Forgotten Caves!

Monaco Bay Weyr - Forgotten Caves [TP Room]
Darkness presses in all around and the steady drip of water can be heard from further into the cave system.

To see the discovery of the caves read Down By The Mudslide!

Inside the cave the light from the glows casts more shadows than it dispels, but the original description of empty seems to have been correct. To the right of the cavern a rough tunnel leads vaguely upwards, while at the rear of the cavern the wall seems oddly smooth, almost polished.

More often than warm fuzzy feelings, Ceresth is more matter of fact though the smell of fresh cut grass or all things growing permeates her thoughts constantly. Colors can range from Dark gold to bright greens and blues. « Naturally you would be equal to me for you are strong! Learn all you can like I did. »

Vanessa is mostly tuning out the conversation between Ceresth and Marzoth as she squints through the shadows down here. "Empty.." she murmurs sadly though she's drawn to the rear of the cavern to touch the wall. "How can this be so smooth?" she wonders.

Marzoth has never heard things like this before, and the words will him with something akin to hope, or excitement, «Yes.» the bronze replies simply in agreement, «I did not doubt this. I am strong, and when I am bigger will bring order.» For as dark as the bronzes thoughts sometimes become that is his true wish, «I will make things orderly and efficent. The scales will all balance.» For the bronze also has a strong internal sense of justice. The trees now blow in the wind waving back and forth, «And I will give mine power.» Oh yeah. Like S'dny really wants that. Though Syd is so busy at the moment that he could care less about dealing with Marzoth and his schemes. After landing on the cave floor he looks around and moves in the direction of the weyrwoman, "I'm guessing water could have done this."

The cardinal sin of splitting the party almost happens, as two of the group seem more interested in the tunnel than in the cave they were currently in. Thankfully they have a little sense, a very little, and with a sigh wander back to join the others. Any frustration the felt is shortlived as Elly runs a hand over the wall. "It's so smooth. And cold! Doesn't feel wet though, we're too far underground for it to be water. Right?"

Above ground Ceresth settles down to wait for her life mate to return to the surface. The darker colors of her mind brush once more against Marzoth's mind. « It is good to plan. »

Vanessa doesn't doesn't two of the group that wander to the tunnel as her full attention stays on the wall. With head tilted slightly as she studies it she shrugs. "It /is/ cold…and wet?" she questions uncertainly. Without thinking she moves along the wall to try to travel the length of it, keeping one hand along the smooth surface.

Above Marzoth is more than a little jealous that his rider gets to be the one out of the sun and down in the dark hole, and he lets him know so privately. Though this gold offers intriguing thoughts and information that has not been previously given and it would be foolish to waste this chance, «Why would you say these things to me? Why would it matter to you if I was strong?» For as intelligent as the bronze is about so many things there are just things he cannot grasp, «Mine says similar things because we share a life and it is useful to forge a common destiny, and Kel says similar things.» The green baffles him so much, «Why would it matter to anyone but mine and I?» S'dny doesn't wander off but stays close to the weyrwoman, "Caves are usually more cold and damp than the surface. Not that I have a great deal of experience…" he trails off as he listens to Marzoth's privately voiced irritation before saying softly, "I wish Kel wouldn't have taught him so many of those words…"

Elly keeps on smoothing her hand over the wall, delighting in the slight ripple that she finds, and then… "It just stops! Come here!" The smoothness of the wall comes to an abrupt end, going from marble smoothness to rocky wall with no obvious reason for the change. "Someone made this. I bet you! There IS treasure in here! That's proof!" With that she runs off, the youth calling after her. "Elly! Stop! You'll break your neck."

Ceresth rumbles in surprise some as Marzoth questions her words. « In time you will learn. » she seems content to be out here in a muddy puddle while her rider traverses the depths below.

Vanessa isn't too far behind Elly as the girl arches where the smoothness ends suddenly. "Wait!" calls out the weyrwoman but she too makes her way down the direction Elly took.

Marzoth sits back in a small amount of frustration at the unanswered questions. Feelings are stupid anyway. He turns his mind to what is happening in the darkness, «Small humans have no sense. The larger ones also lack it.» He says as he glances in the direction of the man who had insulted him before turning his head back toward the hole. S'dny quickly follows after the weyrwoman since he feels it incumbant upon himself to ensure her safety. The weyr needs her, "Weyrwoman please….we have no idea what could be down here. It could be very dangerous. We really should let some of the guards explore this place."

Broken neck? Twisted ankle? Whatever causes it there's a shriek from down the tunnel, the darkness and echoes turning it into something eerie. "Elly!" if her intention had ever been to get the boy to notice her she's managed, as he runs into the tunnel and disappears from view. A few seconds later there's a faint noise followed by a male sounding "Ugh!"

Vanessa follows along carefully but she's not stopping. "No, it's okay!" she says to assure S'dny. "I've got to help!" so she does and at the sound of the shriek she doesn't hasten her steps too fast for she is able to notice the water covering the floor just after the sharp right. Stopping right there she calls in a loud whisper. "Elly?? Are you okay?"

S'dny isn't going to leave the weyrwoman high and dry running off into the darkness to face who knows what by herself. He has no weapons of any kind on him and the limited self defense training they have recieved probably wouldn't stand up very well against all that much. He rushes off after her when she moves off down that tunnel and sighs inwardly. There is going to be no persuading this woman.

"I got it in my haaaaaair." Elly's wail comes from further down the tunnel, across the water, and is followed by the young man adding, "She's fine. There's more tunnel over here, and it looks like it opens out again. Come on." The shuffling noise from their direction presumably is them moving off again.

"What in faranth's name have we found." murmurs Vanessa in a low voice. Headstrong, is she, after turns of being bonded with Ceresth! She's learned to simply do sometimes and so she's doing right now! There is, though, some hesitation before entering the water but since they got across it fine then so will so. So she's splashing into the water towards the direction the other two went, assuming Syd will follow

S'dny is going to follow because well…he's here and going back by himself isn't an option, "I'm not entirely sure." The light provided by the glows isn't really enough to get a good view on things, and his own eyes are not so keen in the dark as his lifemates are. He trudges through the water after the weyrwoman, "I'm guessing that its some kind of underground spring or something. I'd imagine there are all sorts of them around the place."

Strange noises come from ahead, like something being dragged over stone. Then silence. Long silence. "Weyrwoman?" It's the youth's voice. "Um… you should see this."

Vanessa wades through the water, lucky for her that she's clad in loose fitting pants and now her normal skirts she's been wearing lately. "What is it?" she calls out, heedless that perhaps she shouldn't be shouting in this cavern. Splashing across she approaches the area of the sounds and squints into the darkness to see what she can see.

S'dny can't really see much other than what is in the nearest space around him, but he can hear well enough. So he just follows the sound of the splashing that he hears that is being made by the werywoman. He stays silent, if there is some sort of creature or undesireable people in here he doesn't want to let them know how many of them there are in here.

The room at the end of the tunnel is almost completely square, the tunnel forming the left bottom corner of the room and the only obvious break in the walls. As with the initial cavern one wall is smooth, but here it can be seen that there was once a painting on the surface. Though worn through time, it's still possible to make out grass and sky and some sort of building as having been painted there. The other oddity in the room, and the source of the dragging noises, is a mound of long wooden boxes. One has been opened, and inside on a bed of straw lies a number of sticks of very old looking dynamite. Elly and Davin (let's give him a name at long last) are standing away from the boxes, and the girl finally is in his arms - though as a source of comfort and not the romance she had been hoping for.

Vanessa steps in and looks around the best she can in the dim light. Sweeping her gaze across Elly and the finally names lad, Davin, she notes the painted walls first. Going to them she lightly touches just the tips of her fingers to the however long ago painted images. Despite being worn over time she oohs softly in delight. "S'dny!" her head turns to try to locate where the weyrling is. "Look at this." as distracted as a canine over a squirrel she's already moving away and giving the box a serious look. "For mining maybe?" she asks. She's close enough to the box to see the contents but not so close she can reach down to pick one up.

S'dny follows after Vanessa and when he sees the boxes he shies away naturally. There can be good things in boxes, but other things can be very bad, "It might be a good idea if we get someone down here to knows something about mining before we get too busy about opening some of this stuff." He is pretty sure that some tools could be dangerous.

"She only opened one." Davin comments quietly, "Then we saw what was in it and… well we thought you should see." He falls silent letting the two riders take control of the situation, but asks, "Thing is. There's no way those boxes would fit along that tunnel. The right turn's too sharp, you'd never get them round. So how'd they get them in here?" Elly, for her part, just clings.

The question of how these boxes got in here has already started to form in Vanessa's thoughts when Davin voices his concern out loud. "Um. Elly why don't you go back to the opening and holler up what we found down here. /Someone/ up there should have some more sharing light by now! Tell 'em to send riders to the weyr." if there are any other riders up there yet. "First thing though we should see if there's another way down here. Any other openings in here?" she squints into the shadow gloom. As she talks she walks along the wall with one hand on it

S'dny isn't so sure that he cares about how they got here so much as what they are going to be doing with them. Explosives don't really sound like a good thing to be just laying around, especially if young kids could get them, "Those look like they have been there a good long while. I'm not sure how stable they will be. I've heard that the longer things like that sit the more dangerous they become…"

"Dangerous?" Elly's voice is almost a squeak and she burrows into Davin slightly more. "You mean they might… I'll go see if anyone else is coming." Suddenly Vanessa's idea seems like the best one even if it does mean going through the water again, and the girl goes rushing off. A breath later there's a loud splash followed by "I'm alright!" that heralds her having gone face first into the pool again.

Vanessa has no clue about dynamite young or old so she can only offer a vague shrug at S'dny's worries. "But what is it needed for?" she wonders out loud. Ignoring the splash and subsequent call of 'I'm alright' by the girl, Vanessa's full attention is on the wall soon enough. Pausing in her steps she calls out. "Syd. C'mere a second. Feel the wall right here where my hand is. Feels all crumbly like it is falling apart.

S'dny holds his hands up and makes an explosive gesture along with the sound of 'booooooom.' He is pretty sure that's what would happen if someone were to go messing with those sticks, "I wonder if they are using it to hollow out the cavern here. That's what I'd guess." he says as he wanders over toward the indicated wall. He too reaches out to touch the wall there, "I wonder if whoever put the boxes here has already used it in this room and that's what damaged the wall…"

Davin comes over to join the others, running his hand along the wall, "Maybe they buried someone in here and they blew their way out instead of blowing themself up." Cheerful should not be the tone of voice for such musings, but unfortunately it is. "I've got a knife if you want it? See if you can stick it through the wall."

Vanessa seems a bit unsure about digging further but she's also very curious. Stepping back a pace so that Davin can step forward she gestures at him towards the wall. "You see if you can stick it in there." she orders. Perhaps it's so he can be involved or perhaps she simply doesn't wish to handle a knife. "There's got to be an explanation!" impatiently she peeks over her shoulder to try to listen for the sound of others approaching. hopefully with more light than what they have.

More light is definitely needed. Syd paws at the wall a bit gently to see just what might be behind the lose earth, "I'm pretty sure there isn't a body here…" he says with a small chuckle. Though there is lingering doubts in his mind about what is going on, "Are we sure that this is a good idea? Maybe whatever is behind this wall was walled away for a reason…"

With a quiet *snick* Davin pulls out a knife and flicks the blade out. Carefully he wiggles the blade into the wall, sending a mini avalanche of stone chips to the floor. "It's not very well packed." He continues the motion, digging and tugging until a sizeable chunk breaks off and just misses his foot. "If we had a shovel we'd be through this quick enough."

Vanessa lets Davin do the digging into the wall with another flicker of a glance over her shoulder. "Doubt they'll bring shovels with them." is noted. Of course she's not even sure any one else is coming down here. "Be careful, Davin. Don't want anything to happen." her words are of warning as she watches worriedly. One wouldn't want to be trapped down here or anything. "What do you think we'll find, S'dny?"

S'dny shrugs his shoulders as he looks down to the shorter woman, "Honestly. I have absolutely no idea. I'm going to guess that whoever put those explosives here walled them off and left that way.." he says pointing to the broken up wall, "It'st he only thing that makes sense. If you eliminate all the possible routes you are really only left with that one. I just hope that no one is living down here and we are digging into someone's house." Or some /things/ house. "We should go slow and careful."

Dig, pull. Dig, pull. Dig… "Shaffit, dropped the knife." Davin grins as he turns to the other two. "Least we know there's a gap on the other side. Watch your feet." He pulls on the blockage, trying to topple it into the room but it's tougher than he thought and his hand simply slips through. "Um… a little help here?"

Vanessa watches intently as the digging and pulling happens. "I dunno…" she sounds doubtful as she considers S'dny's 'only possibility'. "I mean…" well she isn't sure so she simply drops it and reaches to help Davin with his task

"I guess it doesn't really matter to much how they got here. We just have to figure out how we plan to handle them safely and get them out of here so the whole place doesn't explode." Syd too lends a hand to see if they can continue the work to see whatever is on the other side of this crumbling wall, "We will find out soon enough."

It creaks and groans a little but a few good tugs bring the wall crashing down, Davin's feet dancing out of the way just in time to not be crushed. As the dust settles he moves forwards and picks up his knife from where it fell. "So. I guess we go up?" The passageway behind the wall seems to angle quite steeply upwards, though there are no obvious signs of turns and there is a hint of light towards the top.

Vanessa does a half hump as the wall comes crashing down. Avoiding anything on her booted feet she steps forward to peer into the revealed passageway. "Up we go!" she says cheerfully. With that she leads the way through the passageway. "I think i see light up there!

S'dny jumps backward when he begins to feel the wall shifting forward to come crashing down and thankfully none of those falling bits of rock and dirt land on him. He brushes some of the dust and dirt from his pants and takes some steps forward to take a peek at where this new tunnel leads, "After you..Ma'am." he says to Vanessa who already seems to be heading up the tunnel. He falls in behind her to follow after.

Davin falls in behind the others, though pauses and looks back towards the way they came in as if expecting the others to appear. They don't.

Towards the top of the tunnel the light brightens, taking on a green tinge that seems out of place until the tunnel turns into a room. This cavern is brighter, cleaner, and apparently sees some sort of current use. A large tear in the roof, though overgrown with grass, lets in a lot of light though there is no obvious way of getting out through it - and the changes are it'd be too narrow for a dragon to get through. In the room are a few more boxes, smaller this time and much newer looking. On the opposite side of the room from the tunnel is a small niche carved into the wall, into which someone has put some very fresh flowers.

Blinking at the green tinged light Vanessa steps through into this newer and much more used cavern. "We've got to find out whose been using this room." her eyes light upon the fresh flowers. Quick steps take her over there to pick up and inhale the buds. "Check those boxes." she orders to either one of the guys.

S'dny emerges outward into a room that looks to be much closer to the surface and also much more well used, "I'm not exactly sure how we could do that, other than just wait here and see who comes by. I'm not sure they would like finding us here." He could think of all sorts of people that might be very angry to have their place tunneled into. He moves over to the boxes but pauses, "Are you sure we should? I mean…these don't belong to us."

Davin blinks in the light, squinting around the room before moving across towards the boxes. "We can close them back up again. And it's not like we can open them if they're sealed." Not the best justification, but it seems to be enough for him as he reaches for one crate and rips the top off before anyone can stop him. "This one's… um…." he pulls out a handful of straw and then a square wooden board. A little more digging reveals a set of chess pieces carved from some sort of pale stone, the largest pieces having tiny chips of precious stones for eyes.

Vanessa doesn't seem to bothered about going through someone's boxes. "It's not a proper hold here, S'dny." she moves over to where Davin is making his find. "Oh wow…those look pretty expensive." picking up one of the larger piece she holds it up to inspect it closer. "If we found it by accident then there must be another way in." she muses out loud. "Someone's been in here recently."

"Doesn't mean that people here don't deserve their privacy." Syd points out. The harper in him can't help but ponder the nature of the 'rules' that govern how men and women should treat each other, "I suppose as long as we put it all back when we are done there is no harm." He does look down though as the young man examines the chess pieces, "I'd say very expensive, but what are they doing here? And where exactly is here?" Vanessa's comment about another way out gets him looking around the place trying to spy a likely exit.

Davin keeps on digging, soon revealing the full set in the crate. That box empty he moves onto the next which seems to be full of bottles so he ignores it. The third he opens interests him much more. "Niiiice." In his hand is a large beautifully crafted knife.

Vanessa frowns in thought as she goes through the boxes with Davin, seeming not upset to be going through someone else's stuff. "It could be stolen!" she says excitedly. "Imagine how happy we'd make someone to find their stolen stuff." she admires the knife in Davin's hand. So intent is she on finding out what other stuff there is she doesn't look around the room anything further for other entrances.

Something does catch Syd's eye as he examines the room. He takes a few steps away from the boxes and looks upwards towards the hole in the roof, and sure enough there is a rope ladder. Unfortunately its not hanging down so they would have to find someone to unroll it from up there. He points upwards and speaks, "There's the way in…or out for that matter. Though unless someone is up there we are going to have a hard time going out that way."

Davin keeps pulling knives out of the box, exclaiming happily over each one. The last is clearly his favourite, and the biggest. And a sword, but that's a minor detail. "What?" Sword still in hand he turns and moves over towards S'dny. "Don't think this'd be long enough. Can't you get your dragon to come and let us out?"

Vanessa's attention is pulled from the contents upwards to spy what S'dny points out. "Oh! I see it. Maybe they get their fire lizards to tug it down?" a guess is ventured. "We could climb up that.." if they could get it down. She glances to S'dny for ideas.

"I wouldn't know where to ask him to look." Syd says in answer to Davin's question about bringing the dragon around to let them out, "I'm sure he'd come if he could. Maybe Ceresth would?" he asks Vanessa. "It's possible I suppose. Firelizards could do that. I don't have one to call though." He glances back to the swords and knives, "That does seem like quite the haul."

Davin 'ohs' and then nods happily, giving the sword a bit of a swish. "Think they'd notice if I kept this? Could have so much fun with it. There're a couple more crates, I bet they have more." Keeping it or not is soon put from his mind as the noise of the others finally arriving comes up the tunnel, Elly in the lead.

"No!" Vanessa may not mind looking through the stuff but taking something is crossing the line. "No keeping it." she repeats as she looks to those coming up the tunnel. "In here!" she calls out.

S'dny was about to also say no, but Vanessa beat him too it. He glances over to Elly and the rest coming up the tunnel that they had excavated before looking back to Vanessa, "Weyrwoman should we go back the way we came and get out that way or are we going to try to find someone to let us out up there…" he motions with his head upward toward the opening in the roof of the 'room'.

There's a very obvious slump to Davin's shoulders as he's told no, but to his credit he does go and put the sword back in the crate. The others file into the cavern in a chorus of ooohs and aaahs, each trying to look around at everything.

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