2008-09-13: Talisyth's Last Clutching

Eastern Weyr - Hatching Sands(#9377RIJMQas)
The sand of the cavern stretches out to all sides, searing hot at all times of the day from the geothermal heat that this extinct vulcano provides. With only the very top of the cavern open to the elements, allowing vision of the sky and the occasional shower through, but little more. Thick with dark sand, imported and sifted for its extreme fineness and silken feel, this cavern is home to the Queens during their brooding and their multitude of eggs. Off to one side is a risen platform for the Queen's rider and her mate's rider, allowing them a rest from the heat their dragons endure.

Public Announcement from Jheina: Come one, come all! Eastern's junior-most queen has finally deemed it time to lay the clutch of egg that's been housed in her belly since her flight. +go EAW, cc, gs to view the spectacle if you wish.

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth rouses herself from the nap she had been taking on the sands, warming her belly in the process. At first, the gold blinks as if she was disturbed from a perfectly good nap, which she probably was, until with a grunt of effort she hoists her ungainly bulk upright, immediately pawing at the sands underneath her to form a burrow. Jheina on the otherhand, is looking near exhausted as she comes back in from the living caverns, a mug of freshly steaming klah in her hands. … Has anyone ever seen Jheina with black bags underneath her eyes before? Probably not.

<Hatching Caverns> A'ven and Glyith look much better. Men have it so easy. The pair stay some distance away, but it's clear they've been on duty for some days now, checking on things as quietly as possible. The bronze shares something with his rider that causes the young man to come alert. He greets the arriving Jheina, "…news travels..", he comments.

<Hatching Caverns> "Apparently." Jheina says a bit tartly, as she heads back over to the platform made for the riders of the dragon-parents, actually inviting A'ven over to it with a sideways twitch of her head. Talisyth is devoting single-minded attention to that first burrow, however. Must. Make. Perfect! seems to be her drive before she sniffs at it once, and positions herself over the hole, her sides rippling with the efforts, and in a somewhat prompt manner, an egg is being tucked into it's hole.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Delicate Field of Pinks Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
This egg is shaped more like an oval with a weight put into its bottom, making it sag and expand compared to the softly rounded apex. A dark yet vibrant grass-like green dyes the shell as a kind of underlaying background hue, while pinks swarm the foreground gaily. Soft baby-pink petals veined with white form with a carefully placed band of fuchia in the middle in groups of six, fanning outwards in two skewed triangular shapes from a soft, circular satin-pink center. This shape gets repeated over and over again over the field of green, giving off the feel of a flower-filled field.

<Hatching Caverns> A'ven takes his place on the platform, straining a little to get a look at the first egg. Talisyth has made the burrow too deep, and A'ven has to do more guessing than acutally looking. For his part, Glyith knows better than to get too close right now, and the dragon actually backs up a bit, cautious.

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth finishes shifting the sand around her first egg, which nestles into the sand leaving pink petals and greenery for others to view. With a loving whuffle to her first egg, she turns away to start leisurely digging another hole in the sand, half a dragon's length away from the first. Hahaha! The sands are hers and there are no others to compete with. Jheina spares a look to A'ven, noting Glyith back up as she turns her head. "Smart dragon. Here, but not crowding her." Her voice is still tart, but like the Weyr knows; when is it not?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mysterious Vines Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Chubby could describe the form of this egg. It is not a circle by any means, but neither is it proportioned as an egg should be. Weight has been put on towards the middle and top, lending it a much more rounded shape. The bottom of the egg is swathed in an earthy-dirt brown and a deeper bark-brown can be seen in a short but hefty cylinder shape before it disppears into a forest of green. Vines seem to seep up, out and downwards from the apex of the egg, thin doe-brown lines spreading across the smooth shell as elegantly slim leaves of grass-green sprout from both sides of the thin brown lines, always pointing downwards in their direction. The mass of green almost hides everything of that bark-brown cylinder that was seen at the bottom of the egg, minus a peek here and there.

S'dan walks into the galleries, from the commons cavern.

<Hatching Caverns> A'ven gets a better look as the gold moves here and there. "A good start, I think.", he says in a loudish whisper. Glyith rumbles softly with pride.

S'dan comes in, a bit out of breath. He's just pulled his riding helmet from his head and his hair is messy. He quickly brushes it back with his hand. "What's happened? What'd I miss?" he asked in a hushed voice to the first person he comes to.

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth lifts up a paw for a moment, carefully cleaning out some sand which got stuck between toes as she was shifting it over the Mysterious egg. However, like all females going through labor, her senses are either dead or overly sensitive, and for poor Glyith it's the latter. A responding growl is issued, with her lip curling up to reveal the teeth that so easily shred herdbeasts to scraps. But the growl is cut short as she snorts, ripples cascading down her side, as she hangs her head for a moment. The contraction passes and she moves to a new spot, her tail swishing in irritation as she goes about making a third hole.

Delynni spots Kelen and waves. "Kelen! Good to see you!" She hurries over. "Do you mind if I sit with you? Look, she's got two already!" Delynni gives a cocky grin as she sits next to the guard before she can get an answer.

Kelen gives Delynni a friendly smile and a wave. "Good to see you too, Delynni! Please, go ahead, take a seat." It may be too late, but at least he's agreeing. He looks back out at the eggs. "Yeah. Look at that last one, the lines remind me of your tattoos. You've been a candidate several times before, right? Going to go for this one?"

<Hatching Caverns> Jheina nods her head in agreement to A'ven, keeping a careful eye on Talisyth now. "A good start… yes." Her voice is a bit detached, her attention fully on Talisyth as the gold moves about the sands. But suddenly she blinks, refocusing her attention slightly. "Talisyth!" Is lightly snapped as she repremands the growling gold. "He has a right to be on the sands."

"Two eggs. Oh, and Jheina danced around naked. Aww, you shoulda seen it." Es'nak tells S'dan both with a completely straight face. "And you're welcome." egg two! Es'nak takes another swig.

S'dan nods back to Es'nak and slides onto the bench. "That's good, I didn't miss much." He looks out over the Sands and suddenly goes still. His head turns quicklover to Es'nak. "Naked, y'say?" He blinks. "Maybe I did miss something."

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth moves to cover her third freshly made burrow, yet for a solid five minutes, nothing but the shuddering of her autumn-esque hide seems to take place. Already the junior is starting to breathe heavier with the exertion it takes. After the five minutes drag by, a stronger convulsion grips Talisyth, and she hunches down a little lower to deposit the third egg in it's home. As she's covering it, her head swivels back to her rider, and a short yet gruff and angry bellow is directed in the direction of the riders and the bronze. One can only /imagine/ the response being along the lines of 'Yes, and /he's/ the one that made me this way!'

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Timeless Guardian Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Larger than most of its companions, this egg is almost perfectly round. Deep, ancient brown cloaks the egg in genuine elegance. Long rivulets of darker hues make the egg look as though it's crafted from solid wood. But there's more to it than that. The wood is ageless, as if crafted in some long forgotten and eternal moment.

Delynni grins and points. "look at that one. Lots of eggs are bright and intricate, but that one is just……. plain." She indicates the newest egg for Kelen. "Whatdyou think? Brown? Its obvious that one is a brown. I mean look at the shell."

Y'sar chuckles, "The shell is never an indication of what's inside, except for the gold eggs," he says with a smile, "That one could just as easily be a green. I like it. It's simple."

S'dan chuckles soflty. "Watch, it'll turn out to be a Brown and prove us all worng."

"What, are you kidding?" Kelen grins at Delynni before looking back at the egg. Guessing games are old hat for the weyrborn guard. "Just because the color on the shell is brown doesn't mean it'll be brown. Look at the size and shape. It's a bronze."

Es'nak laughs. "I'll go with blue, myself. That way all the bases are covered." he chuckles, and takes a third swig. Mmm. Alcohol. "And yep. Buck naked. Fortunately, A'ven stayed fully clothed."

S'dan says "When and where did this happen, Es'nak?"

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth swivels her head up towards the stands again, inhaling deeply as she eyes the humans up there talking about /her/ eggs. But the forces of nature aren't going to let the gold have long to torment others, as it's tormenting her to make a fourth niche in the sand. Unlike the previous one, this one comes quicker almost as soon as she positions herself over the new niche, only to be quickly covered as she backs off, so far, surveying the four eggs that make mounds in the heated volanic sand.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Small and green - that's the basic premise of this egg. Looking closer, though, reveals some more details than originally thought. The shell of the egg is crossed with interwoven pale lines, weaving back and forth like the veins on a leaf. Tiny white globes are decorated around the apex of the egg, like a wreath around the top.

Delynni giggles. "I rarely ever bet on color, so I'll just wait and see." She says with a grin. "Yep, bases should be covered." She ooohs. "And there's another one. Its very delicate."

Y'sar points at the new egg, "I'll bet that one's a bronze," he says with a grin. "A dainty bronze."

<Hatching Caverns> A'ven chuckles a little to himself, hardly daring to breathe after Jhenia's comment about Talisyth's thought. "I'm not going to hurt them.", he says, resolutely. "Silly thought…even if I could."

S'dan laughs out a bit louder than he intended. "Dainty Bronze!" he says. "That's akind of a contradiction in terms, isn't it?"

Kelen shakes his head as he observes the latest of the eggs. "Green or a blue with that one, I'd say… and you don't bet? What kinda weyr girl are you?"

Dryssa walks into the galleries, from the commons cavern.

"Quite a few green-colored eggs in this lot." Es'nak remarks as he takes another sip. When Talisyth looks up at them he waves a hand cheerfully. Aevisaanth, who is on the ledges, rumbles at her. Hey baby. "Eh, who knows. Dainty compared to other bronzes, maybe. And she got dressed /right/ before you came in, what a shame!"

Y'sar shrugs and smiles, "I like the last two, at any rate."

<Hatching Caverns> Jheina looks at A'ven as Talisyth is taking a small breather from clutching, her rump resting on the sands for a few moments as she seems to ponder the layout and where to go next. "You could. The question is who /would/?" She grumbles, Talisyth's irritation flowing over into her at this point in time. The gold stands up again as she takes herself in a new direction, seperating this next batch from the others it seems. Talisyth seems to be taking her time in carefully constructing the next hole, as she grumbles towards a certain egotistical bronze up on the ledges. Better watch his - and his rider's - tongues, he'd better.

S'dan says "You mean just here just now?" he asks Es'nak with incredulity. Then he smiles and relaxes. "Ah, you had me going there! Very funny, kiddo."

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth finishes with this newest hole, still muttering to herself as her sides start to convulse again as she shifts herself over her new creation. Her head is starting to loll slightly, and her breathing is definitely heavier and near panting as she shifts uneasily over the empty burrow. A few minutes of this past, and as Jheina finally starts to rise from her seat on the platform, Talisyth produces the fifth egg and she sits back down as the gold carefully pushes sand towards it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Creeping Danger Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A large frond of green wraps upwards from the base of the egg. Initially one segment at first, two other lobes break off and nearly enclose the entirety of the leathery egg, whose color where it is uncovered by green is a faint brown wash. At the edges of the greent territory there is a light scalloping of the boundaries and a hint of red is peppered along these seams, moving inwards towards the center of the green wrap.

On the heels of a greenrider, Jerushai arrives to join the crowd in the galleries, with eagerness that he will probably deny later. He heads right to the front, of course, pushing past other onlookers as he seeks out the best seat—and eventually stops right in the middle of the aisle to gawk.

Es'nak snickers at S'dan. "I got you, /old man/." he tells the guy who is only 6 turns older than him. He hasn't been called kiddo in 20 turns aside from old aunties and uncles! Smirk. "Ah, five." he points out to the group at large, and takes another swig. Ahhh, maybe he'll finish his bottle by the end of the clutching!

S'dan says "Old? Who you callin' old?" as he still smiles. "What you drinking anyway?"

Dryssa makes her entrance with Jerushai, rolling her eyes at the boy's amazement. "Holders." She says teasingly before she spots Delynni in the crowd, making her way over with a smile and a wave. "Hey, Del! What've I missed so far? Besides the obvious."

Y'sar finishes his drink and grins, getting to his feet, "Time to go over those drills. See you bright and early tomorrow, Es'nak!"

Delynni spots Dryssa and waves. "Dryssa! Over here! We have some really pretty eggs so far. And I think I might have a tattoo customer for you! Meet Kelen, think you can design something fit for a Weyr guard?" She turns to Kelen. "The greenrider I was telling you about. She's the one who gave me my henna."

For Dryssa's teasing comment, Jerushai has a sullen sort of look back over his shoulder, and he makes a concentrated effort at not looking interested at all. It doesn't half work, but at least he sits down, flopping onto a bench and declaring loudly, "That's all?" of the five eggs currently on the sands. Because this will make up for the awe still in his dark eyes.

<Hatching Caverns> The drill is pretty routine at this point, even if Talisyth is starting to get exhausted from it. The autumn gold's hide is starting to aquire a vague grey tinge to it, as she moves to hastily scrape out a sixth burrow to squat over for several long minutes before laying the egg. She backs off of this one slowly, and looks at it for a long moment before exhaling heavily and starting to cover it with sand.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Primitive Jungle Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The egg is a veritable explosion of green hues, each of which blends into the others. Each individual patch is elongated and thin with feathery edges blurred inexpertly into the neighboring splotches. Seen up close it is quite easy to see each single color on the egg's smooth side, but from a distance an overall pattern is evident with one side of the egg being darker than the other.

S'dan says "What I'm wondering is how many eggs we'll end up with."

Kelen looks up when Delynni makes the introduction, giving the greenrider a friendly smile. "Ah, so this is the incredibly talented woman you were telling me about. Pleased to meet you, Dryssa. Lovely clutch so far, wouldn't you say?"

<Hatching Caverns> A'ven takes particular interest in the latest addition, studying it as closely as he can. "I think that's my favorite so far…", he comments lightly. "No nonsense, just a fine looking egg."

Dryssa glances back at Jerushai, snorting in laughter. "Whatever, kid." Her attention returns to Delynni and Kelen, and she gives them both a bright smile. "You're easily my best advertisement, Del. My finest work. I'm very pleased to meet you, Kelen. What kind of tattoo would you want?"

"Nah, that's not all. The smallest clutch I've heard of lately was 9 eggs. She'll lay at least that many." Es'nak states with confidence, taking another drink. "Seeya." he adds to Y'sar when his wingleader leaves, then eyerolls when he hears mention of tattoos.

<Hatching Caverns> Jheina settles back into her chair that's provided, sipping at the klah that's no longer steaming, and if she's lucky, is only luke-warm. A small face is made at the temperature of the drink. "I don't think I could pick a favorite egg." Just like mothers aren't usually able to pick a favorite child. A small -if slightly stressed- smile plays her lips as Talisyth finishes covering the sixth egg with sand to keep it warm.

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth does indeed finish covering the sixth egg, to head off again to an un-touched part of the sand where she nudges the sand aside once more. Sides ripple and shine as she crouches over the indent, managing to squeeze this one out in a quicker fashion, and cover is leisurely, though she's looking more exhausted yet.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OH SNAP! Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A thick, solid brownish green coats the surface of this large, strangely flattened egg. The surface actually has an appearance of being slightly fuzzy, with multiple speckles like tiny hairs spreading across its surface. Along the crease of the flattened area are a multitude of long, alternating curves like teeth, stretching out to needle points overlapping each other. Their hue changes from the greenish brown to a pale, metallic purple. The visible areas between the teeth change from green to a gradual red color, barely seen. As a final touch, there is a slight bulge along the flattened area that almost seems to throb, as if something was caught inside.

"What?" counters Jerushai, turning around to sniff at Dryssa and her company again. "There's only, what. Half a dozen of the things." He has to look back and do a quick head count of eggs before he finishes that, and cants a look back at the trio of Dryssa, Delynni, and Kelen. Talk of tattoos, however, has his eyes narrowing, and he plainly starts to eavesdrop.

Delynni slips a thin overshirt off, showing her bikini top and a LOT of henna tattoos. "Heh, advertisement is right. He was gawking at me, had to beat him off with a stick. Wasn't really in the mood for striptease at the time, you know?" She snickers at Kelen, glancing sideways.

Kelen turns a little red, quickly waving his hands. "I was just… stunned by the incredible quality of your work! I mean, really, those are some amazing designs there." That's his story, and he's sticking to it!

Es'nak looks over at Delynni and coughs. "Might want to keep your shirt on." he tells her. "This isn't the time or place to do stuff like that. Any other time is fine. The point in being up here is to watch the clutching."

Dryssa can't help but laugh a bit at the reaction from Kelen, shaking her head. "You'd hardly be the first one to gawk. But really, if you're seriously interested in having some work done, I'm the best artist around." She gives Jerushai a teasing grin when she catches him listening in. "You too." At Es'nak's rebuke, she arches an eyebrow. "Weren't you the guy bellowing something about naked dancing when I walked in here? Let's just watch the eggs."

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth rumbles now, straightening herself out as she takes a few moments to actually stretch out completely, looking much like a feline after a nap. However, snippets of the conversation in the galleries are overheard, and the gold does some sort of weird sound between and growl and a roar which clearly portrays her annoyance. If /you/ think laying eggs is so easy, why don't /you/ come down here and do it, eh? The gold is testy and it's obvious why as she starts to make room for an eighth egg as she eyes the extremely odd shape of number seven. Hrrr.

There are people stripping in the galleries. Jerushai, poor little holder boy that he is, gawks and stares, and his ears turn all red again. "Faranth, lady," he says. And then, "What /is/ that stuff?" He's staring at the henna. No, really.

S'dan leans back a little to call back to Dryssa, "You gotta admit, that is infinitely more interesting!"

<Hatching Caverns> A'ven paces a little now, unable to find an outlet for his energy since he can't really help things along at this point. Glyith looks on, straigthening his neck now and then to get a good look. As each one is tucked safely into the sand, the big dragon's expression becomes more and more tender, if that's possible. What a day! The bronze stands a little straighter. What a fine day this is!

Delynni slips the shirt back around her shoulders. "I just love clutchings. Although I think it was the tattoos that got me mauled. That blue just didn't seem to like them. Or maybe he was just clumsy." Delynni giggles.

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth finally pauses in making this .. trench of a hole that she actually pushes some of the sand back in before covering it with her form. It's taking longer and longer for the convulsions to come upon the gold now, when one thinks they should be coming quicker and quicker. So for a goodly long time again, Talisyth does nothing but croutch until the eighth egg is located safely in its trench of a home, with a small layer of sand being patted around it.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paradise in an Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A base of white-frosted green, partially hidden by sand, rests at the bottom of this roundish egg. One section towards one end of this base explodes into streams of white that almost immediately become saturated with gold, which in turn changes to orange as it narrows to a point. They feature prominently on a surface of deep, dark black, standing proud like the crest of some exotic avian. Strands of a lighter blue, originating from that same point, play along the surface as well, providing the only other interruption of the black as dark as Between. The base itself is elongated, with hints of red and gold streaked along its surface, coming to a point at the apex of the egg as it rests lengthwise on the sands.

After recovering a bit from his embarassment, Kelen gives Delynni a little smile. "I'm sure it wasn't the henna. What dragon could object to something that pretty? On the other hand, I have seen very many clumsy newborn dragons."

Delynni turns around curiously. "Oh look, that one is just gorgeous. Think its a queen?" She asks, pointing to the newest egg. "Its all colors though. Like a rainbow. It looks like one of your sundresses Dryssa!"

S'dan says "My dragon mauled me and I didn't have any tatoos."

Sip 7! Sip 8! Es'nak is almost done, it seems, and already he's got another bottle lined up just in case. "This one seems more colorful than the other ones." he remarks. "All sorts of colors."

Dryssa snickers at Jerushai. "It's a henna tattoo. My work. Want one? Or would that be too 'common' for you?" She gets in her last teasing before looking to the next egg when Delynni points it out. "It does kind of look like my old favorite dress… I should get that thing out again. I wonder if it still fits."

S'dan calls out, trying to make it soft, "Dryssa…Hey, Dryssa!"

"Mauled." Jerushai only looks a little faint by this point, and moves on quickly. Though he does sliiiide up a few rows in the galleries, closer to Dryssa. "What /is/ it?" he asks, glancing from the greenrider to Delynni, staring at the latter even when she redresses herself.

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth cranes her head up towards the commotion stirring in the galleries, almost curious as to what the people up there have gotten into. But the gold's attention quickly sways from them back to the sands underneath her. Lugging her body to a space somewhere between this batch and the first few eggs, she paws at the sand before making it into a true hollow. But for another good length of time, the gold doesn't cover the hollow until finally another contraction ripples down her sides and she croutches low to deposit it on the sands.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sacred Purity Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Faint strokes of pale ivory fading to rose polish over this smooth shell, deepening into upward waves that leave faint textures to the touch upon the darker rising shades. Each wave overlaps one another, threatening to spill warm hues upon the very sands this egg rests upon should they open in bloom. Buffed upon the tip of this budding egg is a swirl of saffron, nested around the strokes of rose towards the apex.

Dryssa leans a little in S'dan's direction, curious. "Yesss?"

<Hatching Caverns> Jheina stands up from her chair now, setting the mug down by the foot of it, as she watches Talisyth deposit the ninth egg onto the sands. "Nine. Are you done dearheart?" She asks aloud. A rumble is all that comes from Talisyth and Jheina sighs. "No?" From the obviously grey-tinge to the gold's hide now, she looks to A'ven. "Could you have Glyith catch her a large buck?" She asks softly, trying to keep her voice even. "When she's finished, I think she's going to be too tired to do it herself…" Talisyth growls at this from her rider, but other than the annoyance in her tone, makes no other sounds against the plan as she covers the ninth egg, and slowly starts to make a home for a tenth, her movements laggin considerably.

What number is Es'nak at now? Oh wait, count the eggs… "Nine." he states, then eyes that egg. He sits up, however, frowning at the gold. "Hmm, I don't remember any golds being /that/ tired by the end of a clutching." he states, frowning at her, and Aevisaanth echoes his worried tone with yellowish eyeswirl to go with it.

Delynni frowns. "Is it just me, or is she looking tired?" Delynni asks, indicating Talisyth. "She's still at it…. but Dryssa doesn't that grey hint mean she's sick?" Delynni looks worried as she watches the gold, looking towards Dryssa and then to S'dan.

<Hatching Caverns> Glyith departs, pleased that he's been sent on an important errand that's actually helping. A'ven smiles, "I'm tired too.", he admits. "Still, some fine, fine work…", he offers a little bow to Talisyth. Granted, she may not like him right now, or ever, for that matter, but her effort needs to be recognized.

S'dan says to Dryssa, " I have a job for you when you have some time."

Kelen nods a little, peering back out at the eggs and the queen again now that the distractions have ended. "Yeah. Well, maybe not sick. But tired at least. I think I remember seeing that before, in another big clutch. I'm sure she'll be fine, can't be too many left."

At Delynni's question, Jerushai glances back at the gold on the sands, too, his brows furrowing all up. "Is that bad?" he wonders, eyeing Talisyth.

Dryssa nods a bit at S'dan. "Sure, just see me after this, okay?" She gives Jerushai another grin, clearly having a bit of fun teasing the poor hold boy. "Henna tattoos. Don't tell me you've never seen them in a hold? They're just temporary body art." At Delynni's question, she looks at the queen again and nods. "Yeah. It's a sign she's not feeling very good… but would you be feeling good after passing that many eggs?"

"/My/ hold," and Jerushai is nothing if not arrogant as he declares this, "doesn't do that kind of thing to themselves." He's still looking, though, even as he tries to make his lip curl just so in distaste for the practice. As for the eggs, he shoots another look that way. "Didn't they used to have much bigger clutches?" he asks, skeptical and possibly even a tinge scornful.

S'dan gives a nod to Dryssa. "Is good!"

"About a few hundred turns ago when there was still Thread, yes." Es'nak rolls his eyes at Jerushai. "This is best for our time. Do you WANT there to be thousands of dragons? Can you imagine feeding all of them? It was different during a Pass. Any rider risked dying."

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth watches as Glyith leaves the area, finishing the hole for the tenth egg. Almost reluctantly she crouches over the burrow made in the sand. … And nothing happens. Talisyth doesn't move from her position /feeling/ the urge, her unease starting to add to Jheina's as time drags onwards. Five minutes pass. Then ten. And fifteen. "Tali…?" Jheina ventures stepping off the platform, before a hiss from the gold stops her in her tracks. At last the ripples start cascading down the sides of her hide once more, but again five more minutes pass before the tenth egg finally is placed - and covered - on the sands. Finishing placing the sand, Talisyth moves off to the side where she previous had been napping, and sags down into a laying down position, her hide a dangerous shade of grey. Obviously proclaiming herself finished with laying eggs.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Evergreen Aesthetic Egg ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Daring to rise above the very pinnacle of perfection, this shell is completely round and symmetrical in shape and form. Where the egg begins and ends is unknown, even the colors give no clue as the alternating shades of moss and olive green engulf this ovoid form. Mottling reminiscent to static; heavy textures blended with flat hues brings it's own form of life upon this egg as though the shell is in motion, moving with the breeze that touches upon it's surface.

Es'nak finishes the contents of his bottle at the last egg, hands it to some random person, then goes off to fetch a dragonhealer. Hey, just because he's an A** most of the time doesn't mean he doesn't care about people.

Delynni looks worriedly after Talisyth. "Appearantly not 9, but 10. I hope she feels better soon." She watches the gold for a moment before leaning over to plant a chaste kiss on Dryssa's cheek. "I'm so glad you came to watch. Dinner tonight at the caverns?" She asks hopefully.

"I was just saying," and so reprimanded, Jerushai pouts up at once, with a shrug of his shoulders. "If they could do it then why would they be this tired now." Sulk sulk sulk, more five than fifteen.

"Sounds delightful." Dryssa says with a smile to Delynni, wrapping an arm over her shoulders as she watches the last of the clutching. "Shouldn't be too many more now, I imagine. Poor queen."

<Hatching Caverns> Glyith returns with the buck for Talisyth. He must have known, mysteriously, about when she would be done, because it's freshly killed.

S'dan says "Yeah…she looks in dire need of rest. Still, she did well. Those are lovely eggs. A beatiful Clutch!"

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth lifts her head up enough to accept the buck from Glyith with a soft warble, dragging the creature closer to her before sinking her jaw into the barrel of the beast, and making short work of it. Those whom be squeamish: look away. Quickly.

S'dan watches the dragon eat. "Mmmm…Slirp! Tasty!"

<Hatching Caverns> A'ven nods, "You were right… she needed that one eh? I wish I could eat my dinner that fast sometimes.", he comments, making his way off the sands before Talisyth has a chance to be upset again.

<Hatching Caverns> Talisyth actually does finish with the buck in record time, leaving the rest of the carcass for that lovely bronze of a Daddy to pick up for her and dispose of, for her hide is still of a grey hue, and her head gets laid back down for a good, long sleep.

Squeamish, Jerushai? No, never! Although after one glance at the feeding gold, he looks nearly as green as some of those eggs and turns back to Dryssa and Delynni quickly. "So that's it, then. How… long until they hatch?"

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