe it's just the feeling of coolness in the heat of the sands (5)

Kharzan sways a little and then theres a flick of a tongue across his lips, copper, something he's quiet familiar with. Kharz can't help but cough a moment and then he's taking in a deep breath "Well now." he murmurs. (5)

Delynni trembles like a leaf, whispering over and over. "no… no no no…. oh shells no…. let me go…. let me be. Put them back. Put them back please." She begs quietly. Tears stream from beneath closed eyes. "oh please….."

Kharzan stands there for a few moment and then walks away from teh egg looking thoughtful and makes his way around towards MYSTERIOUS VINES EGG. He doesn't touch right away, as he stands there and looks at it a moment before stepping up to it and laying his hands upon it (2)

Delynni pulls away from the egg, (7) trembling and stumbling to the next egg. (8) She hesitates just a moment, shaking and breathing deeply. "I thought I was drowning." She says quietly. "Hi….." She tells the egg she's found herself leaning against.

Nothing is ever safe. Kharzan rubs at an ear and then tugs at an ear lobe as he leans just a little closer, trying to get past the stuffy feeling of no sound (2)

Delynni shudders and shakes, but her trembling slowly eases. "Hello, thank you. Oh, you're much nicer than that last one. It was an abyss, you are simply warmth." She tells the egg.

Kharzan lets out an abrupt cry at the sudden intensity "Stop!" he cries out and his hands go over his ears. He shakes in place for a moment or two before putting his hands gingerly back onto the egg. Almost seeming ready to pull back at a moments notice again. (2)

Delynni shakes her head. "Wait… my head… its fuzzy. Too fuzzy. Just warmth. Please just warmth. Its…. di… dizzying." She shakes her head. "Shells, you lot are wrenching my heart this time." She shivers. "I don't know if I should be pleased, flattered, or frightened."

Delynni blinks, then blinks. "You don't have to be sorry! come back!" She protests, but then its gone. "Ah well…. I'll see you again soon. You don't have to apologize."

Kharzan is quiet almost too quiet as he slowly pulls back from the egg. There's an almost frightened, thoughtful and bemused look to his face. He stumbles a moment and then settles onto his feet and moves onto to the last egg he has not visited yet, DELICATE FIELD OF PINKS EGG (1)

Delynni moves on to the SACRED PURITY EGG, looking much calmer than she had a moment ago. "Alright, what are you?"

Kharzan is hmming softly as he experiances this last egg, certainly nothing like the last one, but even then after a little it wasn't too bad. Different. (1)

Kharzan shifts a little, the purple fuzz making him feel a little uneasy for some reason, or maybe it's the fuzziness. (1)

Delynni calls, as if in an empty room. "Hello? Hello are you in there?" She leans against the egg, closing her eyes. "Are you awake in there?"

Delynni's mouth moves quietly, wordlessly. Saying what, nobody knows. "Hey…. hi…." Her eyes slowly fall closed. "I can… I'll try."

Kharzan steps back from the egg and is looking just a little anxious. Or maybe it's after effects of whatever was braodcasting. Still he's stepping away, the sweat having sopped his hair and he's now feeling the heat in his feet. He swallows after a last look at a few of the eggs and then bows deepily again to the cold and makes his way out.

Delynni gulps, "Hot, hot….." She mutters, "OW!" She hisses, as if she's hit her head on something. "Watch it in there. I didn't think I'd get kicked from /inside/ my head."

Delynni giggles. "Yes, I'm here…. hang on to me… you can hang on… yes…." She says quietly. "Its okay." She says quietly. "Its okay."

Delynni shakes her head. "no, that's off limits. I get to pick what is useless. I get to choose what to keep or do away with." She says fiercely.

Delynni squeals, jerking away from the last egg. "Jheina, ma'am, I've looked at all of them. Please thank Talisyth for letting me come see them." She looks just on the edge of ashen, but there's a grin on her face. "I think I'm going to bathe, its hot in there." She bows tentatively to Talisyth and leaves the sands, shaking.

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